Rand Fun Rally 10 February 2018

During the recent break in between the rains Gauteng has been having during the last couple of days, The South African Power Flying Association hosted a fun rally at Rand Airport just to the south of Johannesburg. The event saw a total of 30 participants including navigators taking part.


Rally Navigation Flying is a sport with a crew of two, a pilot and navigator.The objective is to fly a pre-determined course which is accurate to the second over turning points and recognize ground features from provided photographs and maps that are in a envelope the pilot receives on arrival to the event. This gives pilots great practice for navigational skills they can use.

Aircraft that took part varied from a little sports star LSA to a Cessna C172.Shane Britz and Karen Stroud took first place in the Jabiru ZU-FEP.Below show the results of all the competitors!


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