The Show must go on!


The Show must go on!

By Flippie van Emmenis

3rd June 2017, It’s the Newcastle Airshow KZN 2017 and Ivan Van Der Schaar gets into his Boeing Stearman as his slot in the show get close. The Stearman does not want to start and on investigating Ivan found out that the Starter motor of the Stearman had packed up. They start phoning around and then Riaan Kamffer from Secunda could help him out with a replacement.

Next problem, the starter needs to be fetched from Secunda that is about 190km away. Derek Hopkins volunteered to fly up to go and fetch the starter, but once again, this option was not that simple as Derek had to do the Glider Tug for Gary Whitecross’ display. So, Neville Ferreira Aerobatics then took the Glider Tug job over form Derek. Okay, now that the starter was found, Derek set off
to Secunda while Neville doing the Glider tug. All that was needed was the field technical assistance, although Ivan had the skills, he could do with help on emergency field repairs skills. The Silver Falcons Aerobatic Team support crew saw the need for help and immediately jumped in to assist Ivan with the replacement.

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So, in the end Ivan got to fly his Boeing stearman at the Newcastle Airshow 2017 as the closing slot and this also being the top slot for any airshow!
This just show how dedicated the South African Airshow pilots and Support crews are to the Airshow industry. Well-done to all that was involved in Helping Ivan on his day in need to let The Show Go On!

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