Armed Forces Day 2019 Night Shoot

The mother city, Cape Town came to its awareness that the South African National Defence Force were going to be visible in in parts of the city for the Western Capes edition of Armed Forces Day 2019.Months of work and planning is put in place to execute from the start of the opening of the fan park to the parade itself.

The 18th and 19th February,Sunrise Beach near Muizenburg had been placed out for the night shoot along the shores of the Atlantic ocean.Public were invited to see what the SANDF fire power is alot about from both air and land assets.

A number of residents were not partucular happy with the idea of the SANDF firing and operating in the area.But the SANDF insured that all remains of what will be left behind will be rehabiltated and set back to normal for both forms of life and terrain.

The display of arms of fire of the night shoot,began with two 16 Squadron Rooivalks showing the agility of South Africas very own attack helicopter.The shoot,moved onto the far left of the gun line from the smallest of the weapons to the mighty Bateluar.

As the echos of the thuds moved far into the distance of Cape Town.Memebrs of the public were wpwed by the mighty firepower of their defence force.

Flare drops from both the Rooivalk,Oryx,C130,Two Hawks and Two Gripens lit up the Cape Town skies befpre disappearing into the night brought the close of the proceedings.


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