Kroon Fly in 2018

Kroon Fly in 2018

8th Annual Fly-in was held at Kroon Airfield this weekend, 02 June and turnout was very good and the Breakfast was just amazing

We arrived just before sunrise and the team already had the fires going and getting ready for the Famous Kroon fly in breakfast.

The arrivals of the Aircraft were bit later than normal due to some airports being fogged in and VFR flights was delayed. Once they start coming, they just kept on coming and the fly in was well supported. ATC got busy at stages. Pierre v d Wald was responsible for ATC on the day and was supported by Dawie du Toit Safety for the day was Jacques Kroon. Marshalling was done by pupil pilots of Rosslyn Microflyers.

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54 Aircraft flew in and 8 local aircraft participated. 160 Breakfasts was sold. Local SAPS air-wing also stopped by for a quick breakfast.
Weather conditions and clear skies even allowed for some airliners to grace the skies at a distance towards the south heading west to east.

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If you are interested in Microlight flying, then contact Marius Nel at 0834196613

Kroon info

Kroon landing strip is 750m, excellent grass strip. Just to the South of the N4 highway to Rustenburg.
RW 11/29 (RW29 now have NO overhead power lines.)
The circuit is always to the North of the Runway, Lefthand for 11 and Righthand for 29
Freq: 124.8 (although we are South of the N4 Highway, our Circuit is to the North)
Circuit Alt: 4700ft for Trikes and 4900 for fix wings
Airfield Alt: 4330ft
Lats: 25°39’33.90″S
Longs: 28°00’00.00″E


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