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Aviation Central is a page mostly dedicated to primely Airshows and secondary other Aviation Events and News. For this reason, we have a huge following of Airshow loving public, Aviation Hobbyist and Aviation professionals. We were founded in 2009 and has an active Facebook following of about 30 000.

This is the most likes or followers on social media by any similar Page in Southern Africa. Our Website is also extremely active, and we do host the most up to date Airshow calendar for the SADEC Regions and we also constantly update on what to feature and general information on upcoming Airshows and Events. We are The Official Social Media Partner to the SAAF Museum Airshow and Africa Aerospace and Defense. If you are looking to reach these group of people for your business, then you are at the perfect place.

For R600 per Month

Two posts on our Facebook page for the month.

One advert on our Website for the month running for the full month.

Advert in our Monthly Newsletter (New and still low visibility)

Our Facebook cover image is also up for rental

Subject availability and preference will be given to major Aviation events.

R500 per week and run on a week to week basis.

Now the T&C’s

1. All images and text used for adverts are to be supplied by you.

2. Text needs to be in such a format so we can just “copy and paste”

3. Cover image cannot be booked for more than a week at a time as and major event gets priority

4. Payments are to be made before adverts are to be placed.

5. The two Facebook posts will be pre-scheduled on dates selected by you.

6. We are tax registered and invoice will be provided.

7. Book and pay for a full calendar year and pay only for 10 months, excludes Cover image rental. (Save R1200)

8. Web Advert image needs to be 667 pixels wide and 1250 pixels tall.

9. We and Newsletter adverts need to have a link that a click can be redirected to

10. Newsletter adverts 667 pixels wide and 1250 pixels in tall or 828 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall

11. Facebook Advert can be any size and needs to include “Copy & Paste” text

12. Facebook cover image 828 pixels wide and 315 pixels


Contact Lettie van Emmenis at admin[at] or click here

See below our May 2019 view and reach (Left Website and Right is Facebook page)
May 2019