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EAA national Convention and Fly-in @ Vryheid Airport
Apr 27 – Apr 29 all-day
Wings & Wheels Uitenhage @ Uitenhage Aerodrome
Apr 28 all-day
SAAF Museum Airshow (Swartkops Airshow) @ Swartkops air force base
May 5 all-day

“Our Indomitable spirit”

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As usual, the expectations from the annual SAAF Museum airshow 2018 is pretty high, the show is scheduled for the 5th May 2018 at Zwartkop AFB in Pretoria.  No information is yet available as the 1st Planning meeting is only scheduled for later part of February.  No Vendor information is currently available for this show.  Keep your eyes on our website as we will soon be posting updates.  SAAF Museum Airshow 2018, My (Flippie) Gut feeling tells me its going to be a GOOD one.

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Lowveld Airshow 2018 @ Nelspruit Airfield
May 12 all-day

Lowveld Airshow 2018

What do you get when you combine the best aerobatic pilots, the biggest, loudest and most show-stopping aircraft in the country? A head-banging performance.

And that is exactly what the 2018 Lowveld Air Show is promising, with the theme like Rock n Roll, how can you afford to miss out on one of the most important dates of the Lowveld’s events calendar.

Now in its’ 14th year, the Lowveld Air Show has each year worked hard to bring a new and fresh approach to air shows in South Africa. This year, they plan to ‘Rock the Runway’, with a lineup of thrilling aerobatic performances, coupled with some of the best rock ‘n roll music in history.

“We believe that deep down inside, every one of us has a little ‘rock ‘n roll’ spirit in them. It’s what we grew up with. And to combine that now with something as synonymous as fighter jets and helicopters, it’s a dream come true for young and old,” says Johan Heine, Chairman of the Lowveld Air Show Committee.

The Nelspruit Airfield will also offer a wide variety of delicious food vendors, exhibitions and their biggest kids play area to date, hosted by the Just for Fun company, well known for their kids’ entertainment area at the annual Uplands Festival. Parents will be delighted to know they can let their children play in a safe, secure and fun area on the day.

Not only will the entire day be centred around rock ‘n roll, but after the extravagant fireworks show at the end of the air show, the stage will be lit for an electrifying rock and roll experience on the runway, offering spectators the opportunity to enjoy the day further at the Lowveld Airfield. And the Lowveld Air Show is promising one thing, “We will, we will Rock you!

Tickets are on sale now on Ticket prices include the full day of air show performances, rounded off with a Rock and Roll afterparty. Adult tickets are R150 and scholars pay R100. Pre-scholars will again enjoy FREE entrance.

An early word from the organisers of the Lowveld Airshow:

The Lowveld Air Show returns in 2018 for another action-packed programme. After the freak weather cyclone which hit Mpumalanga in May 2017, this air show was very successfully moved to June and is now the only air show known to have postponed the event and not cancelled it.

The aviation industry applauded this brave move at the time and commended the Lowveld Air Show committee for still being able to maintain the build-up towards the event.

This year The Lowveld airshow kicks off with the annual Cadet Day on Friday the 11th May, an event aimed at educating the youth on the world of aviation. The South African Air Force will host a display to promote the opportunities for thousands of scholars interested in pursuing a career in aviation, after which the attending students will be entertained with an exclusive youth air show programme.

On Saturday, 12 May the official opening kicks off at 10:00 with a full day of aviation aerobatics. The Lowveld Air Show will once again feature spectacular flying displays as well as a wide range of business, commercial, and military aircraft at various static aircraft displays that will captivate and thrill visitors. A wide variety of vendors and food stalls will also be available to those attending.

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Aviation Central’s, Flippie van Emmenis’s opinion on this Show:

The 2018 Lowveld Airshow at Nelspruit on the 12th of May is the Airshow myself are looking forward to the most on the 2018 airshow calendar.

After their 2015, 2016 and 2017 shows getting better and better every year, the 2018 Airshow is a must for me. This will be the 1st time that I will be attending this show if all goes per plan. Aviation Central’s Member Jarryd attend the show in 2016. To see Jarryd’s photos, click here.

The 2018 show promises to exceed expectations and with SAAF participation this is to be a mega show!
We are all hoping to see the Black-hawk (The Puppy) at this show. (Blackhawk not on list, Only myself eager for her to make an appearance) Read more on the Puppy here
The Guys from the Lowveld and Kishugu will be hosting a spectacular not to be missed show. The Kishugu Lowveld Airshow 2018

Official Website:

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SAC Free State Regionals @ Tempe airport
May 19 – May 20 all-day
President’s Trophy Air Race @ Tempe airport
May 24 – May 26 all-day
Botswana International Airshow @ Matsieng Flying Club, Botswana
May 26 all-day

Botswana International Airshow

If you enjoy camping and airshows, then this one is for you, drive up or fly up to Matsieng in Botswana for this amazing weekend. This is one of the better Airshows on the calendar and it is in the Bush! Yet is only about 370 km from Zwartkop AFB in Gauteng. Make the trip, enjoy Botswana Hospitality and have an awesome weekend. For more information visit

Matsieng Airshow and Fly-in Botswana

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Airlink Wonderboom Adrenaline Show @ Wonderboom Airport
Jun 2 – Jun 3 all-day
Newcastle Airshow @ Newcastle Airport
Jun 2 all-day
Mafikeng Airshow @ Mafikeng Airport
Jun 23 all-day
Race for Rhino’s @ Sowa, Botswana
Jun 28 – Jul 1 all-day

Entries for the Race for Rhinos 2018 is now open! Drive in visitors also welcome.
Drive in Visitor prices ranging from P150 to P14000 for two, all depending on what you want included with your stay at the Race for Rhinos 2018.
I can highly recommend this event as it is something different and very spectacular and experience the Botswana’ Hospitality . For more information visit
About the Race for Rhinos
Botswana Tourism Organisation in collaboration with Botswana Civil Aviation Authority and the Matsieng Flying Club will host the 4th Annual RACE FOR RHINOS in Sowa Pan. Botswana is leading the world in Sustainable Tourism and Conservation, and is a fitting destination to host this prestigious event. The combination of aviation dreams and conservation touches everyone, this event brings local and international participants and spectators together in support of this important message.
Across Africa, rhinos are fighting for survival. Botswana is the only country in the world where rhino populations are increasing, thanks to the dedication of the Botswana government’s ongoing program to relocate both Black and White Rhino from neighboring countries. The Tlhokomela Endangered Wildlife Trust continues to raise funds to support the efforts of the government to ensure these precious animals are protected and kept safe from poaching. With your support, we can help rhinos to beat extinction.
This is just one of the events to help protect our animals in Botswana.
Then apart form the protection of the Rhinos, it is also a race that you should not miss.
Come join us in The Race for Rhinos!

Gaborone International Airshow 2018
Aug 4 all-day
Rand Airshow @ Rand airport
Aug 19 all-day

Busy day at Rand Airshow 2017

Bethlehem Airshow @ Bethlehem Aerodrome
Aug 25 all-day
Swaziland Airshow @ Swaziland Flying Club
Sep 8 all-day
Africa Aerospace and Defence Trade Days
Sep 19 – Sep 21 all-day
Africa Aerospace and Defence Airshow (AAD2018) @ Waterkloof AFB
Sep 22 – Sep 23 all-day



For updates on AAD please see Updates – Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD2018)