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The Flying Lions, Arnie’s Love story

The flying Lions, Arnie’s Love story

Arnie Meneghelli

The dream of one day owning a Harvard, (or Texan as it is more commonly known in its country of origin) was the product of my living and going to both primary and high school within a radius of 7 miles of Rand Airport in Germiston, South Africa.

Forty two Squadron was based at Rand Airport and in those early days of the 60’s, hundreds of Harvard’s were flown into Rand Airport, serviced and then test flown overhead the field. During those early formative years the seed of one day flying a Harvard was planted.

The chance to fulfill this dream came when the South African Air force decided to sell its large fleet of Harvard Trainers in 1994. We put in a tender and were awarded the first Harvard.

Two more Harvards followed within the next few years. We shared the hangar where Scully Levin kept his Pitts Specials. Not only is Scully a formidable formation and aerobatic pilot, he is also a person who is always ready to help a fellow pilot. It did not take long for the idea of a formation aerobatic team flying harvards to pop up. One thing led to another and the Flying Lions Aerobatic Formation Team was born.

The choice of pilots was most important. We had to have aerobatic formation pilots who fitted the bill as far as the flying went, but more important to consist of pilots who shared the same mental attitude or culture, discipline and passion.

The current pilots that were flying in Scully’s Shurlok Pitts Special Aerobatic Formation Team were ideal – I, in fact was the odd man out! So my training started in earnest and we eventually did our first display on the

4TH December 1999 at Kitty Hawk.

The quest for sponsors then began. We realized we were onto something good here. Harvards are noisy, large, they present well, and they have a nostalgic element about them with the South African public. Unfortunately, they also gulp fuel at an alarming rate!

Our expenses were rising and our pockets were emptying!

The brushware company, which I owned in those days, Academy Brushware (Pty) Ltd was the first obvious choice to support our team, but the burden was a heavy one.

Our next stroke of luck came when Peugeot started co-sponsoring our three-ship team on 1 March 2000.

In January 2001 BP fuels with their subsidiary Castrol became part sponsors with Peugeot and Academy Brushware. Later that year, they allowed us to negotiate a sponsorship with Nissan who were interested in giving us an overall sponsorship for the Harvards with full Nissan livery and no other branding.

This happened in January 2002, Nissan SA approached Peugeot and BP and took over their portion of the sponsorship, and in the meantime we had acquired another two Harvards.

This sponsorship lasted four and a half years and was a most successful one for both parties.

BP Ultimate with its subsidiary Castrol then regained full sponsorship of the Flying lions and this lasted until 2010. Our association with BP was in actual fact the longest even though it was intermittent but had lasted from January 2001 up until August 2010, approximately nine years.

In August 2010 we entered into a temporary sponsorship agreement with Cell C and were flying the Cell C 4G logo around the country.

This was a short term sponsorship which lasted for just over a year.

Then in the 2012 Eqstra took over the sponsorship and we ran for four years giving them a large amount of advertising for their brand and ending the sponsorship when they unbundled the company in 2016.


We then operated for a year and a half without sponsors keeping the aircraft flying with our own funds and engaging every potential sponsor, until, in December 2016, we did a display at a private lodge in the Skeerpoort valley and Puma Energy was there and were enthralled by what they saw.

The rest is history and we are now the Puma Flying Lions and have a magnificent relationship with Puma Energy. It is a forward thinking company that concentrates on high quality fuels and the manufacture, storage and distribution thereof. They are involved in the community which they serve not only at ground roots level but also in the environmental aspect where they sponsor the Race for Rhinos and Rhino 911 operations that take care of traumatized and orphan rhinos during anti-poaching operations.

The team displays a four ship formation choreography of loops in Vic, in line abreast and in line astern ,with barrel rolls and straight rolls while trailing smoke which is nontoxic oil burning in the aircraft’s exhausts. They are well known for their precision formation flying and their magnificent night display.


The Flying Lions Aerobatic Formation Team has successfully dovetailed vintage aircraft, formation aerobatics and marketing to the benefit of all. And what keeps this all together and ticking is the passion of the pilots and the people behind the scenes that form part of a larger team.

Arnie Meneghelli

Border Aviation Open Day 2018

Border Aviation Open Day 2018

By Bradley Rutters

My name is Bradley Rutters and I am a aviation photographer in the Eastern Cape. This past weekend (the 30th of June) there was a aviation open day held by Border Aviation Club and Flight School at Wings Park. Not only were there a few Border Aviation aircraft on display, but there was also a Fly – Inn held on the same day and altogether there were around 32 fixed wing aircraft and 2 helicopters. It was amazing to see the variety of aircraft that were on display, ranging from a Jabiru to a Sling 2. Seeing as though I’m a member of Border Aviation Club I did my duty and I worked from 8:30-11:00 where I helped load passengers for the family flights hosted by Border Aviation. This was an incredibly fun event, and I really enjoyed taking the photo’s there.

Click to enlarge photos below



Kroon Fly in 2018

Kroon Fly in 2018

8th Annual Fly-in was held at Kroon Airfield this weekend, 02 June and turnout was very good and the Breakfast was just amazing

We arrived just before sunrise and the team already had the fires going and getting ready for the Famous Kroon fly in breakfast.

The arrivals of the Aircraft were bit later than normal due to some airports being fogged in and VFR flights was delayed. Once they start coming, they just kept on coming and the fly in was well supported. ATC got busy at stages. Pierre v d Wald was responsible for ATC on the day and was supported by Dawie du Toit Safety for the day was Jacques Kroon. Marshalling was done by pupil pilots of Rosslyn Microflyers.

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54 Aircraft flew in and 8 local aircraft participated. 160 Breakfasts was sold. Local SAPS air-wing also stopped by for a quick breakfast.
Weather conditions and clear skies even allowed for some airliners to grace the skies at a distance towards the south heading west to east.

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If you are interested in Microlight flying, then contact Marius Nel at 0834196613

Kroon info

Kroon landing strip is 750m, excellent grass strip. Just to the South of the N4 highway to Rustenburg.
RW 11/29 (RW29 now have NO overhead power lines.)
The circuit is always to the North of the Runway, Lefthand for 11 and Righthand for 29
Freq: 124.8 (although we are South of the N4 Highway, our Circuit is to the North)
Circuit Alt: 4700ft for Trikes and 4900 for fix wings
Airfield Alt: 4330ft
Lats: 25°39’33.90″S
Longs: 28°00’00.00″E


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Aero Weather

Aero Event Weather by Aero Weather 

This page is dedicated to informing you about the weather forecast for a coming weekend, Weather information proudly provided by Aero Weather. For more detailed weather or weather for other locations please contact Aero Weather at, Deon standing by to assist you!

AIRFIELD FORECAST Ballito – 26/05/2018

DATE 26/05/2018
SYNOPSIS The surface high pressure shifts eastwards, with low cloud trapped seaward of the escarpment. Low cloud advances as far north as Hoedspruit.
03Z 21005KT >10km NIL 6/8 SC FL015 FL035 17/15 1021
06Z 27004KT >10km -RA 7/8 SC FL015 FL050 18/15 1023
09Z 08005KT >10km -RA 6/8 SC FL015 FL050 21/16 1022
12Z 07009KT >10km -RA 7/8 SC FL015 FL050 21/16 1020
15Z 05011KT >10km -RA 7/8 SC FL015 FL050 20/17 1020
18Z 03010KT >10km -RA 7/8 SC FL015 FL050 20/17 1021
21Z 03010KT >10km NIL 5/8 SC FL015 FL050 19/17 1021
24Z 02009KT >10km NIL 5/8 SC FL015 FL035 19/17 1020
DATE 26/05/2018
ROUTE Inbound from inland
SYNOPSIS A surface high pressure pushes low cloud in south of the escarpment with very low bases where terrain rises.
SIGNIFICANT WEATHER Bases too low in rain to approach from the north – only low level along the coast may by flyable.

AERO WEATHER (PTY) LTD Reg 2014/118701

For a detailed enroute forecast, please send an email to



DATE 26/05/2018 (Afternoon)
ROUTE Outbound towards KZN and Mpumalanga.
SYNOPSIS A surface high pressure forces low cloud in over areas seaward of the Drakensberg and Nelspruit escarpment.
SIGNIFICANT WEATHER Rain and low base south of the Drakensberg (IFR only). FAKN Mountains closing in after 1500 local.
DATE 26/05/2018
ROUTE Outbound towards Northern Cape, Free State, Limpopo, NW and Eastern Cape
SYNOPSIS A surface trough extends from Upington to Port Elizabeth, with limited amounts of altocumulus above FL120 over N Free State, NW and Gauteng.
DATE 26/05/2018
ROUTE Outbound towards Western Cape
SYNOPSIS A cold front is present just south of Cape Town, with isolated rain showers in places south and west of Laingsburg.
SIGNIFICANT WEATHER Mountains obscured in cloud south of Laingsburg.

AERO WEATHER (PTY) LTD Reg 2014/118701

For a detailed enroute forecast, please send an email to

Matsieng AIRFIELD FORECAST FBMA (3320ft)  25-27/05/2018

DATE 25/05/2018
SYNOPSIS A surface high pressure south of the country forces low level cloud inland south of the South African escarpment. The escarpment prevents the cloud from moving in north of the Orange River and Drakensberg, leaving the interior clear.
03Z 31003KT >10km NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 15/02 1018
06Z 26003KT >10km NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 16/02 1020
09Z 27004KT >10km NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 25/00 1019
12Z 25005KT >10km NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 28/-4 1015
15Z 22006KT >10km NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 26/-4 1015
18Z 19005KT >10km NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 20/-6 1017
21Z 20003KT >10km NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 19/-5 1018
24Z 22003KT >10km NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 16/-5 1018
DATE 26/05/2018
SYNOPSIS The surface high pressure shifts eastwards, with low cloud trapped seaward of the escarpment. Low cloud advances as far north as Hoedspruit.
03Z VRB02KT >10km NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 14/-5 1018
06Z VRB02KT >10km NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 17/-4 1021
09Z 36003KT >10km NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 26/-3 1020
12Z 33004KT >10km NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 28/-3 1016
15Z 10003KT >10km NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 25/-1 1016
18Z 06004KT >10km NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 20/-3 1018
21Z 36004KT >10km NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 19/-3 1019
24Z 35004KT >10km NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 16/00 1020
DATE 27/05/2018
SYNOPSIS A surface high pressure moves in over Mpumalanga, with morning low cloud expected to the east of a line from Gauteng to Ellisras.
03Z 04003KT >10km NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 14/03 1021
06Z 03003KT >10km NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 16/04 1022
09Z 03005KT >10km NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 23/06 1021
12Z 33005KT >10km NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 28/02 1018
15Z 04003KT >10km NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 26/02 1017
18Z 05004KT >10km NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 21/01 1020
21Z 36004KT >10km NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 18/02 1021
24Z 35003KT >10km NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 17/02 1021

AERO WEATHER (PTY) LTD Reg 2014/118701

For a detailed enroute forecast, please send an email to

DATE 25/05/2018
ROUTE Inbound from Gauteng
SYNOPSIS A surface high pressure pushes low cloud in south of the escarpment with clear weather north of Lesotho.
DATE 25/05/2018
ROUTE Inbound from Free State
SYNOPSIS A surface high pressure pushes low cloud in south of the escarpment with clear weather north of Lesotho.
DATE 27/05/2018
ROUTE Outbound towards Gauteng
SYNOPSIS A surface high pressure causes some low cloud over parts of Limpopo and Mpumalanga in the morning.
SIGNIFICANT WEATHER Morning cloud only seaward of escarpment.
DATE 27/05/2018
ROUTE Outbound towards Free State
SYNOPSIS A surface high pressure causes some low cloud over parts of Limpopo and Mpumalanga in the morning, but clear weather to the west of the Vaal Dam.
SIGNIFICANT WEATHER Morning cloud only seaward of escarpment.

AERO WEATHER (PTY) LTD Reg 2014/118701

For a detailed enroute forecast, please send an email to


Kishugu Lowveld Airshow 2018

Kishugu Lowveld Airshow 2018

Friday, Midday our journey to Nelspruit in the Lowveld started by road from Gauteng, the Team for the Weekend was, Flippie & Lettie van Emmenis and Jarryd Sinovich. We got to Nelspruit Airport at about 16:00 and did our accreditation with the friendly Monica Fourie, once done we went to checking Sheba Rock Guest House our accommodation for the weekend. This was followed by a 780m quick trip to the Mini Boss music festival, this festival started with Brian Emmenis and Willem Botha arriving and a Robinson R44 shortly followed by the Flying Lions doing a sunset display before the music started. During the evening a hot air balloon did some night glows adding to the amazing atmosphere. The artists for the evening was and Willem Botha, Touch of Class and Bok van Blerk

Touch of Class

Bok van Blerk

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After a fun filled night before at Minibos,we were up early and we  had the Hot Air balloons up and about filling the early morning skies above Nelspruit.Nelspruit Airport was originally the only airfield serving the region. For commercial flights, it has mainly been replaced by the new Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport.Today the airfield still has the Lowveld Aero Club where many pilots learned to fly including airshow display pilot Ivan van der Schaar. Compare to last year we were blessed with beautiful airshow weather and the days program flowed smoothly.The theme for this years show was ‘Rock The Runway’.

The show started with a Para drop from ‘Little Annie’ AN2 flown by Jon-Marc-Hill and a SAAF Casa 212 from 44 Squadron AFB Waterkloof,both had civilian skydivers and SANDF skydivers including the SAAF Golden Eagles Parachute Team. Different Harley Davidsons were part of the Cavalcade as the skydivers cam into land.Lowveld Radio Control Club flew their aerobatic RC aircraft,while a Kit fox showed off the aircraft versatility .The Bathawk showed why it can be such a great asset to tackling Rhino-Poaching in the Kruger National Park and other private reserves around the country .Airlink provided an Embraer E190 with two beautiful displays during the day.

High energy aerobatics from Team Extreme flying the MX2,Sbach,Extra 300 and Extra 330,led by SAA Training Captain Nigel Hopkins who also led the Goodyear Eagles flying Pitts S2Bs.It was the debut of the CHOC Cows Aerobatic team led by Scully Levin and also leading the Puma Flying Lions.Another airshow debut in his new colour scheme was Neville Ferreira in his Kitty Hawk based Slick 540.During the end of the program most display teams formed up in major formation which really isn’t seen at airshows in South Africa to often. Little Annie was then put through its paces in a solo display flown by Jason Beamish and Jon-Marc Hill. Ivan van der Schaar flew his Boeing Stearman with gentle aerobatics.

Capital Sounds were present from their busy schedule coming up, they’re provided the show with music from producer Ricky Fouche and commentary  from Brian Emmenis ,Elvis Manene and Leon Du Plessis,making sure the public had information on aircraft and the pilots present.line technicians Phillip Smith, Elvis Manene, Eric Nkomo and Wesley van Zyl, who also raced Little Annie on takeoff with the Yamaha sponsored scooter where Wesley was blown away!.

The South African Air force was present with a 2 Squadron JAS39D Gripen operating out of AFB Makhado flown by Major Mohau ‘Doberman’ Vundla and Navigator Marc ‘Bluebird’ Wilson.The 44 Squadron Casa 212 was used as a jump ship for the SANDF skydivers.A lonely 19 Squadron Oryx helicopter was on standby if any incidents had to occur during the day, it was used when a SANDF skydiver had trouble with his canopy and landed in a field not to far from the airshow center. The Ground Liaison Officer for the SAAF aircraft flying wads Major Ashley ‘Sensei’ Naxhe who now flies the Casa 212.

Working on fire had a number of aircraft flying during the show,this including a syncro drop from four AT802s and four Hueys .They’re were called out to go put a raging fire out on the outskirts of Nelspruit. The Airshow debut of the first civilian Blackhawk in South Africa ,what a great helicopter to see flying. We also saw to great displays from Danie Terblanche in the Robinson R66 and Juba Jourbert in the Aerospatiale Gazelle who also raced a Jaguar F-type and a super charged Range Rover Sport in a relay race.

Johan Heine, Chairman of the Lowveld Air Show and Safety director Francois ‘Hosepipe’ Hanekom made sure the show flowed smoothly .Kishugus Monica Fourie and Naranda Leewner kept Aviation Central with any news and regarding the show itself and providing us with great hospitality,we thank you.

The show ended with a dusk display from the Puma Flying Lions and Fireworks lighting the night sky up, this was another great Lowveld Airshow complete the rest of the night we were rocked away from the rock band.





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Flippie van Emmenis:

After many years of obstacles and barriers I finally get to attend the Lowveld Airshow, I had rather high expiations of the show as I followed reviews of the all the Lowveld airshows I missed in the past. This was the one South African airshow I recommended to everyone is the one that was not to be missed and they did not disappoint, Well-done to the Team at Kishugu, Brian Emmenis and all the Pilots and Support crews for this amazing weekend.  Your show and hospitality was top class!

Jarryd Sinovich: 

.What a great show,. Really enjoyed seeing the Blackhawk for the first time, see you all next  year…

Our next Airshow we are attending will be the Matsieng Airshow and Fly-in in Botswana 26 May 2018.

SAAF Museum Airshow Program

SAAF Museum Airshow Program

The Program is divided into two, Morning and Afternoon. The Program can change at any time due to Aircraft and / or Pilot availability.

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Morning Program

Slot TimeAir Display ItemAircraft Type
8:15C130 - SAAF Band ExitC130
8:30Golden Eagles ParadropCasa 212
8:45Opening CeremonyCavalcade
9:00CAF Opening Address Oryx/A109 Flags
9:30Museum Aircraft FlypastMuseum Aircraft
9:40Cessna 185C 185
10:00Nashua ExtraExtra 300L
10:15Tiger MothDH82A
10:30The Cows Pitts TeamPitts S2
10:45Alouette DisplayAlo-II and Alo-III's
11:00Red Bull AerosSbach 342
11:30Syncrho HarvardsMuseum Harvards
11:45Team XtremeExtra 330/Sbach
12:10Flash Mob and RC JetsRC Vampire

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Afternoon Program

Slot TimeAir Display ItemAircraft Type
12:20Mini War Various
13:00Aerobatics Unlimited L-29L-29
13:15Puma Car DropPuma/Oryx
13:30Red Bull AerosSbach 342
13:45Little AnnieAn-2
14:00Goodyear Pitts TeamPitts Specials
14:15Randolph Boeing StearmanStearman
14:30Angel Kudu and ParadropTurbo Kudu
14:45PC-7 Astra SoloPC-7 Astra
15:00Unlimited AerobaticsExtra 330
15:15Harvard FormosMuseum/HCSA
15:30Puma Flying LionsLions Harvards
15:45HawkHawk 120
16:00Team ExtremeExtras/Sbachs
16:15L-39 AlbatrossL-39
16:45C-130-Angel WingsC130
17:00Gripen - FlaresGripen

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Aircraft Marshalling

Aircraft Marshaller

A person trained to direct by visual or other means the movement of aircraft on the ground, into and out of landing, parking or hovering points. Also called aircraft guide.

Marshalling is one-on-one visual communication and a part of aircraft ground handling. It may be as an alternative to, or additional to, radio communications between the aircraft and air traffic control. The usual equipment of a marshaller is a reflecting safety vest, a helmet with acoustic earmuffs, and gloves or marshalling wands–handheld illuminated beacons.

At airports, the marshaller signals the pilot to keep turning, slow down, stop, and shut down engines, leading the aircraft to its parking stand or to the runway. Sometimes, the marshaller indicates directions to the pilot by driving a “Follow-Me” car (usually a yellow van or pick-up truck with a checkerboard pattern) prior to disembarking and resuming signalling, though this is not an industry standard.

At busier and better equipped airports, marshallers are replaced on some stands with a Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS), of which there are many types.

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The role of the Aircraft Marshaller is an important element of managing the aircraft in the vicinity of the ramp. The aircraft Marshaller provides the essential visual link to assist the flight crew in positioning the aircraft correctly.

The responsibility for the safe operation of the aircraft on the ground rests with the flight crew, however the ground crew including Marshaller’s have a duty of care to provide the flight crew with the correct guidance information.

In addition to ensure that the possibility of accidental damage is mitigated with the use of best practice behaviour at all times.

The usual equipment of a Marshaller is a reflecting safety vest, a helmet with acoustic earmuffs, and gloves or marshalling wands, handheld illuminated beacons.

*This article is based on international standards and may differ slightly from hose used in Southern Africa

Aircraft Marshalling

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Helicopter Marshalling


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2018 Airshow Aircraft, Pilots and Teams

2018 Airshow Aircraft, Pilot and Teams

Every year we see Airshows across Southern Africa. Some teams we see at every show and others we don’t see that often. Aircraft we get L29 & 39’s to Gripen and Cheetah, From Harvard’s and Pitts Specials to Little Annie. The Military aircraft is always a winner at any airshow.

Every 2nd Year with AAD, we all hold thumbs and our breath in hope for some international aircraft, however due to South Africa being on the most southern tip of Africa the cost to bring aircraft to SA is very costly and not always feasible. We are hoping for something spectacular with AAD2018, however our, Aviation Central’s hope is on 2020.

2020 is a big year for Aviation in South Africa. The Aero Club of South Africa and South African Air force will be turning 100 years old. At this stage only the Aero club indicated interest in Centenary celebrations and planning is already in progress. We will Keep you updated on any Centenary celebration planning!

The lists below is 1st, Display Pilots and Teams and the 2nd list is for Aircraft listed per Airshow for 2018. We will be running a list for every year from now on!

Popular Display teams, Puma Energy Flying Lions, The Cows Aerobatic team, GoodYear Eagles Aerobatic team, The Silver Falcons Aerobatic Team and the High Energy Team Xtreme are some of the popular display teams on our Airshow circuit

Southern Africa also has some Farther’s and Son’s flying in Airshows, Larry and Jason Beamish, Mark and Jon-Marc, Scully and Ellis Levin, Derick and Nigel Hopkins.

Also see our Airshows and other Aviation Events Calendar

If you feel we missed any Airshow, Team, Pilot or Aircraft, please let us know, or

Important Notice:

We will only add Aircraft as we get conformation to the buildup of an show, this the listing my not be complete when its added prior to show date!
Where Aircraft is added prior to an Event, does not guarantee that all aircraft is added nor that all Added aircraft will be flying!

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Teams & Aircraft

Aircraft / TeamsErmeloSwartkopLowveldMatsiengNewcastleRand ArishowBethlehemAAD218Total 2018
Flying Lions4444420
Goodyear Eagles3432315
Team Extreme4440214
Fying Cows44412
SAAF Gripen13116
Kishugu AT82145
Boeing Stearman111115
Extra 33SC111115
Hot Air Balloon314
Kishugu Huey44
Museum Harvard44
Raptors RVs44
Slick 54011114
Extra 3001113
Little Annie An21113
SAAF Hawk MK1233
Aerospatiale Gazelle1113
SAAF Oryx1113
Harvard Solo22
Museum Alouette II22
Museum AlouetteIII22
Museum Cessna 18522
SAAF Museum Puma22
SAAF Rooivalk22
SAAF A109112
Sbach Solo112
AerospatialeAlouette II11
AerospatialeAlouette III11
Boeing 73711
Embraer 19011
Impala MK1 ZU-IMP11
Museum Bosbok11
Museum Kudu11
Museum Patchen Explorer11
Museum Vampire11
PC7-MKII Solo11
Police P6 Porter11
SAAF C130-BZ11
Slick 36011
Tiger Moth11

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Pilots (to be updated)


WesBank Botswana International Air Show (Matsieng)

WesBank Botswana International Air Show (Matsieng)

This is defiantly an must attend airshow, Fly-in, Drive in or Just pop in for the day, Just be there!

The Botswana Airshow to be held at Matsieng Aerodrome (FBMA) in Botswana on 26 May 2018 is not only about having a tremendous day of fun and excitement for aviation enthusiasts all over Southern Africa.
All the proceeds, after accounting for all costs of presenting the event, is donated to local charities and worthy social institutions.
The organisers of Botswana Airshow 2018 would like to express its gratitude to the many sponsors, benefactors, participants and the visiting public which all contribute towards making the Botswana Airshow a success for seven consecutive years and we are all looking forward to welcoming everybody on 26 May at Matsieng Aerodrome for Botswana Airshow 2018.
Let us all make a special effort to have great fun and excitement while knowing that proceeds go for very worthy charitable causes.

Gates open at 08h00 and the show will finish at 17h00

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Tickets Sales

Ticket: P120 (Adult) / P60 (6-17 years)

(Free for children under 6 accompanied by paying Adult)

 VIP Tickets are available. Tickets include:

  • VIP Access to Airshow Grounds
  • VIP Parking Access (Including Security guards) VIP Shuttle service to VIP tent and back to VIP Parking.
  • Free Delivery of VIP tickets before Airshow Date Free drinks (Beer/Wine/Soft drinks/Water) and cash bar for liquor other than beers and wine.
  • Exclusive viewing deck next to airstrip
  • Free Snacks throughout the day
  • Free Lunch

 Price: P1200

For VIP Tickets please contact us for more information or buy them online on

Available at all Computicket Outlets Shoprite / Checkers / OK Furniture

Camping for the weekend

Please note: Camping is strictly for pilots flying in with their registered passengers. NO PUBLIC CAMPING!!!!!!

Accommodation options for two nights

P220.00 p/p/p/night – you bring your own tent, mattress, pillow and bedding (the cost includes entry tickets for the Air Show on Saturday)
P360.00 p/p sharing p/night (2-man tent provided – you bring your own mattress, pillow and bedding) – IMPORTANT: Tents provided for people not sharing will be charged at the full amount of P800 p/night. (the cost includes an entry ticket for the Air Show on Saturday)
P545 p/p sharing p/night (2-man tent provided + matrass and bedding)
P600 p/p sharing p/night (2-man tent provided + bed, matrass and bedding)

Booking for all options are essential.

Pula/Rand rate will be fixed at the rate of R1.30 for P1.00

Please contact for more information.
Fly-in, information go to

Ground Layout

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Matsieng Airshow 26 May 2018

Participating aircraft:

09:00 Opening: Pierre Jacobs/ Hot Air Balloon
09:30 Botswana Skydive Parachute Drop
10:00 Slick 360 Conrad Botha
10:15 Boeing Stearman- Ivan van der Schaar
10:45 Pitts Special Formation: Good Year Eagles
11:00 Slick 540 Neville Ferreira
11:15 T5 Harvard’s- Puma Energy Flying Lions
11:30 L29 Albatross Jet- Glen Warden
11:45 EXTRA330SC- Nigel Hopkins
12:00 Team X-treme- Nigel, Mark H, Mark S, Jason
12h15 Bell 407 Altech Netstar Alister Brown
12:30 Antonov AN2 Little Annie- Mark Hill
12:45 Raptors RV-Formation- Pierre Gouws
13:00 Extra 300- Absolute Aviation- Jason Beamish
13:15 R44 Helicopter True North Aviation/I-CAT
13:30 Extra 300LP- Andrew Blackwood-Murray
13:45 Botswana Skydive Parachute Drop
13:55 CHARITY Handover Ceremony
14:00 Botswana Model Aircraft- Thero Matenge
14:15 EXTRA330SC- Nigel Hopkins
14:30 R22 Helicopter- Danie Terreblanche
15:00 Aerospatiale SA316 Alouette 11&111 Helicopter- Juba/Rob
15h15 Slick 540 Neville Ferreira
15:30 Raptors RV-Formation
16:00 L29 Albatross Jet- Glen Warden(Vlam)
16:10 Air-Tractor- True North Aviation
16:30 Pitts Special Formation: Good Year Eagles
16:45 Magni Gyrocopter- Matthew Zalewski
17:00 Team X-treme- Nigel, Mark H, Mark S, Jason
17:30 T5 Harvard’s- Puma Energy Flying Lions
17:45 R22- Danie Terreblanhe
18:00 CLOSE


EAA Convention & AGM 2018 at FAVY

27 April – 29 April 2018
Vryheid Airfield, KwaZulu Natal

The EAA of SA is pleased to be hosted by Vryheid Wings Club for our 2018 Covention.
As we will be planning the required facilities based on the expected participation, we ask that you please register your intentions in order that we can plan as best possible for your needs.

This year, we wil include an Air Display, great Information Forums, Competitions and an opportinuty to socialise with fellow members and aviation enthusiasts. We would like to make all the arrangements, and ensure that we plan for your participation as best possible. In order for us to do this, we would appreciate you indicating your intentions by pre-registering. This allows us the opportunity to plan for catering, space, camping, etc.
All persosn involved in aviation are welcome to participate but if you are an EAA member and you pre-regist for this event and you attend, you will also be entered into the lucky draw for a trip to Oshkosk camping experience with AAT. T&Capply.

Goodyear Eagles Aerobatic Team Display scheduled for

Saturday 28 April

Win a Trip to Oshkosh Camping Experience

In return for registering , you will be rewarded with a lucky draw entry ticket and stand a chance to win a trip to Oshkosh.

Join in the Rally

Contestants will all get a goodie bag and top places will win a range of prizes !

Spot Landing

Show us your best landing and stand a chance to won a great prize.

Sign up to have your Aircraft Judged

This is not just for the prestige of knowing that your aircraft has been assembled immaculately but also

The Flying Club/Airfield with the Best attendance will also win an award for the Airfield

In addition to the Chapter with the best attendance, a prize will be awarded to the best attending Airfield/Club.

Please don’t forget to Register so that we know you will be attending

Please Register Online so that we can plan accordingly. There are no existing facilities in place for this event. We will gladly put all that is required in place, however we really need you to let us know when you are joining us please.

Will be issued for this event. Air Traffic Control will be in place on Friday afternoon and Saturday. Details will be communicated closer to the event.

Don’t forget to bring along your own chocks and tie downs. We will update on our view of the weather closer to the event, however all pilots should ensure that they are aware of the weather for their route !

EAA AMO, Skyworx has committed to being at the venue in case assistance is required. Basic services will be facilitated.

Fuel will be supplied at the Airfield including Avgas and Mogas (on request) at this stage. Fuel will be available at a discounted rate

Draft Programme

Remember our events are open to everyone however you need to be an EAA member to place in the Aircraft Judging Competition or be entered into the Oshkosh Competition.

Friday 27th April 2018

All day Arrivals
12h30 Young Eagles flights
17h30-22h00 Casual dinner braai
ATC will be in operation on Friday afternoon

Saturday 28th April 2018

All day Arrivals
ATC in operation from 08h00-17h 00
07h00-11h00 Breakfast
08h30 Official Opening by EAA President
08h45-15h00 Fun Rally (briefing from 08h45 and flights depart from 09h30/10h00)
09h30-15h00 Aircraft Judging Contest
10h00-15h00 Information Forums with guest speakers
11h15-12h30 Spot Landing Contest for non Rally entrants
12h00-15h00 Casual lunch available at the airfield
15h00- 16h00 Air Display by the Goodyear Eagles Aerobatics Team
16h00 -17h00 AGM for EAA Members
17h00-18h30 Free time
18h30-19h00 Dinner arrivals at Airfield
19h00-23h00 Awards Dinner including EAA National Awards, Fun Rally, Spot Landing & Aircraft Judging Awards.

Sunday 29th April 2018

07h00-11h00 Breakfast available at the airfield
Departures. Members are welcome to stay on and depart at leisure. No ATC in operation

Flying Activities

Apart from an awesome GoodYear Eagles Aerobatic Air Display on Saturday, we also have the following lined up and trust that you will indicate your participation on the sign up form :

  • EAA Young Eagles activity with local selected scholars on Friday afternoon
  • Adventure Rally on Saturday
  • Spot Landing Contest
  • Information Sharing and Interesting Forums
  • Aircraft Judging Competition
  • Static Aircraft Displays (they can fly but they will be on the ground for you to admire !)

We already have a number of aircraft committed and you can expect to see – Bathawk to Bearhawk, Navion, L29, Dakota, Pitts Special, Bell Classic 1947 and many more…. let us know about your special aircraft.

Young Eagles Program on Friday 27th April 12h30-

Vryheid High School has been approached and learners will be selected based on academic merit. The school was happy to receive us as a career guidance session yesterday, where Karl Jensen was asked to speak to the group of students. There were lots of questions and a lot of interest shows.

Ladies Activity

For the ladies that would like to be involved in assisting with a dinner décor, there will be a small craft area set up for them to work from 10h00-15h00 preparing the table centre pieces.

The aim is to auction these off during dinner in order to raise funds for the Vryheid SPCA. While we appreciate that not everyone may want to return home in their aircraft with “table décor”, the works will be unique and the aim is for the ladies to relax and enjoy some craft work, a few glasses (bottles) of wine.

Come on ladies, join in !

Accommodation & Transport

Lists of accommodation establishments have been issued and are available on the EAA website.

Camping facilities are available at the Airfield with suitable ablution facilities. Please let us know if you are coming along and camping so that we can ensure that there are sufficient facilities in place.


Local transport to / from accommodation establishments in the town will be available at a nominal fee.

Here’s your chance to grab a seat on a Rovos Rail DC 3! Seats are limited to 20 passengers, so get your booking in early!! A donation towards costs of only R 1 250 gets you your seat on this classic aircraft.
Flight will depart from Rand Airport on Friday 27th April and return Sunday 29th April. This is a long weekend – so no excuse you have to work!
To book your seat please email Neil


BRAAI AT THE VRYHEID AIRFIELD ON FRIDAY EVENING On Friday evening 27th April, the Clubhouse will be catering for this as part of a welcome to all attendees. This will start at 17h00 at an estimated cost of R150.00 pp (To Be Confirmed). They will cater accordingly to the arrivals we expect.

Please register and book for the Awards Dinner on Saturday evening. This will take place at the Airfield at this stage. Exact cost to be confirmed. The estimated cost is expected to be R300 per person. Once the cost is communicated, you will have an opportunity to confirm by making payment.
Airfield catering will be available Friday afternoon and Saturday