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2018 Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day 2018

The 2018 Armed Forces Day (AFD) will take place in Kimberley, Northern Cape Province over the period of 15 and 21 February.

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On 21 February, each year, Armed Forces is observed to commemorate the lives of the native labour contingent who died when the troopship, SS Mendi sank off the English coast in 1917.

The Armed forces will be mobilised from various parts of the country to Kimberley between 8 and 14 February in preparation for the AFD event. Some 6000 troops, 41 aircraft, 222 specialised vehicles and 60 motor bikes will take part in the event.

The Airforce will display various aircraft type including Gripen, Hawk, C-130, CASA 212, King Air, Rooivalk, A109 and BK117 as well as PC-7 trainers and the Silver Falcons aerobatic display team from Langebaan.

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The opening ceremony, services villages, divisions villages, career village and sport events will happen at the Ar Abass Sports Stadium. The final event on the 21st will be the wreath laying ceremony at the WW1 memorial in Du Toitspan road and the and parade through the street if Kimberly.

The Capability Demonstration and Night Shoot will take place at De Brug, to the west of Bloemfontein.

On the 18th the event will be open to the public and around 5000 members are expected. The 20th will be for invited guest only.

Kimberley was chosen as host city for the event because there is a number of army bases in in the town that can provide logistical support to all the troops and vehicles. The aircraft however will operate from Bloemspruit Air Force Base as Kimberley has no suitable venue where the demonstration could be hosted.

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During the weeks celebrations, a number of events will be held at various venues:

  • The will also be career hosted and interested individuals can visit the center and enquire about careers in the Armed Forces – Ar Abass Sports Stadium 
  • Music events at various schools between 12 – 15 Feb
  • Fan park at Ar Abass Sports Stadium 15 Feb
  • Sporting activities and Clinics at De Beers Galeshewe Stadium, formerly known as King George Sports Ground , between 16 – 20 Feb
  • Music events Mittah Seperepere Convention Centre 17th
  • Inter Faith Church services Mittah Seperepere Convention Centre 18th

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19 to 20 February 2018 the roads will be closed from 09:00 for the rehearsals.

  • Memorial Road at the Monument.
    Carrington Road at Dalham Road.
    Lennox Street. (Must confirm where the road is to be closed.)
    Du Toitspan/Main Road between Hercules, Lennox and Regiment Way.
    Pniel Road between Stokroos Street and Old Barkly Road. (15 to 21 February 2018.)
    Todd and Harley Street.
    All roads connecting to Du Toitspan and Main Road.

Please take note:

  • Access to the hospitals in the area of the parade to be advised by the Department of Health.
    Military Police personnel will assist with all road closures.
    Public is advised to avoid the area bordering on Lennox, DuToitspan from
    Regiment Way down to Hercules Street, Park Road, Synagogue Street,
    Dalham Road, Hercules Street, Fabricia Road, Pniel Road as mentioned above, Carrington Road between Dalham and Elsmere Road.

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Please be aware of the military vehicle convoys moving around the city escorted by the military police.

Gripen lands at Grand Central Midrand

Grand Central airport which is the home to many flight schools and private aviation companies. Today the airport got a very big surprise when one of 2 squadrons Jas39C Gripens landed at the field at around 16H00 and I’m sure some of the aviation fans will know Grand Central runway is only 1,624 meters and sitting at 5,327ft. The aircraft had no difficulty getting in and out of heart of Midrand aerodrome piloted by officer commanding of 2 Squadron Gripen pilot Lt. Col Mashaba aka ‘Boerboell’ .  The aircraft was specially flown into Grand Central for a private evening event at the airport.Other aircraft on static display was a 19 Squadron Agusta A109LUH from AFB Hoedspruit, from the civilian static display which saw NACs Beautiful Bell 430 and aeronautic solutions Bk117.

This was the first time a Gripen has landed at this particular airport,it was a historical occasion even though there was not many spectators to view the aircraft. 2 squadron will be seen at AFB Zwartkop in Pretoria for Airforce day and on the week of Armed forces day in Kimberley. All events, Except for Kimberly are unfortunately invited guests only. Click here to read more on the upcoming Armed Forces Day in Kimberly

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About Grand Central Airport

Grand Central Airport (IATA: GCJ, ICAO: FAGC) is a small privately owned airfield which is open to public air traffic. It is located in Midrand, halfway between Johannesburg and Pretoria in South Africa. Prior permission to land at Grand Central is not required for light aircraft pilots, a radio call is sufficient.
The airfield was started in the 1930s by a group of motor racing enthusiasts who were also interested in flying. Their old race track, although no longer in use, can be seen from the air on the north west side of the airfield.

Grand Central is a fully equipped airfield and is open 24 hours a day. The complex incorporates a modern terminal building (although it lacks Customs facilities). It is also the base of numerous flying schools for both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. There are 2 or 3 fixed-base operators on the airfield which provides maintenance and repair facilities for light aircraft.  This is a small airfield that is restricted to light aircraft only.
Source: wikipedia

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SAAB Gripen

SAAB Gripen

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SAAB Gripen

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I was Born in Durban on the 20th of December  1975
I went to Glenwood Junior Primary and then Parkview Senior Primary and then Westridge High.
I am a Qualified Locksmith with over 20 years in the game

My Aviation Passion started when i was a very young boy ( which i think i was born with it some how) my mom use to take me to the Virginia Airshows every year and in those days we had the Silver Falcons in the Impala, Mirage F-1, Spitfire, Yak 3, BF-109, Safair C-130 and the SAA 747-400 and SP. Ones a year we would have the SAAF Air to Air camp at sea level where 15 Squadron would be full of Inpala MK1 & MK2, Mirage F1AZ & CZ, Mirage lllCZ & BZ and then came the Cheetah and in those weeks my eyes would be out the window watching them flying back to 15 Squadron and with my mom working for the news papers we got to go to 15 Squadron and walk around and meet some of the pilots like Maj Johan Venter as he landed with the F1AZ.

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My Favourite Airshow had to be the Virginia Airshow which was awesome and a lot of fun with fantastic memories but sadly its no more so it has to be AAD which is held every second year at Waterkloof Airforce Base and then The Adrenaline Show is close behind BUT just being at any airshow is simply awesome and great fun.

My most memorable moments was flying to and from a Margate Airshow with the Yak Display Team and of course just being at a airshow with family and friends is always a memorable moment and that is what makes a airshow.

I started building model aircrafts also at a young age, which i would only do SAAF Aircraft and Aircraft that i have seen on the ground or in the air AND THEN i was bitten by the world of RC Flying and with that came must be one of the best Christmas gift i have ever had and the was a Cessna 350 Corvalis from the lady ( Sharon ) that has made me into the man i am today and today after having sold a few, i have the Corvalis, MX2, Extra, Eagle 580 and a Super Cub which i fly from time to time and when the weather is right!

Aviation is me and that will never change as long as i am on this earth and i am very blessed to have a family and friends and a member of a fantastic team which is also family and i look forward to many more years with Team AC!

So from Me, i would like to wish all of you nothing but the very best for 2018 and hope its a safe and happy one and hope to see you during the 2018 Airshow Season.

God Bless                                    

SAC Gauteng Regional Aerobatic Competition-Vereeniging

Vereeniging  airfield situated to the south of Johannesburg, welcomed back 15 competitors to the field as the beginning of the years festivities of aerobatics in South Africa.

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The event was held on the 21st January 2018,with the airfield being close to many other airfields around Johannesburg it was a quick flight for visiting competitors.

Sport Aerobatics is made up of four categories which is the Sportsman Class, Intermediate Class, Advanced Class and the Unlimited Class. This is all on the watchful eyes of Judges when scoring takes place. Below are the results

Sportsman Class

Dustin Hughes
Zlin 50

Derek Bird
Robin R2160i

Roger Deare
Extra 300

Ivan Van Der Schaar
Christen Eagle

Bernd Asbeck
Robin R2160i

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Intermediate Class

Adam Pucjlowski
Zlin 50

Andrew Blackwood-Murray
Extra 300

Andrew Fletcher
Zlin 50

Cliff Lotter
Yak 55

Kayle Wooll
Extra 300

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Advanced Class

Neville Ferreira
Slick 540

Elton Bondi
Extra 300

Eugene Du Preez
Extra 330SC

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Unlimited Class

Nigel Hopkins
Extra 330SC

Barrie Eeles
Extra 330SC

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Random Photos

Puppy (Black-Hawk) update 2018

The Puppy (Black-Hawk) update March 2018

From the owners mouth of this beautiful bird, Mark Jackson
“We have flown the Hawk and she’s sweet. I have sent you some pics and a video from my mobile phone. Let me know if you get them, Regards, Mark.”

Flight Video

Photo’s Click to enlarge

The Puppy (Black-Hawk) update Feb 2018

*No new photo’s as the only progress change was paperwork. 

They had the SACAA audit Monday to be approved for the maintaining of the Hawk at my AMO, Leading Edge Aviation. The inspection went well and it will take two weeks for them to process the approval.
Then They have to apply for the C of A inspection and have the Hawk inspected. This will again take a couple of weeks.
Once that is done they apply for the Hawk to be put on an operating certificate, another two weeks, then we can start flying for reward.

We did ask the question: “Rumors are doing the rounds of a second Blackhawk, is this true?” 
Mark Answer: “At this stage I have no immediate plans to buy another Hawk.

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The Puppy (Black-Hawk) update Jan 2018

At this stage, visual progress is very slow and the only delay now is Paperwork the she can go flying!

The Rotor Blades has been fitted and The Puppy’s ground runs has been performed and is ongoing. 1st Flight delayed due to paperwork.  Below is some photos and a before and after pic!
The Puppy’s ZA reg is RT-RGA

Info on UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter’s

The Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk is a four-bladed, twin-engine, medium-lift utility helicopter manufactured by Sikorsky Aircraft. Sikorsky submitted the S-70 design for the United States Army’s Utility Tactical Transport Aircraft System (UTTAS) competition in 1972. The Army designated the prototype as the YUH-60A and selected the Black Hawk as the winner of the program in 1976, after a fly-off competition with the Boeing Vertol YUH-61.

Named after the Native American war leader Black Hawk, the UH-60A entered service with the U.S. Army in 1979, to replace the Bell UH-1 Iroquois as the Army’s tactical transport helicopter. This was followed by the fielding of electronic warfare and special operations variants of the Black Hawk. Improved UH-60L and UH-60M utility variants have also been developed. Modified versions have also been developed for the U.S. Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. In addition to U.S. Army use, the UH-60 family has been exported to several nations. Black Hawks have served in combat during conflicts in Grenada, Panama, Iraq, Somalia, the Balkans, Afghanistan, and other areas in the Middle East.  read more…

Also see Black Hawk arrived in South Africa and Black Hawk “The Puppy” update Dec 2017

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The Puppy

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The Puppy Before

The Puppy After

The life and times of Ivan van der Schaar

The life and times of Ivan van der Schaar

Ivan started by washing aircraft and today he is an Airline Pilot and has his very own aircraft training school.

Ivan was Born February 1979 and as a teenager Ivan and his friend, Zak du Plessis, used to ride his bicycle to the local Nelspruit Airfield where he washed Aircraft in exchange for one hour flight training a month to obtain an PPL. About two years later Leon van Kraayeburg spotted Ivan’s potential and his passion for flying. Ivan then sold his Business to pay for his CPL and ATPL, today he is a Captain on BA-ComAir.

Ivan with Mark Rochat

Ivan and his Son, Jeandre

Ivan and his son, Jeandre, are also radio controlled aircraft pilots and Jeandre is showing a keen interest to follow in dad’s footsteps.

Early 2014, Ivan also started an aerobatic flight school, giving opportunity to those that want to enter the world of aerobatics or those simple wanting to give it a try! For more information on this contact them at

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American Flying Classics and Accommodation

American Flying Classics and Accommodation

American Flying Classics and Accommodation

Ivan and Sonica now also runs “American Flying Classics and Accommodation” at Brakpan airfield.
The guesthouse has a few self-catering rooms that is perfect for the aviation lover, trainee pilots or the businessman needing to fly into the area to do business, limited hangar space is also available.
Photos below by :André Venter

Also see: The Show must go on with Ivan and other pilots giving him a haling hand at Newcastle airshow 2017! Read more…

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Now, Read Ivan’s very own Aviation Love story

9th of February 1979 was a glorious day for me as this was the day I was born. I grew up in the picturesque Nelspruit and spent most of my youth enjoying the outdoor life only the Lowveld could provide.
My dad used to be a flight instructor at the Lowveld Aero club but by this time other business ventures had unfortunately steered him away from aviation and thus I had not had much access to aviation any longer until one day….
I bumped into Mark Jackson and he invited me to come fly with him. This was a life changing day. I was 11 years old and the dormant disease of Aviation which was hiding inside me woke up abruptly and decided to not let go… That day the decision was made. I will fly!!! No matter what. A decision I am thrilled about till today!
After my flight with Mark I approached him for a holiday job in his AMO. He agreed and there I was in a wonderland. Amongst aircraft and even got to go for a ride every now and then. This was incredible.
Life carried on and it was not long until I was approached by the Lowveld Aero club Chairman at the time, Jeremy Greef,  to keep club aircraft squeaky clean for one flying hour a month. My mate and I,  Zak du Plessis,  jumped at the opportunity.
We both soloed on our 17th birthdays. Zak a month ahead of me. PPL were obtained a couple of months later. I soon joined Leoair Flight Academy with the late Leon van Kraayenburg.
After completing school I obtained my Commercial Pilots license via Leoair flight centre and Danie Terblanche. Here I was flying charters on the C310 and Bonanza. It was incredible to be paid for what I loved doing but I needed to go upside down. Nelspruit did not offer too much in this line at the time.
Nelair charters approached me in 2000 to open and manage a flight school under their license. I snapped the opportunity up and managed Nelair flight academy whilst flying charters in between. Many small twins like Chieftains and Senecas were flown, but what stood out for me at this stage was the Gulfstream I Learjet, Kingair and my all-time favourite, the DC3.
Flying these aircraft presented the opportunity to move to Johannesburg where I met Sonica and subsequently got married.

BA-Comair B737

I heard about an opportunity to join Aquarius Contracts. In 2007 I became a Captain on the Fokker F28. This was not long lived, as I joined Comair Limited in 2008 as First Officer on the B737-200/300/400 and 800 series. Today I am still with Comair Limited as Captain on the Boeing 737-400 and 800 series aircraft, operating local British Airways and Kulula routes.

In 2012. The wreckage of a Boeing Stearman was acquired and so American Flying Classics was born. The Pitts joined a year later.
Both aircraft are seen around the country on the airshow circuit. When I am not at Airshows or flying the airline,  I enjoy instructing mainly in aerobatics or tailwheel flying, using whatever aircraft presents themselves, based at the Brakpan airfield.”

Random Photos of Ivan and his Aircraft

Photo: André Venter

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In the Man’s hanger, Photo from Ivan’s Facebook page.

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Photo from Ivan’s Facebook page.

Our 2018 Sponsors

“Our 2018 Sponsors”
Big thank you to all!

Please check out our sponsors below and support them as they support us to keep on bringing you the latest news on Aviation Events and news.
For more information on how to become a sponsor click here

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The internet has become a mine field of weather information giving aviators a false sense that they have briefed themselves appropriately with weather information before their flights.

The aviator and aviation meteorologist have become strangers.  We aim to do thing differently.

We want to build a working relationship with the aviator, through our dedication to adding value to the planning phase of flights.

Our 2018 Shirts are sponsored by SI Branding and Flightdeck Instrument Systems

SI Branding

SI Branding

SI Branding
SI Branding is a dynamic company, big enough to provide for your every need but small enough to go the extra mile. Our mission is to make your company stand out. Make yourself and your company known with your own personalised promotional material and branding.

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Have your staff wear your name with pride and in style. Perhaps your sports team needs a boost with some vibrant new uniforms, office kitchen needs a pick me up with some personalized branded mugs or an awesome gift for a loved one. SI Branding is the place to go.

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Lisa Bennetts
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FLIGHTDECK INSTRUMENT SYSTEMS Flightdeck Instrument Systems (AMO 999) was founded in 2005 under another well-known name. The company started operating full time in 2008 and the name was changed.

We specialise in all aircraft instrumentation, avionics and autopilot repairs, overhauls and installations, including EFIS installations. We also have a wide variety of loaner units to reduce time on the ground for your aircraft, and all work will come with a free quotation if required.

Flightdeck Instrument Systems currently holds the agencies for JP Instruments (engine monitoring), Alcor (engine management), Aircraft Spruce, EDMO and MGL Avioincs to name a few, with others being added all the time. We are also authorised installers for Aspen Avionics.

Flightdeck Instrument Systems operates out of Tempe Airport in Bloemfontein. We have just moved into new premises which boast a massive state of the art workshop as well as a spacious hangar, so your aircraft can be looked after like it is our own. Give us a call for you instrument, autopilot and avionics requirements.

Contact Andrew Bennetts on:
Tel: 073 513 3205

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What we do is make pilots safety clothing (specialising in fire resistant flight suits and 100% cotton flight suits for people flying and working in and around aircraft.) Think top gun and you know what they look like!
And instead of using standard sizes like other manufacturers, we do tailor made flight suits, so you’re guaranteed a great fit!
The use of Avgas makes it crucial to kit out pilots, crew and engineers with the best fire resistant gear… we also provide pilot boots made to armscor specifications, gloves and headgear.
To download our guide to getting the right kind of fight suit and other gear you can download it for free from
Alternatively you can call Kerry the owner on 031 765 2069
For a free “whats right for me” discovery session.

Stand a change to win yourself one of these amazing Flight Suits, sponsored by AIRWAER!
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How to become a Pilot in South Africa

How to become a Pilot in South Africa

How to become a Pilot in South Africa – Do you want to fly Airplanes? Ask yourself; what do you want to do when flying? Just have a Pilot licence to fly around with, maybe take a friend or two along with your own airplane or a rented airplane?

If this is what you want to do, then you need a PPL (Private Pilot Licence)
Do you want to earn money with your Flying? Then you need a CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence)
Do you want to fly the big boys, the Airliners? Then you will need an ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence)

Also Read THE AVIATION ALPHABET (The Phonetic Alphabet)

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What is a PPL?

This is a globally recognised pilot’s license that enables you to fly an aircraft for pleasure or business, with friends or family. You may however not fly at night or for remuneration. You would share the same air spaces as all the airliners and other aviators, with all the same responsibilities.

What is a night rating?

This is an additional course that works hand in hand with your PPL. Air law states that 15 minutes before sunrise and 15 minutes after sunset you may fly with your PPL.  A night rating enables you to fly at any time, day or night. This course gives a very basic idea of instrument flying and the dangers of flying with insufficient visual reference to the ground or horizon.

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What is a commercial licence?

This is a pilot licence that enables you to fly for remuneration. You would have completed your full instrument rating which would enable you to fly the aircraft with reference to the instruments only. By now you would also have done your multi engine rating. Although you can do a single-engine commercial licence, we recommend the multi-engine rating, as most charter and airline aircraft are multi-engine aircraft.

Time to complete your training:

PPL full time    – approx 12 to 16 weeks

PPL part time   – approx 6 to 9 months

Commercial full time – approx 15 to 18 months

Commercial part time – approx 24 to 30 months

These times are given as an idea of what we have experienced throughout the years we have been involved in flight training. We have had many students that complete the training in a shorter period of time, so it ultimately depends on the student. All training is done on a “one-on-one” basis so the pace and program is flexible and will be set out by you and your instructor.

Now, the Cost +/- R110k for all the Training requirements + R10k for additions such Medical, examination fees, insurance, issuing the PPL licence and more.

*please note this is only estimate as on December 2017 prices.
Do not let the cost scare you away! With planning and determination, anything is possible. We suggest contacting your local flight school. If you are in Gauteng we recommend contacting EAGLE AIR (PTY) Ltd at Office 012 543 1929, Email:, web: or Facebook: Eagle Air (Pty) Ltd.

Okay, now you have your PPL and you want to do more… Go for a Night Rating with Eagle Air

*Night Rating enables the pilot to operate an aircraft at night – optional for PPL, but required for CPL

The estimated cost for this is R24k

Hereafter, you want to start making flying your full-time career. You will need your Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) The cost for your CPL is an estimated

R 390 642.00 (SUMMARY FOR This is from Zero flying hours to CPL WITH A SINGLE ENGINE AIRCRAFT)

R 438 067.00 (SUMMARY FOR This is from Zero flying hours to CPL WITH MULTI ENGINE AIRCRAFT)

**This prices is based on December 2017 EAGLE AIR training program which is also in line with SACAA minimum requirements to obtain the desired licence. Meaning the price can increase depending on student performance, aptitude and dedication.

Now that you have your CPL, Eagle Air can help you get your ATPL, the costing and training requirements is calculated per individuals needs and this is not specified in this article, please contact Eagle Air or your local flight school for more information.

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Why do Aviation Central recommend Eagle Air?

TR Eagle Air (Pty) Ltd has been in operation as an elite flight school for more than 10 years and has as such been registered as an Aircraft Training Organization with the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

Eagle Air is situated at Wonderboom National Airport, Pretoria South Africa. We have a fully functional Air Traffic Control Tower, with a ground frequency so students are exposed to radio work from the start and this creates confident and polished pilots.  Our pledge to all our clients is to provide safe, efficient and cost effective flight training.

The training area designated to our airport is only five minutes of flight time from take-off.  This means no wasted time and money whilst flying to remote training areas, as is often the case.

Eagle Air uses the most reputable maintenance organisation on the airport. Safety is our main concern!  The maintenance facility exposes pilots to the mechanical aspects of aircraft maintenance thus enhancing their total understanding of aviation.

Eagle Air is a flight school devoted to producing pilots that are “marketable” in the aviation industry. We have a “train to instruct” package available whereby successful candidates, after completion of their training, can be employed as flight instructors at Eagle Air.

Eagle Air’s application for a licence charter division (Part 135) that exposes pilots to the real aviation ‘day to day’ flying world is pending.  Our application for a charter licence includes medical evacuations (Part 138).  The application should be finalized within a number of months.  The latter would also enhance our pilots opportunities for successful employment.

Eagle Air have a wide range of aircraft available for training, advanced training and type ratings.  Eagle Air’s Operational Specifications enables us to provide training on aircraft ranging from Single Engine Piston, Complex Single Engine Piston, Piston Twins and Jet (Twin Turbine).

Eagle Air provide the following training…

Fixed wing:  PPL Training, CPL Training, ATPL Training, Instructors rating, Night rating, Instrument rating and Jet ratings.

Rotary:  PPL training, CPL training, Instructor ratings.

Eagle air also has the following Aircraft for Single prop to Buz Jet!

Fixed wing fleet: 

6 x Cessna 172

5 x Cherokee 180

1 x Piper Arrow II

1 x Piper Arrow III

3 x Seneca II

1 x Cessna 402

1 x Cessna 210

1 x Barron 55

1 x Cessna Citation 500 Jet

 Rotary Fleet:

4 x Robinson 22

4 x Robinson 44

2 x Squirrels

1 x Augusta 109

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You got your CPL and want to build more hours, this is the part that takes long and can cost the most, keep this options in mind.

Fly scenic tours

Many visitors to South Africa and also local guys want to see landmarks and game views from the sky.

Fly photographers

Aerial photography flying is also an option as photographers need to get photographs of properties, buildings and other landmarks. This is normally slower and lower altitude

Banner Towing

Although not as exciting and looks boring, towing banners is a though job does require a lot of skill. An advantage is the location is often over Sport events, beaches and other public events

Share flight time

If you have a friend that is also hour building, share hours where legally possible and this reducing your cost by sharing the cost per flight. This also allows for skill sharing.

Become a flight instructor

A job guaranteed to make you a better pilot is that of flight instruction, analysing your student’s flying will enhance your own skills and you will achieve the required hours quickly. These hours also look good in your logbook when applying for that airline job on which you have your eye. An experienced flight instructor has an extra trump card; airlines need training staff and, in the event of a medical issue you have something to fall back on as you can be utilized in simulator training.  Read more on Eagle Air’s State-of-the-art Flight Simulator

Do Skydiving flights

This can be very exciting work quick turnaround on busy days between jumps and safety of skydivers is a MUST

Do some crop Spraying

An agricultural pilot or crop duster usually requires a few more flying hours than the other jobs previously mentioned because of the fact that it requires low slow flying. This is also only a seasonal job.

Work at an airport

Another way to get flight time is to actually pay for flying time. When you work at an airport you might get a discounted rate on your flight rental time, which will allow flying at a much-discounted rate.

Do whatever it takes to get your flight time in and get that sought-after job at the airline on which you have set your sites!

To see one man’s success story, Click here

If you do have a unique Flight training experience please share with us, send your story to us to


Patrick Davidson

Patrick Davidson, 35 Year old Port Elizabeth Aerobatic pilot

Patrick Davidson, Port Elizabeth aerobatic pilot Patrick Davidson felt pretty special after being hand-picked to compete in the Red Bull Air Race Challenger Cup. Patrick had lots of reason to feel this way, after being SA’s top preforming pilot in the WAC 2017 held at Malalane, South Africa in September 2017 and now being part of the Red Bull Challenger Cup. Patrick will fly the Edge 540 in the Challenger Cup. Patrick flew his Sukhoi 31, Reg ZS-SUK, in the WAC2017 and finished at the 13th Spot, NOT Bad…..
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What is The Challenger Cup?The Challenger Cup offers a new generation of talented pilots from around the world a chance to experience the thrills of the sport.  Pilots will be racing for Challenger Cup points. The twin aims of the Challenger Cup are to give new pilots the chance to develop their low altitude flying skills under racing conditions and further enhance the overall safety of this new dimension in Motorsport.”

Patrick took the time to write us his own story while in the Netherlands for his *SWET training.
*Shallow Water Egress Training

Read Patrick’s own story:

One of my first vivid memories was of me at about 7 years old and getting strapped into a Pitts S2B if my memory recalls MMZ was the reg, i had complained a few times to my dad that i could not see and that the belts were too

ZS-MMS Pitts S2B

tight…his standard response for most things in life, still to this day was, ‘you’ll be alright once we get going!’ We continued to get airborne and to ‘watch’ from the air the late Collin Nelson in his Decathlon doing some aeros, or what i could see at least, followed by a few loops, rolls, stall turns and so on, which was then followed by me puking all over myself and the plane and yes this is how i decided to become an aerobatic pilot believe it or not! My dad had me clean up the mess and desperate to do better I asked the following day if we could go up again and again and again until such time as i was able to fly the figures myself without feeling sick and it was from then I was sure this is what I wanted to do, not only aerobatics but FLY! I was lucky enough to have my dad mentor me from such a young age and continued flying aeros in a/c such as Yak 52, Zlin 142, Sukhoi 29, T6 and a few others. I was able to reach the rudders and all other required implements by around 12 and with the take-off and landing skills of my world champ safety pilot Mr Timofeev I was able to compete in the wild coast in a Suk 29 in the graduate class and to win.

T6 ZU-AZX Photo by Pete van der Spek

I continued to fly as much as my dad would allow spending most wends at Seaview in and around some incredible people that my dad had met/invited to visit and coach him over the years, from WW2 German fighter pilots to Peter Besenye and the likes. Seeing the pictures and hearing the ‘war’ stories these guys had to tell over a few beers around the bar at Seaview was more than enough to make me want to continue reaching skywards to a level I could only  hope/imagine would be anywhere close to where these guys were or had been. This coupled with my dads ever willingness to put time aside to teach and guide along was/is the reason i am where I am today! My dad and I had discussed that at 17 I would plan to do my first solo on my 17th b-day in our T6 ZU-AZX, my dad had earmarked my ‘legal’ instructor the late Tedd Lundt an ex RAF Hunter pilot to drill me to completion and the lord knows I really needed some drilling as at this age girls and boozing had come into the picture, good thing my wife Liana rocked up on the scene and gave me some much needed direction! Long story short I completed my training and before school on the 7th June 1999 i went solo from PE main in my Harvard, Awesome I had done it, but now needed a lift to school as I still had no drivers license! I started flying airshows almost immediately and with my dad competing still at the time, this was a given for me too. I competed in the Harvard to start, progressing to a Yak 52 then the Suk 29 and eventually the Extra 300L, which took me to my first National championship title in 2007 and another 3 Advanced titles (as this was the highest level in SA at the time) thereafter. Mark Hensman then had a bright idea to start flying Unlimited with Nigel joining shortly after, I had made a decision to remain at Advanced for a year more so i could compete at the AWAC the following year. With this said, I had a number of top ten placings at AWAC with the highest being a 3rd overall in 2014. By this time I was already flying Unlimited in RSA and if my memory serves me had won 2 SA unlimited titles flying my much loved SUK 31. In 2014 I was invited to fly at the Sky GP of aerobatics held in Durban, I managed to pull off a 2nd place to the then current WAC champ Francois LeVot, continuing on this positive note I was able to proceed and win this same event from Rob Holland in second in 2016. Late in 2016 I made contact with RB SA in connection with the RBAR and before I looked again I was at the first training camp in Ocania Spain being coached by the worlds best air race pilots!  On the 1st Sept 2017 i was assigned the title of both Hella and red bull athlete in SA and in Nov 2017 I was announced as South Africa’s first entrant into the RBAR challenger cup, quite a moment to say the least! From then it has really been a blur from media-tours, a second visit to the RB DTC and as i write this i have just completed my SWET training in Den Helder Netherlands. So with the support of my family and 2 incredible sponsors namely HELLA and RB, i can’t wait to put RSA on the podium in the 2018 Challenger series and yes I have confirmed they have our anthem…!

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Patrick, His Wife and Daughter just after completing his last flight at the WAC2017

From Patrick’s Facebook page

Got the girl, the plane and the runway! Life is good!

Below is some YouTube video on South Africa’s new Aviation Star Patrick Davidson!

SU-31 costume change! 3 Days from plain to Red Bull / Hella plane

90 seconds with Patrick Davidson, ShortFinalTV got to catch up with Patrick at the Durban Sky Grand Prix earlier this year after he finished in 2nd place.

Patrick Davidson training for World Aerobatics Championship 2017 in his SU-31

Patrick Davidson shows us the Harvard he did his PPL in

Johannesburg and Cape Town Route becoming more popular by the day!

Johannesburg and Cape Town Route becoming more popular by the day!

South African air corridor between Johannesburg and Cape town is becoming more and more popular by the day. The route has a distance of 1271km.
In 2010, the route was 12th in the most popular airline route between any two cities, in 2013 the route slotted in at no 10 and now for 2017 the route slotted in at no 9 with 31914 flights.

When it came to international routes, Hong Kong to Taipei topped the list with 29,494 flights a year.
Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is the second busiest (29,383 flights), and Jakarta to Singapore at third, (26,872 flights).
Of the top ten, eight routes were Asian. The busiest route outside of Asia is New York to Toronto, the sixth busiest with 17,116 flights a year, followed by Dublin to London.


World’s 10 busiest air routes 2017 (Between any two Cities)

Jeju-Seoul, South Korea: 64,991
Melbourne-Sydney, Australia: 54,519
Mumbai-Delhi, India: 47,462
Fukuoka-Tokyo Haneda, Japan: 42,835
Rio de Janeiro-Sao Paulo Congonhas, Brazil: 39,325
Sapporo-Tokyo, Japan: 38,389
Los Angeles-San Francisco, USA: 34,897
Brisbane-Sydney, Australia: 33,765
Cape Town-Johannesburg, South Africa: 31,914 flights
Beijing-Shanghai, China: 30,029

World’s busiest international air routes


Hong Kong-Taipei: 29,494
Kuala Lumpur-Singapore: 29,383
Jakarta-Singapore: 26,872
Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur: 20,890
Hong Kong-Shanghai: 20,818
New York La Guardia-Toronto: 17,116
Hong Kong-Seoul Incheon: 16,366
Beijing-Hong Kong: 14,592
Dublin-London Heathrow: 14,556
Bangkok-Singapore: 14,455

Source: and wikipedia


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