2018 Airshow Aircraft, Pilots and Teams

2018 Airshow Aircraft, Pilot and Teams

Every year we see Airshows across Southern Africa. Some teams we see at every show and others we don’t see that often. Aircraft we get L29 & 39’s to Gripen and Cheetah, From Harvard’s and Pitts Specials to Little Annie. The Military aircraft is always a winner at any airshow.

Every 2nd Year with AAD, we all hold thumbs and our breath in hope for some international aircraft, however due to South Africa being on the most southern tip of Africa the cost to bring aircraft to SA is very costly and not always feasible. We are hoping for something spectacular with AAD2018, however our, Aviation Central’s hope is on 2020.

2020 is a big year for Aviation in South Africa. The Aero Club of South Africa and South African Air force will be turning 100 years old. At this stage only the Aero club indicated interest in Centenary celebrations and planning is already in progress. We will Keep you updated on any Centenary celebration planning!

The lists below is 1st, Display Pilots and Teams and the 2nd list is for Aircraft listed per Airshow for 2018. We will be running a list for every year from now on!

Popular Display teams, Puma Energy Flying Lions, The Cows Aerobatic team, GoodYear Eagles Aerobatic team, The Silver Falcons Aerobatic Team and the High Energy Team Xtreme are some of the popular display teams on our Airshow circuit

Southern Africa also has some Farther’s and Son’s flying in Airshows, Larry and Jason Beamish, Mark and Jon-Marc, Scully and Ellis Levin, Derick and Nigel Hopkins.

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If you feel we missed any Airshow, Team, Pilot or Aircraft, please let us know, Flippie@aviationcentral.co.za or Jarryd@aviationcentral.co.za

Important Notice:

We will only add Aircraft as we get conformation to the buildup of an show, this the listing my not be complete when its added prior to show date!
Where Aircraft is added prior to an Event, does not guarantee that all aircraft is added nor that all Added aircraft will be flying!

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Teams & Aircraft

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Aircraft / TeamsErmeloSwartkopLowveldMatsiengNewcastleRand ArishowBethlehemSwazilandAAD218Total 2018
Flying Lions444444327
Goodyear Eagles343234423
Team Extreme444024422
Fying Cows4444319
SAAF Gripen131106
Kishugu AT821405
Boeing Stearman11111117
Extra 33SC11111229
Hot Air Balloon314
Kishugu Huey44
Museum Harvard44
Raptors RVs448
Slick 5401111116
Extra 3001113
Little Annie An2111115
SAAF Hawk MK1233
Aerospatiale Gazelle1113
SAAF Oryx1113
Harvard Solo22
Museum Alouette II22
Museum AlouetteIII22
Museum Cessna 18522
SAAF Museum Puma22
SAAF Rooivalk22
SAAF A109112
Sbach Solo112
AerospatialeAlouette II11
AerospatialeAlouette III11
Boeing 737112
Embraer 19011
Impala MK1 ZU-IMP11
Museum Bosbok11
Museum Kudu11
Museum Patchen Explorer11
Museum Vampire11
PC7-MKII Solo11
Police P6 Porter11
SAAF C130-BZ11
Slick 360112
Tiger Moth11

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Pilots (to be updated)


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