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SAAF Museum Flying Day 2018-03-03

SAAF Museum Flying Day 2018-03-03

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Once again the SAAF Museum hosted their monthly flying day at Airforce Base Zwartkop in Pretoria,with the theme “Keep them up where they’re belong”. The 2000+ public got to see some of the flying and static exhibits,the museum has to offer. With a cloudless day,the skies above Zwartkop were busy with the sound of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

The day started with the usual,a paradrop from the Museum’s Atlas C.4M Kudu.

Japie Keet‎

Photo: Japie Keet‎

we then got to see the ever rare Puma, which we saw the upgraded version, the Denel Oryx at the recent Armed forces week celebrations in Kimberley 2 weeks before. It was then the start of the Airshow practice for the upcoming SAAF Museum Airshow on the 5 May this year. More details will follow as we progress to the last countdown to the show. The twoship Harvard display did their display practice,showing what was the basic trainer of the South African Airforce(SAAF). The Harvard was then replaced by the Pilatus Pc7 mkii.

The Windock which is the Bases local cafeteria, offers some of the best meals one can get at a airfield these days let alone a Airforce Base. The Friends of the Museum and the support of the Spitfire Restoration Fund,welcomed the public to buy memorabilia and to support the restoration in getting the Museum’s Spitfire and keep other flying and static exhibits in a comfortable position.

The Puma gave a hoisting demo, not often do you see this helicopter from the museum taking up these tasks, always something different Col Hanekom throws in, very special.

This particular flying day,was one of the biggest crowds the Museum has seen for a very long time.The Car park was full of enthusiastic crowds getting up close and personal with Military Aviation. We look forward to the next flying day in April and of course the Museum Airshow.Until then. “Keep them up where they’re belong”

Gates Learjet 35 RC Model

Gates Learjet 35 RC Model

The Learjet is an iconic plane that made history as the era of Private business jets started in the early 70’s.

Aviatix have modeled the Aviatix L35 as accurate as possible, even the rims, struts and wheels are perfectly scale and well presented by the electric retract system. Lots of other functions like lights and cockpit/cabin scale detail are also included with scale realism that will impress everyone at the field. Just like the real machine the Aviatix L35 fly like a dream and will handle like a jet should – straight and precise. When it’s time for landing she slows right down in landing configuration with the flaps and Gear down and our awesome electric brakes will do the rest. All the parts remove with ease, so getting her to the field is also easy in most Hatchback/midsize vehicles or any SUV despite her decent size.

Click to Enlarge (Photos by Bennie Henning)

Click to Enlarge

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This Stunning Radio Controlled Learjet is made in Aviatix factory in Pretoria East. We at Aviation Central will visit the Factory soon to bring you inside view of this amazing factory and all models available from them.

Learjet 35 – General Specifications

Crew 1 RC Pilot: – Intermediate-advanced flying skills
Capacity: Ken and 6 Barbie Dolls
Length: 96″ / 2,45m
Wingspan: 78″ / 1,99m
Height: 22″ / 0,562m
Aspect Ratio: 5.74:1
Empty Weight: 19lb (9kg)
Max takeoff weight: Electric 28lb (13kg) – Turbine 37lb (17kg)
Fuel Capacity Electric: 4 x 6S Lipo 5000mAh – Turbine 1.3 Gal / 5 litre
Electric 2 x 105mm 12 Blade EDF-11 lb / 5kg Thrust each
Turbine 2 x Jetcat or Kingtech Turbine 4,5 – 6kg Thrust Each


Construction Photos

Learjet 45 Fuselage


RC Learjet 45 Wing

Ready to fly Photos

Learjet 35 – Versions

When you purchase the radio combo or RTF versions of our planes, you will be getting all the servos and radio gear already factory installed professionally! The added cost is comparable or often less than what you would pay purchasing those items seperately. We get a much better deal directly from the manufacturers of Servos for some of the main servo brands and well known brands like Align Helicopters. We also select the perfect servo and weight combination for the application saving you the school fees losing a plane because of a servo failure. On the major flight surfaces we use only Metal or Titanium gear digital coreless servos of and on other functions metal gear and sometimes analog servos for some functions requiring it.
Plug your Receiver in and match the channels as per this table, set the correct control throws, charge the batteries, and you are ready to fly!
Included is the Channel requirements and setup specifications. Note: DL500 in the Receiver channels needed are functions handled by the DL500 Gear Controller sequencer and no radio channels are needed for such operation. The DL500 comes with the correct Learjet software and profile already installed.


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Gates Learjet 35 – Colour options

Custom colors is available at 10% extra.

Spare Parts
Aviatix planes are made of the finest materials using the best equipment and processes. The result is a flyable quality plane that needs little maintenance as long as they are properly flown and treated. Our planes can at least withstand the average bad landings we all have sometime or in rough weather conditions! Please keep in mind that although we do engineer a fair amount of redundancy into parts, in order to make a plane that flies well, it needs to be light. To do that its built and engineered to be flown hard in air an not into something harder than the air! In the event of an accident, we do have the parts to repair!


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