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Hercules C130 aka “Flossie”

Hercules C130 Flossie aka “Flossie

C130 Flossie

A while back, whilst we were running a series on SAAF aircraft, the question arose as to how the Hercules C130 got the nickname ‘Flossie’. Well, here we have it courtesy of Jan Marais from Who’s Who in the SAAF.

Here is the story of where the name “FLOSSIE” came from.

Not many years after the arrival of the C130B’s onto the SAAF register, South Africa became embroiled in a Border War along the South West African/Angolan border. There has been much good and bad written about that conflict and I am not going to add further to that issue, other than to point out that the C130’s were used on a daily basis to convey troops and material to and from the border, and in later years SAFAIR, operating L100’s, were contracted to assist in the air transport effort. To the casual observer the C130 and L100 look so much alike that one could be forgiven for thinking they were the same. Having said the above I can now get on with story.

At 28 Squadron, the operators of the SAAF C130’s, was a Flight Engineer named Phil or “Flippie”. He was a most dedicated man who ate, slept and dreamed C130. In his private life he was a most disciplined man (real old school, soldier), who never did a half job of anything. You all know the type, “if its worth doing, do it properly or don’t do it at all”

Phil was married to a lady with the real old English name of Florence. In her family she was called Flo, and among her siblings she was called Flossie. (by now you can see where this is going)

Presidential Inauguration 2019

Photo: Johan Stephens

Being the consummate professional Phil would ALWAYS walk out, long before the rest of the crew, to the aircraft he was scheduled to fly in and do a proper pre-flight inspection. A few of his fellow flight engineers would pull his leg and tell him the aircraft was only due for a major technical inspection at a future date. His standard reply was “Chaps, if you treat and look after your aircraft like you look after your wife, she will never let you down” This comment always gave all of his Squadron mates a smile. Over the months, whenever his crew were due to walk out to the aircraft they would ask “where is Flippie, is he at Flossie? or Come guys we shouldn’t keep Flossie waiting” or comments along those lines.

In time the reference to Flossie was made more often at the movement control section at Air Force Base Waterkloof and more and more people became attuned to this reference and this then morphed into all troop transport, becoming known as “FLOSSIE”

You may ask how I know this bit of history. The simple answer is that Phil was my Father and “FLOSSIE: was my Mother.

Flying the BDF C130

10 Years – Aviation Central 2009 to 2019

Aviation Central celebrates 10 Years

10 Years Long

Adrenaline Show

Adrenaline Show – Wonderboom National Airport

Aviation Central was founded in September 2009, just days before the 2009 Swartkop Airshow.

The drive behind the team that makes up Aviation Central, the time and effort spent in taking photographs, traveling across multiple countries to report on events, is all about the love and passion that the team has for aviation.

We have managed to see and witness some incredible moments in aviation in Southern Africa, and even witnessed some incidents we wouldn’t want to see again.

From the ups and the downs of regional air shows, to the fantastic Africa Aerospace and Defence show we eagerly attend every second year,

Race for Rhinos at Sua Pan in Botswana, The Botswana International Airshow and other neighbouring countries airshows around Southern Africa.

Gaborone International Airshow 2017

To flying in some exotic aircraft with friends we have made in the industry, to all the people behind the airshow scenes and fans we have met along the way.

We can’t thank you, all our fans and supporters, enough for all the positive feedback we have received on all our social media sites and our webpage, which was introduced in 2017.

Our team has all visited shows in their youth, but it started at the Wings N’ Wheels Airshow that was held at Airforce Base Swartkop in 2009, where we got to see a number of fighter aircraft display including

The SAAF Museums Mirage IIICZ ‘Black Widow’ and Aerosud Mirage F1AZ. To see those aircraft in formation at the end of the day, will stay in our memories for years to come.

It was also an opportunity to see the New Gripen and Hawk Fighter jets display as they were put through their paces for the Pretoria crowds for the first time.

Aviation Central’s mission is to bring as much information to the public about upcoming airshows and aviation related events that take place in Southern Africa.

We get messages from all over the world when it comes to airshows and people want to know more about the event before attending.

As a non-profit organisation, our purpose is not to make money, but rather to bring the joy of aviation pictures and stories to the public to their mobile phones, PCs and now even on YouTube. We will now be

posting aviation videos from airshow MOs and events so you can also witness the sights and sounds of the magnificent aircraft.

We look forward to continue providing everyone with up to date news on all aviation events in Southern Africa, for many, many years to come.

Aviation Central Timeline

  1. Formed 13 September 2009 by Elan Hoffman
  2. June 2011, Flippie van Emmenis joined as a Follower to Aviation Central
  3. March 2012 Flippie van Emmenis was granted admin right to help run Aviation Central
  4. Sep 2012 John James joined Team Aviation Central, John is currently inactive.
  5. Dec 2013 Aviation Central had it 1st 1000 likes
  6. Dec 2013 Lettie van Emmenis  Joined Aviation Central  (Admin) 
  7. March 2014 Trevor Viljoen Joined Aviation Central
  8. May 2015 Jarryd Sinovich joined Aviation Central, Jarryd has become one of the most active members of the team.
  9. Feb 2016 Aviation Central passed all other Aviation Media related pages with followers on Facebook
  10. September 2018 Alan Richert joined Aviation Central
  11. March 2019 Niel Swart Joined Aviation CentralJuly 2019 Aviation Central reached the 30 000 likes mark on Facebook

The Team

Team AC AAD2018

Team Aviation Central AAD2018

Elan Hoffman
I love flying. I love watching the aeries soar, the smell of jet fuel in the morning, the feel of the throttle in my hand.

I remember the internet boom and wanting to catch into that. Long ago, in a land down under, I built a website that could connect flyers, enthusiasts, aviation businesses. I left that land back home to South Africa and started that idea again.

And then Facebook happened and with it came a fast moving need that I could not manage on my own.

Fortune brought a good man to Aviation Central who had assembled a great team. They have taken Aviation Central to heights I only dreamed of. Their photographic prowess on display, their service given to this idea now showing in an Aviation Central Calendar on as many digital channels I know.

May an idea taken from humble beginnings keep on ascending!

Alan Richert

Since as a young lad watching Vampire’s, Hawker Hunter’s and Alouette III’s of the then Rhodesian Air Force flying over Lake Kyle returning from their missions, I have always been fascinated by aircraft.

However, it was only in the 1990’s that I got to experience air shows, and then trying to photograph them with my trusty old 35mm film point and shoot automatic camera! It was around 2012 I decided to do something about my interest in taking photographs, got myself a proper DSLR and dived head first into the world of photography. It was a natural progression to then bring the two passions together.

With a stressful day job in the Information Technology world, the relief of getting out and doing photography is very rewarding and helps keep me focused.

My passion is aviation photography, but I do enjoy shooting most types of action sports. To keep sane and when I want some me time, I indulge in a bit of landscape photography.

Having joined the Aviation Central team late 2018 I am still learning the ropes of all the behind-the-scenes activities, but I thoroughly enjoy the privilege of being able to share with you my photographs of these magnificent flying machines.

Niel Swart

Niel has been a member of Aviation Central since March 2019. He is based in the Cape but travels to events when and where possible and has actively been taking photos since 2007.
Niel has covered events like AAD and air shows at Swartkops, Stellenbosch and Rand. Some of his other work cover the Coca Cola World Cup B737 visiting South Africa as well as the first landings of the three British Airways reto B747’s.
He also has a fond love for trains, both big and small. His fondest memory is of chasing a train in a 1953 Chipmunk as a passenger by taking air to ground photos with the cockpit filling with the amazing smell of burning coal while banking and experiencing the sensation of flying.

Jarryd Sinovich

From the day my father brought home a toy 747 from his business trip to Cape Town,i have been devoted to aviation in South Africa. I attend my first ever airshow at the tender age of 3 that being DEXSA that was held at Airforce Base Waterkloof in 1998.To this day I remember sitting in the then Shurlock  Sponsored Pitts Special Aerobatic aircraft and the R=roar of thundering jets from above as my ears took a beating. I was hooked!

As the years went on I attend airshows all over the country from Cape Town to Polokwane, but one of my favourite shows I attended was the only and lets hope not the last fighter meet at Airforce Base Makhado in the Limpopo province. It was where I got to see a number of fighter jets fly as well as hear the then cheetah fighter jet break the sound barrier. I also got to witness Ivan “Viking” Pentz display the new Hawk Mk120 for the first time.

Since then I got my PPL in 2013 and continue to travel and enjoy the South African Airshow circuit. I look forward to a big celebration in 2020 with the South African Airforce 100th anniversary  and the Aero Clubs 100th too.

Flippie van Emmenis

Flippie Van Emmenis

Aviation Central’s Flippie Van Emmenis receiving an Honorary Membership Certificate from Eagle Air

I use to be the guy attending air shows sitting on my camping chair form the start of the show until the end of the show, without moving from myspot even if it caused dehydration as I did not want to miss a thing. At first I did not own a camera, nor did I ever consider getting one as it was about my love for air shows, the aircraft, the fuel and smell from the vendors all while listening to Brian doing commentary.  Facebook started to gain popularity in 2009 and in order to find out more about upcoming air shows, I started following aviation pages to.

I joined Aviation Central as a normal follower which had about 140 likes at that stage. Soon afterward following, I started commenting and asking many questions. Elan Hoffman, the creator of Aviation Central, asked me if I would like to help him with the admin the page. This totally caught me off guard as I never expected myself to be doing something like this. I thought that my writing skills were not up to standard for this but this will not stop me! About one year later the page had grown to over 1300 likes. Elan phoned me and offered me to take over the ownership of the page, once again shocked, but I accepted. So yes, I never planned something like this let alone dreamt about it. Now, my love for air shows has also grown into a passion that my wife and I as well as the rest of my team can share with all air show lovers all over Southern Africa and abroad.

Trevor Viljoen

My passion for Aviation started as a young boy going to the Virginia Airshows and from there it was just aviation that was in my head and all I could think about and still up to today, Flippie ( Boss Man) and I got to meet each other for the first time in 2014 after being chatting to each other and sharing our passion and love for Aviation on Facebook for sometime. My first post for Aviation Central was the first Sky GO held at North Beach in Durban and from then it has been one Fantastic ride with this team!

To be apart of this team is something that I never ever thought would happen but when Flippie asked me to join the Team I was not sure if i was good enough to be apart of Aviation Central but just took it by the horns and said yes for the love of Aviation and I have never looked back, it’s hard work but it’s an Honour and I am truly greatful and blessed to have been given the opportunity to share my passion for Aviation!

Lettie van Emmenis (Admin)
Since I met Flippie he took me to the first Air show. I saw the Vampire flying and the Silver Falcons I could not wait for the next airshow just to see them flying again. My love for Aviation was triggered by Flippie and I enjoy it a lot.

Thank you!

We would also like to Thank all the Guys and Gals that helped us with phots and stories over the last ten years, below is a list of Some of them!
Dries Beetge, Pieter Cronje, Ryno Albrecht, Koos Smit, Andre Nel, Andre Venter, Michael Combrink, Mark Mansfield, Annette Visage Nel, Russell Dixon-Paver, Ben van der Walt, Bennie Henning, Justin de Reuck, Brent Best, Ruan Du Rand, Dian Townsend and Charmaine Oliver.

We Would also like to send out a BIG thank you to Mr Brian Emmenis form Capital Sounds that was always willing to guide us and advise were we can improve, Brian, Thank you and please continue with your valuable input.

Mark Mansfield, Your guidance and Support to the Team is also very much appreciated, You opened many doors to Team Aviation Central and always supported us!

Thank you to all our Fans and Followers out there. To Our Critics, Thank you for showing us where we can Improve

Some Birthday Messages

Air Show South Africa – ASSA

Many happy returns to all our friends at Aviation Central on their 10th anniversary – Congratulations on the huge success and we look forward to continuing relationship for another 10 years at least

Trevor Cohen

Congratulations Aviation Central on achieving your first 10 years. You guys have provided the greater flying community with awesome up to date info pertaining to flying and flying events. Flippie you have guided this ship expertly and you should be proud of your achievement. Keep up the good work and loads of respect.

DJA Aviation

DJA uses Aviation Central to ensure that it stays up to date with all industry events and happenings.

DJA applauds Aviation Central on the availability and accuracy of information on their platform.

Simone Helen Stoop Lekker FM

Happy 10th birthday Aviation Central. This community has given me a platform to get updates about airshows, aviation news and to be part of a community that share my love for avaition. Thank you for your hard work and sharing your passion with all of us. Here is to another 100years of Aviation Central

Puma Energy – Flying Lions

Congratulations to Aviation Central on a decade of authentic aerobatic news. Although I have not worked with Flippie van Emmenis and his flaring team for the longest time, I am truly impressed by their dedication to the flying scene. Self-funding excursions to capture the greatest airborne photographs and creating emotional stories about our beloved pilots Aviation Central is our loyal Airshow support, without them, fans wouldn’t know about Airshows happening across our African skies. We are sincerely grateful to the Aviation Central team for collaborating on events to ensure we all experience the love for flying with the Puma Energy Flying Lions! We continue to praise you for your amazing work and together we bring you the roaring action from above.

Brian Emmenis Capital Sounds

What started out as a dream has now become an essential part of our everyday life. Congratulations FLIPPIE, you and your team are doing sterling work to promote aviation in South Africa. We at Capital Sounds are proud to be associated with your on-line forum.

Omphile Mutloane, Silver Falcons Aerobatic Team Leader

In an ocean of negativity, AC is a glimpse of what we can be in the professional world of aviation in SA, their professional approach to all that involves the saaf ,GA and corporate is highly appreciated! Carefully over the years you guys chose to highlight and promote the saaf and the Silver Falcons aerobatic team to the general public Cheers 🥂 to the next 10 years . Thank you so much for y’all professionalism.

Elvis Manene Capital Sounds

Well am proud of Aviation Central as the online magazine, they keep us updated with what’s happening in the aviation circle and they always accurate with the news they give us, one can rest assured when reading the news you guys give to the people that those news a correct as you get your story straight you don’t just head the bush, as for me am over the moon the be associated with Aviation Central.

Justin du Reuck

Wishing Flippie and the team at Aviation Central a very happy 10 year anniversary. Love what you guys do for aviation in SA. Keep up the good work.

Dian Townsend

Wishing Flippie and the team at Aviation Central a very happy 10 year anniversary. Love what you guys do for aviation in SA. Keep up the good work.

Team AC and Falcons

Team Aviation Central and Silver Falcons – Wonderboom 2016

Silver Falcons Aerobatic Team 82
Wishing Flippie and the team at Aviation Central a very happy 10 year anniversary. Love what you guys do for aviation in SA. Keep up the good work.

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    The Noisy Bushbuck, The AM.3C Bosbok The AM.3 used the wing design of the Aermacchi AL-60 utility aircraft, strengthened to incorporate two...
  • April 16th Mercedes-Benz Club Day at Brakpan Airfield
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  • April 11th Indian Airforce Museum ,Palam
    Hidden away on the far side of Delhi’s International Airport is a significant collection of historic aircraft,The Indian Air force Museum is an...
  • April 9th Ermelo Airshow 2018
    The great Ermelo Airshow has finally returned to the Airshow circuit once again, after an absence since 2011. The show made a welcome return on the...
  • April 5th From Soloist to Lead-Omphile Mutloane
    Omphile Mutloane who is currently the number 5 in the Silver Falcons Aerobatic  Team, known as the soloist in the team with the call sign...
  • April 4th WesBank Botswana International Air Show (Matsieng)
    WesBank Botswana International Air Show (Matsieng) This is defiantly an must attend airshow, Fly-in, Drive in or Just pop in for the day, Just be...
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    17 August...
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  • March 18th Maiden flight of The High Flying Maverick
    Maiden flight of The High Flying Maverick From the 1st Phone call we got from Devashini Govender to d-day on the 17th March 2018 was a busy time from...
  • March 14th Wings Over Howick 2018
    Wings Over Howick 2018 On the weekend of the 9th of March Wings Over Howick ( RC Event ) was held at the Howick Glider Club and with a...
  • March 13th The High Flying Maverick
    The High Flying Maverick GET READY FOR TAKE-OFF – CLIMB ON BOARD OUR NEWEST THRILL RIDE #GRCmaverick Johannesburg, February 2018: Excitement is,...
  • March 13th Aviation Day 2018 – Springs Airport
    Aviation Day – Springs Airport Hosted by – MACH 1 AVIATION ACADEMY By: Andre Venter An amazing venue which was held in the Classic...
  • March 7th The South African Guild of Aviation
    Where Artists Soar Where Artists Soar The South African Guild of Aviation, Military and Maritime Artists Text: Juanita Benade Photographs: SA GAMMA...
  • March 4th SAAF Museum Flying Day 2018-03-03
    SAAF Museum Flying Day 2018-03-03 Once again the SAAF Museum hosted their monthly flying day at Airforce Base Zwartkop in Pretoria,with the theme...
  • March 1st Gates Learjet 35 RC Model
    Gates Learjet 35 RC Model The Learjet is an iconic plane that made history as the era of Private business jets started in the early 70’s. Aviatix...
  • February 23rd SANDF De Brug Weapons Capability Demonstration Feb 2018
    With the build up to the Armed forces day parade being held in Kimberley, the following day Wednesday the 21 February, much of the public have been...
  • February 20th Win a Tailor Made Fire Resistant Flight Suit
    And our Airwear Flight Suit winner is Tokkie Botes from Skeerpoort…. Congratulation Tokkie form Team Aviation Central.    If anyone requires...
  • February 20th The Aero Club Air Week
    Do you love Aviation, like we at Aviation Central do? If there is only a small bit of Yes in your thought now, then The Aero Club Air Week...
  • February 15th Armed Forces Day Kimberley 2018 Fan Park Launch.
      The 21st of February each year, Armed forces day is observed to celebrate the lives of the native labour contingent who died when the...
  • February 11th Rand Fun Rally 10 February 2018
    During the recent break in between the rains Gauteng has been having during the last couple of days, The South African Power Flying Association...
  • February 11th Poll – Sliver Falcons Formation 2018
    Silver Falcons Formation Swartkop 2018 To view the event on our Airshow calendar click here   To view the Facebook event page click here   To...
  • February 4th Updates to the SAAF Museum Airshow 2018
    Updates to the SAAF Museum Airshow 2018 This page is dedicated to the SAAF Museum airshow 2018 & Keeping you updated in what to expect and...
  • February 4th SAAF Museum Flight Training Day Feb 2018
    SAAF Museum Flight Training Day, Feb 2018 Plz Browse Advertisement(s) below to help keep us going! 03 January 2018 saw the 1st SAAF Museum Flight...
  • February 2nd South African Airforce Prestige Day Parade 2018
    Air Force Base Zwartkop in Pretoria hosted this years Prestige day parade  with the celebration of the South African Air force (SAAF) turning 98...
  • January 27th 2018 Armed Forces Day
    Armed Forces Day 2018 The 2018 Armed Forces Day (AFD) will take place in Kimberley, Northern Cape Province over the period of 15 and 21 February. Plz...
  • January 27th Gripen lands at Grand Central Midrand
    Grand Central airport which is the home to many flight schools and private aviation companies. Today the airport got a very big surprise when one of...
    I was Born in Durban on the 20th of December  1975 I went to Glenwood Junior Primary and then Parkview Senior Primary and then Westridge High. I am...
  • January 26th SAC Gauteng Regional Aerobatic Competition-Vereeniging
    Vereeniging  airfield situated to the south of Johannesburg, welcomed back 15 competitors to the field as the beginning of the years festivities of...
  • January 19th Puppy (Black-Hawk) update 2018
    The Puppy (Black-Hawk) update March 2018 From the owners mouth of this beautiful bird, Mark Jackson “We have flown the Hawk and she’s...
  • January 14th The life and times of Ivan van der Schaar
    The life and times of Ivan van der Schaar Ivan started by washing aircraft and today he is an Airline Pilot and has his very own aircraft training...
  • January 14th Our 2018 Sponsors
    “Our 2018 Sponsors” Big thank you to all! Please check out our sponsors below and support them as they support us to keep on bringing you...
  • January 9th How to become a Pilot in South Africa
    How to become a Pilot in South Africa How to become a Pilot in South Africa – Do you want to fly Airplanes? Ask yourself; what do you want...
  • January 9th Patrick Davidson
    Patrick Davidson, 35 Year old Port Elizabeth Aerobatic pilot Patrick Davidson, Port Elizabeth aerobatic pilot Patrick Davidson felt pretty special...
  • January 8th Johannesburg and Cape Town Route becoming more popular by the day!
    Johannesburg and Cape Town Route becoming more popular by the day! South African air corridor between Johannesburg and Cape town is becoming more and...
  • January 7th Do’s and Don’ts attending an Airshow
     Do’s and Don’ts Attending an Airshow This is just a small article on attending airshows in South Africa, the normal do’s and don’ts. Please...
  • January 2nd Best of 2017
    Best of 2017 In early December 2017 we requested you, our followers to send us your best photos of 2017, we did receive some pretty good photos....
2017 (31)
  • December 31st Advertising Opportunities on Aviation Central
    Advertising Opportunities on Aviation Central Good day We are excited to announce Advertising Opportunities on Aviation Central on our website...
  • December 19th Antonov An-124 at OR Tambo international Airport
    Antonov An-124 at OR Tambo international Airport10 Jan 2019 Antonov An-124 belonging to Volga Dnepr Airlines landed at OR Tambo international airport...
  • December 18th Jarryd Sinovich ( Hawk Eye )
    Jarryd Sinovich ( Hawk Eye ) Jarryd Sinovich ( Hawk Eye ), I was born in Johannesburg on the 20th July 1995.I attended Bedfordview Primary School...
  • December 15th Lettie van Emmenis ( Administration )
      Name: Lettie van Emmenis Age: 48 Full Time Job: Office Manager Town: Pretoria Camera: Oops How Did Your Passion For Aviation Start: The...
  • December 14th Flippie Van Emmenis ( Boss Man
    Flippie Van Emmenis ( Boss Man ) Flippie Van Emmenis ( Boss Man ), Born in Pretoria 1970, Grownup on the KZN coast, Durban, Richardsbay and...
  • December 11th Langebaanweg Airshow 2017
    Langebaanweg Airshow 2017 See it, Hear it and feel it was the theme of the 2017 Langebaanweg Airshow, When talk started of the beginning of the...
  • December 8th Best of 2017 photo album
    Best of 2017 photo album Due to requests from those on holiday, the deadline has been extended to 31st Dec 2017, MIDNIGHT **Final** As we are nearing...
  • December 8th Langebaanweg, Skies are getting busy!
    Langebaanweg, Skies are getting busy! Update: Midday Friday Capital Sounds setting up , Silver Falcons flew for the Wings Parade, Flying Lions...
    THE AVIATION ALPHABET (The Phonetic Alphabet) Plz Browse Advertisement(s) below to help keep us going! In the world of aviation, pilots and air...
  • December 6th Black Hawk “The Puppy” update Dec 2017
    Black Hawk “The Puppy” update Dec 2017 Progress update on the 1st BlackHawk helicopter (ex US Army) in South Africa To read our 1st article on...
  • December 5th Langebaanweg Airshow Program 09 Dec 2017
    Langebaanweg Airshow Program 09 Dec 2017 The most anticipated Airshow for the year 2017! For the past 50 years, the South African Air Force Silver...
  • December 4th The Pride of the nation, The Silver Falcons
    The Pride of the nation,  The Silver Falcons The Silver Falcons are the South African Air force official display team. The team of five Pilatus...
  • December 3rd SAAF Museum Flying Day 2017-12-02
    SAAF Museum Flying Day 2017-12-02 The South African Air Force Memorial is located at Swartkop. It contains a roll of honour of SAAF personnel who...
  • November 29th Just Love Mission The Journey of Little Annie
    Just Love Mission by Jarryd Just Love Mission The Journey of Little Annie The Antonov An-2 ,Russian nickname: “Annushka” or...
  • November 28th Langebaanweg Airshow, what to expect!
    Langebaanweg Airshow, what to expect! Langebaanweg Airshow, what to expect! With just over a week to go till what is to be the most awaited airshow...
  • November 26th Swartkop Warbirds fly-in
    Swartkop Warbirds fly-in 25 and 26 November saw the Military Radio Control club annual Warbirds fly-in at Swartkop Air Force base. Warbirds was to be...
  • November 24th The Show must go on!
    The Show must go on! By Flippie van Emmenis 3rd June 2017, It’s the Newcastle Airshow KZN 2017 and Ivan Van Der Schaar gets into his Boeing...
  • November 20th Gripen to break sound barrier at Langebaan Airshow
    Langebaan Airshow -By Jarryd Sinovich    **Please register on our site to leave your comments! Gripen to go supersonic at Langebaan Airshow 2017...
  • November 14th Large Scale Aerobatic Champs Howick 4th & 5th November 2017
      Large Scale Aerobatic Champs Howick 4th & 5th November 2017 Large Scale Aerobatic this weekend was at the Howick Model Flying Club which...
  • November 13th Advertising opportunity for Aviation Events
    Advertising opportunity for Aviation Events We are excited to announce that we will be making out Facebook cover image space available for organisers...
  • November 12th Radial Breakfast Fly inn 2017-11-11
    Radial Breakfast Fly inn 2017-11-11 Brakpan airfield situated in the south east rand is home to the Brakpan aero club which was established in...
  • November 12th SAAF Museum Flying Day 2017-11-04
    SAAF Museum Flying Day November 2017 by Jarryd Sinovich Air force Base Swartkops is one of the oldest air force bases in the world and is home to the...
  • November 12th Airshow of the Year 2017
    Aviation Central’s Flippie Van Emmenis and Lettie van Emmenis got invited to attend the 2017 The Aero Club of South Africa Gala awards dinner held...
  • November 12th Black Hawk arrived in South Africa
    History was made for Africa when the first ever Black Hawk arrived in South Africa, Mbombela last week, making it only the second one in history to...
  • November 12th Polokwane Airshow 2017
    Polokwane International Airport, formerly known as Pietersburg International Airport is located 5km north of the city of Polokwane in the Limpopo...
  • November 12th Orient Fly-In 2017
    Gliding is a recreational activity and competitive air sport, in which pilots fly unpowered aircraft known as gliders or sailplanes using naturally...
  • November 12th South African Airforce Aviation Awareness Day Eldorado Park
    On the 1st of September 2017 the South African Air force ‘SAAF’ hosted an aviation awareness day in Eldorado Park in Johannesburg West just near...
  • November 12th Bethlehem Airshow 2017
    Bethlehem Air Show to airshow regulars and display pilots is always known as the coldest airshow in South Africa.We arrived at Bethlehem Airport with...
  • November 12th 2017 World Aerobatic Championships
    Malelane, Mpumalanga, South Africa 9 – 17 September 2017 ________________________________________________________________ The Sport Aerobatic Club...
  • November 12th Rand Airshow 2017
    Aviation Central team members Flippie Van Emmenis, Trevor Viljoen and Jarryd Sinovich visited the Rand Air Show 2017 the past weekend – Review...
    WAC 2017 The skies above the picturesque town of Malelane in Mpumalanga will be filled with the sounds of aerobatic aircraft when the world’s best...


I was Born in Durban on the 20th of December  1975
I went to Glenwood Junior Primary and then Parkview Senior Primary and then Westridge High.
I am a Qualified Locksmith with over 20 years in the game

My Aviation Passion started when i was a very young boy ( which i think i was born with it some how) my mom use to take me to the Virginia Airshows every year and in those days we had the Silver Falcons in the Impala, Mirage F-1, Spitfire, Yak 3, BF-109, Safair C-130 and the SAA 747-400 and SP. Ones a year we would have the SAAF Air to Air camp at sea level where 15 Squadron would be full of Inpala MK1 & MK2, Mirage F1AZ & CZ, Mirage lllCZ & BZ and then came the Cheetah and in those weeks my eyes would be out the window watching them flying back to 15 Squadron and with my mom working for the news papers we got to go to 15 Squadron and walk around and meet some of the pilots like Maj Johan Venter as he landed with the F1AZ.

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My Favourite Airshow had to be the Virginia Airshow which was awesome and a lot of fun with fantastic memories but sadly its no more so it has to be AAD which is held every second year at Waterkloof Airforce Base and then The Adrenaline Show is close behind BUT just being at any airshow is simply awesome and great fun.

My most memorable moments was flying to and from a Margate Airshow with the Yak Display Team and of course just being at a airshow with family and friends is always a memorable moment and that is what makes a airshow.

I started building model aircrafts also at a young age, which i would only do SAAF Aircraft and Aircraft that i have seen on the ground or in the air AND THEN i was bitten by the world of RC Flying and with that came must be one of the best Christmas gift i have ever had and the was a Cessna 350 Corvalis from the lady ( Sharon ) that has made me into the man i am today and today after having sold a few, i have the Corvalis, MX2, Extra, Eagle 580 and a Super Cub which i fly from time to time and when the weather is right!

Aviation is me and that will never change as long as i am on this earth and i am very blessed to have a family and friends and a member of a fantastic team which is also family and i look forward to many more years with Team AC!

So from Me, i would like to wish all of you nothing but the very best for 2018 and hope its a safe and happy one and hope to see you during the 2018 Airshow Season.

God Bless                                    

Our 2018 Sponsors

“Our 2018 Sponsors”
Big thank you to all!

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The internet has become a mine field of weather information giving aviators a false sense that they have briefed themselves appropriately with weather information before their flights.

The aviator and aviation meteorologist have become strangers.  We aim to do thing differently.

We want to build a working relationship with the aviator, through our dedication to adding value to the planning phase of flights.

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Jarryd Sinovich ( Hawk Eye )

Jarryd Sinovich ( Hawk Eye )

Jarryd Sinovich ( Hawk Eye ), I was born in Johannesburg on the 20th July 1995.I attended Bedfordview Primary School from 2002-2008 and then attended Jeppe High School for Boys from 2009-2013.I started flying at the age of 16 and went solo at the age of 18 at Springbok Air Academy owned by Flippie Vermulen flying Cessna C150s to be more exact that being two C150s from the old Defence Flying Club which was based at AFS Zwartkop ZS-IOP and ZS-EZX. My hobbies consisted of flying, fishing, game viewing and photography. During my early days before I started flying I spent my weekends at Rand Airport in Germiston. Where I interacted with pilots, including Dennis Spence who took me for my first aerobatic flight in a Pitts Special. I also got to fly in some really exotic aircraft, A PBY Catalina being one of them, from a military point of view ,flying in my favorite SAAF helicopter an Oryx from 19 Squadron, Casa 212 and C130s.
I joined Aviation Central in May 2015,I have been following the page since January 2013,which kept up to date with airshows and other information aviation in South Africa. My first post was the 2015 Lowveld Nelspruit Airshow, which was very interesting for me as I had never done any article for any publisher. Today the Lowveld airshow is in the top three category for best airshow in South Africa. The country airshows are a favorite for me as you get interact more with pilots and the aircraft then the bigger airshows that one attends.
Before I mention anything else, let me tell you where it all started the bug I caught and could never get rid of it again. That bug was called Aviation. My dad came home from a trip to Cape Town, when I was at the age of 2,he bought for me a model of a 747.I didn’t know how to explain how happy and interested I was in that aircraft, I used to play with it day in and day out. Every time my parents went to the shop they had to buy me  a present, that present being another aero plane, over time I had a large collection of toy aircraft and then starting buying a magazine by the name of Aero Africa which I paged through to see the different aircraft pictures shown throughout the book. I then was taken to my first airshow at AFB Waterkloof in 1998,back then the show was known as DEXSA and today it is know as AAD.
During the late 90s the SAAF Museum hosted a number of flying days, which were more as airshow days, as the Museum had a large number of aircraft in flying condition at AFS Zwartkop in Pretoria. I was luck enough to go to a number of those flying days and remember seeing aircraft that we would not see flying in South Africa today. But being at Zwartkop was not just about seeing the aircraft flying, but the aircraft on static display, soaking up the art in the display halls, meeting the pilots, model display aircraft built by some of the best model fanatics out there, hearing the commentary of Brian Emmenis and probably the best lump in my throat moment would be, seeing a deadly delta behind Bays Hill screaming towards the display box.
We may not be spoilt in South Africa like other countries that have airshows with lots of warbirds and military aircraft on display, I have sure appreciated the presence of what we had, over the years I had the opportunity seeing Thunder City’s Jets, that being the Buccaneer, Lightning and Hawker Hunter. Menno Parsons in his P51 and T28 , Stu and Patrick Davidson in their Sea fury and P51 and Ron Wheeldon in his Hawker Hunters and T2 Buckeye.
It now being 2017,I have attended more than a 150+ airshows, seen people and aircraft come and go. Shared tears with others as we lost loved ones to tragic accidents, experienced some of the worlds best pilots showing off aircraft. My best airshow that I wish I could  go to one more time would be at Airforce Base Makhado, which held South Africa’s first ever Fighter Meet in 2005.The thunder in the sky from that day still gives me goosebumps. My worst airshow experience was the 2013 Secunda airshow, when Glen Dell crashed in his Extra 330.
There has been two new airshows that I have ticked off, that I attended this year that being the Matsieng airshow and Gaborone airshow in Botswana. I have one last Airshow that I will be going to with the mass SAAF participation and it being the 50th anniversary of the Silver Falcons Aerobatic team at AFB Langebaanweg on the Capes west coast.
I have so much more I can talk about in this short experience this bug has given me, I will continue doing what I love doing, and bring aviation to the world following Aviation Central and attending airshows until the day I die. Through the years there’s one person I would like to thank and for getting me this far and taking the time to take me to airshows ,my dad if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunities I have had.

Lettie van Emmenis ( Administration )


Name: Lettie van Emmenis
Age: 48
Full Time Job: Office Manager
Town: Pretoria
Camera: Oops
How Did Your Passion For Aviation Start: The Bossman
At What Age Did Your Love For Aviation Start: 42
What’s Your Favourite Current Airshow: Middelburg
What’s Your Favourite Airshow To Date: Matsieng
What’s Your Most Memorable Moments: Race for Rhinos Botswana




Flippie Van Emmenis ( Boss Man

Flippie Van Emmenis ( Boss Man )



Flippie Van Emmenis ( Boss Man ), Born in Pretoria 1970, Grownup on the KZN coast, Durban, Richardsbay and Empangeni.
I was introduced to RC flying in the 80’s while in primary school. My 1st RC Club was Zululand Aero Modelers. My Instructor at that time was Carl Enslin and what a great man he is!
My dad was my number 1 supporter and he was always there to support me with my interests.  He always helped me build my RC airplanes and accompanied me to the air fields, he assisted me with startup and help maintaining the Radio controlled aircraft flying.  At the Age of 15 in 1985, I flew RC at an Airshow that was hosted at Empangeni Airstrip, I again competed in 1986 at the Empangeni Airshow and the 1986 Richards bay Airshow. We moved to Pretoria in 1988 where I completed my last two years of schooling and was a member of the Rosslyn Aero Modelers RC Club.

Flippie van Emmenis

In 1990, just after completing school, I did my National Services (Army) and was called up to Youngsfield Army Base in Cape town. I was luckyvery lucky to be selected for the Skylift team and what an experience it was. We flew RC aircrafts for the Anti-Aircraft group for practice. Myself, Rob Hearn and Andrew Imrie were based at Lohatla, in the Northern Cape. We damaged/pranged more aircraft than what were shot down.

After my Army years, I started working at Telkom, called the Post Office at that time. I am still with Telkom and it is still my day job.
My Best Airshow ever was the SAAF75 held at Waterkloof AFB in 1995. My best Aviation Event Ever was the 2017 Race for Rhinos held at Sowa Pan! #ILoveBotswana and the most fun I had at an event was at the Durban Sky GP held at Durban North Beach!  My most loved small-town shows are the, Middelburg and Newcastle shows. On my bucket list to still attend is the Lowveld show in Nelspruit.  The ultimate experience would be to attend the The International Russian show called the MAKS in Moscow. I Attended in 1985 the South African World Masters Aerobatics Champs La Mercy held in Durban and the WAC 2017 held at Malelane.

My additional Hobbies are building model trains and observing wild life and just driving the open road.

My life as the Team lead of Aviation Central started in 2010 when I joined Aviation Central as n normal “Like” at that time. Aviation Central had at that stage about 260 likes and I ,as an Airshow fan, started commenting and posting. After a while, the owner at that time, Elan Hoffman, asked If I can assist him on the page and made an Administrator on the page. I had the time in hand that Elan did not have. With more posts and information on the Aviation Central page, the likes were growing and in 2013 we had 1600 likes, Elan contacted me again and handed owner ship over to me. By that time, I had already sourced/lined up John James to help me on the Page. Shortly after I was handed over the ownership, I started looking out for two more team Members to join us on Aviation Central. Soon after that I recruited/found Jarred and Trevor.  I want to send you a big thank you to my lovely wife, and AC Admin lady, Lettie, for supporting with my love of Aviation

The Aviation Central Team, Team AC, is a very dedicated team and backed by our Admin Lady Lettie (Also my stunning wife). I was given the Callsign “BossMan” by my team. I used to be the Guy onom my camping chair at an Airshow, or sitting next to an Airport, just looking at the aircraft!
Now, we are dedicated to bring Aviation, Aviation Events, Radio Controlled and the Real Deal to all Aviation Fans in South Africa. From the Guy Attend airshows, Plane spotters, RC guys, Aviation Support crews, Pilots and the Guy always looking up if a plane goes over… You are our biggest fans.

My hobby becomes my passion and my passion becomes my life. We are doing it for the love of Aviation and therefore our time we spend are free and with love.

Read about the rest of the Team….

Thank you all


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