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Langebaanweg Airshow Program 09 Dec 2017

Langebaanweg Airshow Program 09 Dec 2017

The most anticipated Airshow for the year 2017!

For the past 50 years, the South African Air Force Silver Falcons have been dazzling crowds all over the country. Now, for the first time, we have an opportunity to celebrate their 50th Birthday at their Home Base at AFB Langebaanweg with an all-out Air Show in their honour. With a full complement of Air Force Aircraft and numerous Civilian Display Teams joining together to make this an Air Show you won`t forget and don`t want to miss.
Due to the unique location for the Air Show, that lends itself to experience the South African Air Force and its power to the max.

Official show hashtag #seeithearitfeelit 

Did you get your tickets yet, if not then click here!
Remember to bring along Camping Chairs, Hats, Sunblock and keep Hydrated!
You are welcome to bring your own picnic basket, but no alcohol is allowed to be brought in, a Beer Garden is available at the show with reasonable prices! Wright your phone number on a card and hang it around your kids neck or as an armband, it’s not uncommon for kids to lose sense of direction at a big event like this.
For more information on what to expect please go to this page.

The Langbaanweg Airshow team made the Programe available to us.

Please note this can change at any time! 


Please note this can change at any time! 




The Pride of the nation, The Silver Falcons

The Pride of the nation,  The Silver Falcons
The Silver Falcons are the South African Air force official display team. The team of five Pilatus Pc7mkii plus 3 additional spare aircraft are based at the Central Flying School,Air force Base Langebannweg in the Western Cape South Africa. The main purpose of the Silver Falcons is to enhance the image of the South African Airforce, encourage recruitment and restore national pride.
The team was originally formed in 1946 as the Bumbling Bees display team. The team flew a 4ship formation flying the de Havilland Vampire. By the 1950s the team disbanded and left a major gap in South African Aviation. In 1967 at the opening of the Atlas Aircraft Corporation known today as Denel Aviation, there was an idea to change the name of the team to something a bit more bold. The Silver Falcons team which was chosen as they gave their first display at the event in November 1967,under the leadership of Col Chris Prins.

In 1986 the team was expanded to a five ship to bring more exciting displays and to include a solo display, at this team the aircraft were painted up in old South African flag display colors. The team operated out of AFB Langebaanweg until the early 1990s,when all impala jet training was moved to Air force Base Hoedpsruit on the Kruger National Parks door step in the lowveld region of South Africa.

Falcon 1 of the Silver Falcons at an Airshow 2000

Falcon 1 – Photo: Russell Dixon-Paver

ex -Silver Falcon Impala

ex -Silver Falcon Impala

ex -Silver Falcon Impala

ex -Silver Falcon Impala

Photos Credit Stefaan Bouwer

1995 Red Arrows and Silver Falcons

1995 Red Arrows and Silver Falcons photo credit unknown

This formed part of 85 combat flying school which is now located at AFB Makhado in Limpopo flying the Hawk m120. In 1994 with the new South African national  flag, the teams aircraft were repainted to represent the colors of the South African Air force:blue, light blue and white. With SAAF75 in 1995 the Silver Falcons had the opportunity to tour South Africa with the RAF Red Arrows all over South Africa.
During 1998, the team moved back to AFB Langebaanweg and commenced training on the new Swiss Pilatus Astra turboprop trainers. The decision was taken to display the Astra trainer to the public, as the time was near for the retirement of the impala aircraft in 2005. The air force was getting ready for the introduction of the Bae Hawk mk120 into SAAF service.
At AFB Langebaanweg the team was reduced to a four ship in the standard red and white paint scheme, known to pilots as flying coke cans on the Astra fleet. At this point of time the aircraft had no eye catching paint scheme on the aircraft.

In September 2008 at the African Aerospace and Defense (AAD) Expo at AFB Ysterplaat in Cape Town, the aircraft were specially painted in a unique blue and white and other additional liveries and the team was expanded to 5 ship once again. The paint for the aircraft was donated by a local paint supplier, First African Paints. The first display was flown at this major show.
From then on the Silver Falcons have been a hit at every airshow they’re attended, if they not flying with an SAA Airbus in formation. They up close and personal with one of Mango Airlines Boeing 737-800s.
Something new was when they started is flying with a fighter jets, including Hawk and now Gripen. The Gripen formation is also known as the “Aviation Central Formation”. Many of these particular  formations have the crowds on their feet every time they are flown!

The team also made history when they opened the Fifa Soccer World cup in Soweto in 2010,the world had all eyes on them. Today the Falcons lead Major Mark ‘Katana’ Gentles is the most capped leader in the whole Silver Falcons history. With the rest of the team made up of Major Bheki Shabangu,Major Sivu Tangana,Major Wendy Badenhorst,Major Omphile Matlaone and the GLO Corne Deventer and don’t forget Falcon 8 Brian Emmenis who has commentated for almost every team.

To the very special ground crew who keep the aircraft serviceable and fix snags before shows at the last minute. If it wasn’t for you guys we would have no aircraft flying but hopefully taxing lol.
This year  the Silver Falcons are celebrating their 50th Anniversary with an airshow at AFB Langebaanweg on the Capes West Coast on December 9th. With some of the rumors going around its definitely a show to attend, with a major SAAF presence. We would like to wish the Silver Falcons all the best and many more safe sorties. To the past team members,once a falcon …always a falcon!

Team Update 2018-07-17 “A new Number 2”

As we are well into the 2018 South African Airshow season,recently we saw the Falcons preform at the Total Air Newcastle Airshow in KZN in June.The Falcons are set to preform at the Bethlehem Freestate Airshow on the 25th August and the big one Africa Aerospace and Defence Expo at Airforce Base Waterkloof on the 19-23 September,this is promising to be the biggest show to date.This week the Falcons announced their new Falcon 2 Major Tiaan Stander!

Major Tiaan Stander



Major Stander will be flying in the number two position in the team, Tiaan joined the South African Airforce on the 23 April 2002!

Pilots Wings Course 03-2004-Wings Date 8-07-2008

Completed RWCC 18-05-05

A109LUH Commander 01-12-07

Oryx NVG Commander-22-11-09

Instructors Course 03-03-16

Aircraft types and Hours:


Alouette III 49.9




Major Tiaan Stander is married and has two children.We look forward to seeing the new Number 2 preforming at the Bethlehem Airshow in August.The team will now be back to a 5ship and remain as team 82.

Silver Falcons Team 82

Falcon 1-Major Omphile “Biggy” Matloane (Flown the Pc7MKII,A109LUH and Oryx Helicopters)

Falcon 2-Major Tiaan “Excell” Stander (Flown the PC7MKII,Alouette III,A109LUH and Oryx Helicopters)

Falcon 3-Major Corne “Stilbo” van Deventer (Flown the PC7MKII,HawkMK120)

Falcon 4-Major Bheki “SwaziBoy”Shabungu (Flown the PC7MKII,Cessna 208 Caravan)

Falcon 5-Major Sivu “Sivuple” Tangana (Flown the PC7MKII,AgustaA109LUH and Oryx Helicopters)

Falcon 6 GLO- Major Musa Dlamini (Flown the PC7MKII)

Falcon 7 PRO- Captain Xander Albasani (Flown the PC7MKII)

Falcon 8- Commentator Brian Emmenis

See Falcon One’s Story here-



SAAF Museum Flying Day 2017-12-02

SAAF Museum Flying Day 2017-12-02

The South African Air Force Memorial is located at Swartkop. It contains a roll of honour of SAAF personnel who have been killed on duty as well as a memorial to personnel of all nations that died during the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan in South Africa. Airforce base Zwartkop hosted its final flying day for the year,which saw most of the flying exhibits flying on the day.The base is located in Pretoria and its South Africa’s oldest airforce base in the country and second oldest operational base in the world.

Apon arrival on Saturday the 2nd December,condtions were overcast with a slight breeze,  the cloud base was high enough for flying to take place.The flying procceding started with a para drop with various members of the SANDF from  the Museums C.4M Kudu.

Many pilots gave some of the public flights in the museums Alouette and Puma helicopters.While the Harvard club gave flights to customer’s who wanted a bucket list flight in a Harvard. The windsock café treated the public to some delicious and reasonable meals they have to offer.

The friends of the Museum had the Spitfire Restoration project gazebo up and the public had the opportunity to buy some memorabilia,where all thr funds raised go towards rebuilding the Museums Spitfire.

It was also a sad day for Gen Hugh Paine who was retiring from flying at the SAAF Museum,During his career in the SAAF, the General flew many types of aircraft including Harvards, Impalas, and many helicopters such as Alouettes, Pumas, MBB BK117s, Gazelles and more, whilst holding the positions of Officer Commanding 87 Heli-copter Flying School, Chief Project Officer Rooivalk Helicopter Project, Chief Director Force Preparation, Director Air Capability Plan and Director Helicopter Systems just to name a few.

A special tribute was put together with a 5ship helicopter formation and a 4ship Harvard formation, as soon as Gen Paine landed in front of the bright yellow tower which is common sight at Museum Airshows.,2 Air force fire engines sprayed water as a final salute over the Alouette two he was flying.

We like to wish Gen Paine all the best for the future and look forward to the next flying Day in the new year.

Keep them up where they belong!


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