2018 Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day 2018

The 2018 Armed Forces Day (AFD) will take place in Kimberley, Northern Cape Province over the period of 15 and 21 February.

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On 21 February, each year, Armed Forces is observed to commemorate the lives of the native labour contingent who died when the troopship, SS Mendi sank off the English coast in 1917.

The Armed forces will be mobilised from various parts of the country to Kimberley between 8 and 14 February in preparation for the AFD event. Some 6000 troops, 41 aircraft, 222 specialised vehicles and 60 motor bikes will take part in the event.

The Airforce will display various aircraft type including Gripen, Hawk, C-130, CASA 212, King Air, Rooivalk, A109 and BK117 as well as PC-7 trainers and the Silver Falcons aerobatic display team from Langebaan.

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The opening ceremony, services villages, divisions villages, career village and sport events will happen at the Ar Abass Sports Stadium. The final event on the 21st will be the wreath laying ceremony at the WW1 memorial in Du Toitspan road and the and parade through the street if Kimberly.

The Capability Demonstration and Night Shoot will take place at De Brug, to the west of Bloemfontein.

On the 18th the event will be open to the public and around 5000 members are expected. The 20th will be for invited guest only.

Kimberley was chosen as host city for the event because there is a number of army bases in in the town that can provide logistical support to all the troops and vehicles. The aircraft however will operate from Bloemspruit Air Force Base as Kimberley has no suitable venue where the demonstration could be hosted.

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During the weeks celebrations, a number of events will be held at various venues:

  • The will also be career hosted and interested individuals can visit the center and enquire about careers in the Armed Forces – Ar Abass Sports Stadium 
  • Music events at various schools between 12 – 15 Feb
  • Fan park at Ar Abass Sports Stadium 15 Feb
  • Sporting activities and Clinics at De Beers Galeshewe Stadium, formerly known as King George Sports Ground , between 16 – 20 Feb
  • Music events Mittah Seperepere Convention Centre 17th
  • Inter Faith Church services Mittah Seperepere Convention Centre 18th

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19 to 20 February 2018 the roads will be closed from 09:00 for the rehearsals.

  • Memorial Road at the Monument.
    Carrington Road at Dalham Road.
    Lennox Street. (Must confirm where the road is to be closed.)
    Du Toitspan/Main Road between Hercules, Lennox and Regiment Way.
    Pniel Road between Stokroos Street and Old Barkly Road. (15 to 21 February 2018.)
    Todd and Harley Street.
    All roads connecting to Du Toitspan and Main Road.

Please take note:

  • Access to the hospitals in the area of the parade to be advised by the Department of Health.
    Military Police personnel will assist with all road closures.
    Public is advised to avoid the area bordering on Lennox, DuToitspan from
    Regiment Way down to Hercules Street, Park Road, Synagogue Street,
    Dalham Road, Hercules Street, Fabricia Road, Pniel Road as mentioned above, Carrington Road between Dalham and Elsmere Road.

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Please be aware of the military vehicle convoys moving around the city escorted by the military police.

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