Lindbergh Lodge Fly-in 2018

Lindbergh Lodge Fly-in 2018

Lindberg lodge Runway

Friday 19th October 6 aircraft, five From Eagle’s Creek and one from Rand airport flew to Lindbergh lodge for the Flyin weekend 19 to 21 October.  Aircraft that flew in ZU-FRX – SLING 2, ZU-LSA – Sportcruiser, ZA-IJL- Beech K35 V-tail Bonanza, ZU-FWB – Vans RV-10, ZS-KWN – Mooney M20J 20, ZS-KWN – Piper PA-28RT-201T

Diana Lindbergh, 3rd generation owner, decided to host the Flyin in Memory of her Dad that used to fly from to lodge all over, mainly to Lanseria where he had his little VW Beetle parked to do business in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Lindberg lodge

The 5 pilots and family that flew in the Friday spend the afternoon relaxing at the pool, then off to the Lapa for sunset drinks. Afterward we were treated to a fantastic dinner in a real old-fashioned English dining room, after some good chats, laughter and fun we all headed out to our rooms just before 11pm.

Lindberg lodge Flyin Lindberg lodge Flyin

Lindberg lodge Flyin

Saturday morning, we were joined by the last arrival and we had a lekker breakfast. This was followed by a short 2.8km walk into the bush and some drinks after the long walk followed by Lunch. Once again, all relaxed at the pool while we went for a game drive and surprisingly we got lost. After about two hours we got back to the lodge. Spend a short time with the others at the pool. About an hour before sunset we walked off to the Lapa again for sunset drinks, bonfire and a lekker braai. Tbone, Wors, Pap & sauce and salads followed by malva pudding.

Lindberg lodge Flyin

Sunday was up early, Lekker breakfast and the aircraft departed and landed safely at Eagle’s Creek and Rand airport.  We stated a while longer and went for another game drive with Doolie Lindberg.
We left Lindberg lodge at about 14:40 and drove back home.

Lindberg lodge Flyin

Lindberg Lodge Flyin

The Lodge was inactive for some time and now Doolie decided to go full out and get Getaway weekends going. Doolie is committed into smoothing out the Runway and sort out a few other minor issues. I must say Lindbergh lodge is a fantastic venue and hope to see more small aviation related events.   The next Aviation event is a Skydive event in January 2019. Aviation Central will attend the event.


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