Aviation Day 2018 – Springs Airport

Aviation Day – Springs Airport


By: Andre Venter
An amazing venue which was held in the Classic Flying Museum Hanger. The great turnout by pilots and co-pilots. A hundred people turned out to listen three amazing speakers.
Danie Heath from SASAR who is based at Oliver Tambo as an Air Controller, who talked on Safety and notifying your relatives where you are flying too and when you will be back. Think of the risks when doing anything. Giving detailed information when make a Mayday call. Make sure that you carry emergency supplies, water, space blanket, Pocket knife and a lighter. Also make sure you have a First Aid Box. Notify SASAR that you have landed safely at your destination.

The second speaker was Mike Bowter from CRM who is an ex pilot. Mike spoke about attitude. No matter how many aircraft you have flown and how many hours you have behind your name, if your attitude is wrong when flying, then you shouldn’t be flying. Rather cancel your arrangements for another day. Be positive in every way, if you not happy with your safety check, switch off and notify the authorities .

The Third speaker was Frank Versteegh, an ex-RED BULL Pilot who’s last RED BULL air race was in 2015 Frank spoke of the dangers of flying at high speeds , the g –force. He flew at 15g many times. He travelled to various countries all over the world. He believed in a No Fear strategy which was a bit careless at times. He said that if you not happy with your flying conditions rather turn around and try on another day. Frank should various videos where he was competing in races. We also saw 2 occasions when a water bottled came flying past his head while doing a routine in a race , and when item weren’t made secure (pen).
Prizes were handed out afterwards in a Lucky Draw and I won a BOOK on Airports SA

Click to enlarge, Photos by Andre Venter

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