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SANDF De Brug Weapons Capability Demonstration Feb 2018

With the build up to the Armed forces day parade being held in Kimberley, the following day Wednesday the 21 February, much of the public have been getting up close and personal with both SANDF members and assets that have been put on showcase to the community who haven’t had the chance to interact with these forms of assets in this particular area with the major presence of SANDF.

On Sunday the 18th February, members of the public were able to attend the De Brug weapons demo, at the De brug weapons range outside of Bloemfontein. This also had a major impact on the public to witness live ammunition being fired in front of their faces from armored vehicles,ati-aircraft Guns and aerial support just to name a few.


On Tuesday morning 21 February ,Aviation Central had the opportunity to be flown down from Air force Base Waterkloof in Pretoria to AFB Bloemspruit situated at the Bram Fisher International Airport in the Free state town of Bloemfontein.Air force base (AFB) Bloemspruit is home to 87 Helicopter Flying school, operating the Denel Oryx Helicopter, the Agusta A109LUH and the Bk117 for training and operational duties in the South African Air force(SAAF).

We were then allocated to buses that would be taking us out to the De brug weapons range a few kilometers outside of the City of Bloemfontein. With the advantage the SANDF had the Military Police and other security squadrons escorting the buses,which onboard was members of the various media houses and Invited guests ,who got to the weapons range in no time. At this point this have many of the media who haven’t been to De Brug Weapons Range to explore the ‘Koppies’ behind the marquee that was specially put up to provide shade and refreshments.


This is also showed how big the range was compare to other bombing ranges that Aviation Central has visited in previous years.What we had been hearing and seeing on Social media from the demo a few days before we knew we were in for a treat that not many people can say they have ever witnessed in their lifetime.

The days proceedings started with a drop of pathfinders from a 44 Squadron Casa 212,the jet action started immediately with a 85 Combat Flying School Hawk Mk120 and being escorted by two 2 Squadron Gripens,both fighter assets operating out of AFB Bloemspruit.

The program then continued sticking with the fighters, when the airspace in front of the crowd, got very busy with a 2v1 dogfight,using the Hawk Mk120 as the bogey(Enemy Aircraft) and two Gripens  intercepting the Hawk.

The Army engineers of the South African Army were next in line to show off the earth shattering explosions that were set off.The Air force was then overhead again, this time with Two 28 Squadron C130BZs dropping a parachute cargo drop and 64 paratroopers.

As soon as the area was clear from the Para drop and troops were brought out of the weapons zone, Ratels drove into the firing zone and engaged with small arms fire.

The battlefield was then kicked up with the roar the big guns the Olifant Mk1 Tanks and Rooikats kicking up dust from their cannon fire.

The air force was at it again, with two Agusta A109LUH performing a search and Rescue situation of a “simulated downed aircraft,”with 3 Oryx helicopters bringing troops to and from the batttlezone.At the same time Rooivalk atttack helicopters from 16 Squadron provided top cover.

Fast movers were then sent in to drop bombs ranging from the Mk81 and Mk82 bombs released from Gripen and Hawk fighter aircraft. It was also the first time seeing Gripens shooting their cannons.The usual 30mm Aden cannon from the Hawk was also put to use on the battle zone.

The two Rooivalk attack helicopters in attendance demonstrated the type of flying they sometimes do during peacekeeping operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, raining 20 mm cannon fire down and unleashing 70 mm rockets onto the battlefield.

The demo was slowly coming to a close, the various aircraft that took part gave fly pasts which included 4 Hawks,5 gripens,3 Oryx Helicopters,2 A109s,2 Rooivalks and a C130.The main battle tanks and armoured vehicles then proceeded to give a salute to the Chief of the SANDF in a parade.

The guests and media were then treated to a display from the Silver Falcons of team 81,led by Major Mark”Katana”Gentles.Solo displays from the Hawk Mk120,flown by Lt Col Craig”Shark”Leeson and the Gripen flown by Major Geoffrey”Spartan”Cooper released flares during the course of their displays.

The night shoot then took place just after dusk showing off from the smallest arms fire to the biggest arms fire in the SANDF,this included assault rifles, machineguns, RPGs, mortars, Ratel 90 mm rounds and Olifant tank rounds.

Rooivalks then engaged the battlefield again with 70mm rockets and 20mm gun fire. The aircraft then closed off with flares over the battlezone


Chief of the SANDF General Solly Shoke said the capability demonstration was part of normal training but was held in the run-up to Armed Forces Day to show the public what the armed forces do. “We train to be ready at all times,” he said, and added that the response from the people of Kimberley who previously came to witness the demonstration was “overwhelming”.

The next day being a early start of the Armed forces day parade in Kimberly, which saw new South African President Cyril Ramaphosa addressing the parade.

More photos Below, click to enlarge



Win a Tailor Made Fire Resistant Flight Suit

And our Airwear Flight Suit winner is Tokkie Botes from Skeerpoort….
Congratulation Tokkie form Team Aviation Central.   

Tokkie Botes

If anyone requires information on or has questions about the Competition, please direct your questions to Flippie van Emmenis

Win a Tailor Made FireResistant  Flight Suit

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Kriek Helicopters

How to be in the draw

  1. This “Lucky Draw” is run by us, Aviation Central and not by any Airshow organizer.
  2. Send your Name, Surname, Mobile no and email in a WhatsApp to 0813921823 (Text only number)
  3. You will get a WhatsApp reply will be within 24hrs with Banking details to you to make a R50 donation.
  4. Once payment is received you will then be in the draw for the Tailor-Made Fire-resistant Flight Suit.
  5. Entrees can also be done via the “The Spitfire Restoration project” stand at the Swartkop Museum Flying days & SAAF Museum Airshow 2018 (R10 goes to the Project)
  6. EFT Entrees closes 5pm Thursday 03 May 2018.
  7. Entrees via the “The Spitfire Restoration project” closes at the end SAAF Museum Airshow 2018 – 05 May
  8. All names will be listed on our website, please check if your name is on the list!
  9. Sunday 06th May 2018 we will draw the lucky winner.
  10. The Winner will be phoned and the Winners name will be posted on our website and our Facebook page.
  11. Shortly after the draw a representative will contact the winner for sizes and delivery.
  12. For more information on Airwear and this fantastic Flight suite please visit
  13. Funds raised by this will be used by Aviation Central to cover cost to attend Aviation Events in Southern Africa.
  14. You may enter as many times as you like. (Simply multiply the entree count you want to enter with R50 when you do the Payment)
  15. The Draw outcome is final, prize cannot be exchanged for cash.
  16. You need to be a South African Resident.
  17.  The Prize can be given to a friend / relative as a gift if you are the lucky winner as long as they live in South Africa.

 Fire Resistant Flight SuitsEntree list

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22 Jacques Germishuys  3152
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24  Stephen Kangisser  2260
25  Tokkie Botes  3015
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36  Ruan Wiehman  0330
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The Aero Club Air Week

Aero Club Airweek

Do you love Aviation, like we at Aviation Central do?

If there is only a small bit of Yes in your thought now, then The Aero Club Air Week is for you.
The Air week is for anyone with a love for Aviation and anything “Aviation” goes! This is to be the biggest gathering of Aviation Lovers Southern Africa has ever seen and it all in build up to the Aero Club of South Africa’s centenary celebrations in 2020, Yes it’s not only SAAF that will be turning 100 in the year 2020 but the Aero Club of South Africa as well and they are starting early with the build-up.
Aero Club SA
This is definitely another reason to attend the air week. Middelburg Aeroclub was on the top 3 Airshow of the years in 2016 and 2017, Although this is not an airshow, it shows you that the guys from Middelburg can put up a spectacular aviation event and with an event of this type and the guys from Middelburg Aeroclub, you don’t want to miss out.
MiddelBurg Aero Club
Drive in or Fly in, just get there on the weekend 09-11 March 2018, the place to be Middelburg Aero Club (Click here to view airport location in google maps) Camping on Airport, Bring your own tent (Free) or Rent. Tent rentals. single tent for the weekend will be R670 per person and Double Tents will be R460 per person sharing. Meals will be available onsite or just bring your own. We will update once meal prices is available. More than enough fuel will be onsite, and once again we will publish fuel prices is available. Please note it is very important to register your attendance at this link:

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This is some of the disciples that we can see at this year’s event at Middelburg.   (Not all listed!)

• Spot landing competitions (for everything that got airborne, including hot air balloons and gyrocopters)
• Fun rallies for all aircraft types and speeds (short duration introduction navigational rallies)
• Fly markets (sell the aviation things you no longer need)
• On airfield camping Own tent or rented tent
• Drone racing
• Forums on various topics
• Introduction to Aerobatics – all classes and judging initiation
• Balloon night-glows
• Vintage aircraft
• Gyrocopters
• Jets
• Radio Controlled
• Aerobatics
• Light sport aircraft
• Microlights
• Gliders
• Motor gliders
• Helicopter
• Ultralights
• Aviation Photographers Dream

Interim Line-up of events for the Air Week!

Time Friday 9th March 2018   Saturday 10th March 2018   Sunday 11th March 2018
0600 0600 Balloon inflation and flight 0600 Balloon inflation and flight
0700 Arrivals / Breakfast 0700 Microlight Navigation observation and Timing 0700 Epic Aviation – Paramotor Introduction
0800 Breakfast 0800 Breakfast 0800 Breakfast
0900 0900 Navigation Rally 0900
1000  Airfield Opens (ATC & EMS) 1000 Navigation Rally – continued 1000 Aerobatics Demo (All Classes)
1100 1100 Navigation Rally – continued 1100
1200 Lunch 1200 Lunch 1200
1300 1300 Gliding Launches 1300 Departures
1400 1400 Gyro Maize Bombing

Drone Racing

1500 Gliding Launches 1500 Radio Model Jets / Large Scale Aerobatics 1500
1600 1600 Formation Aerobatic Team Introduction 1600
1700 1700 Epic Aviation – Paramotor Introduction 1700
1800 Dinner , Safety First Aviator Launch (30 min) 1800 Braai and Entertainment, BAFSA Night Glow 1800

How to get there by Air

FAMB:  Elevation – 4886 ft
Runway: 02/20 –1345 m  – gravel – not lighted
14/32 –1800 m – Tarred – Lighted
Circuit altitude:   6500 ALT (1500 AGL)
Circuit direction: All to the south west of RWY 14/32, RH circuit for Rwy 14, LH circuit for Rwy 32
If required the gravel runway 02/20 is available and subject to ATC instructions.
Call FAMB tower (127.95) 10 nm’s inbound. Expect to join overhead (2000 AGL or 7000 ALT ) or otherwise as instructed by ATC. The Aerodrome will be open to all traffic. Scheduled activities will get priority. Ground Frequency allocated will be (120.20)
Joining From The West (Witbank) Route along the N4 East bound from Witbank to the intersection N4/R35.  Call ATC 127.95 for joining instructions.  The initial routing from the intersection will be north bound along the N11 to FAMB or otherwise instructed by ATC.
Joining From The South Route north bound either along the R35 or N11. If joining via the R35 (North bound) route to the intersection R35/N4 and call ATC for joining instructions.
Joining From The East (Belfast) Route along the N4 West bound from Belfast to the intersection N4/N11. Call ATC at the intersection for joining instructions.  The routing from the intersection will be north bound along the N11 to FAMB or otherwise instructed by ATC.
Joining From The North (Loskopdam) Call FAMB ATC at Loskop dam for routing instruction.

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How to get there by Road

Take a drive up the N4, and take the R575 and then the R555, and then the M11 out north of the town.


All Aviation related suppliers invited to Exhibit at a minimal cost. Commercial price per stand is R1500 for the weekend. Corporate Vendor Sales per stand is R5000 for the weekend. Vendors sales per stand is R 500 for the weekend. AeCSA member Aicraft Sale stand is R 200 for the weekend. Non AeCSA member Aircraft Sales is R 700 for the weekend. Exhibitors committed so far:

  • Adventure Air
  • Warbirds
  • The Airplane Factory
  • Century Avionics
  • Epic Aviation
  • Comav

Sections are encouraged to showcase their section by setting up a Gazebo and to engage with pilots.

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Sponsorship Appeal

The goal of the Airweek is to raise awareness of the different recreational aviation activities in South Africa between the section members and to make it a Recreational pilot Gathering.

In order to meet this goal, we request your help in securing sponsorship for various facilities and activities to promote recreational aviation, in this respect support is sought for:

  • Kiddie Entertainment – Jumping Castle
  • Beer Tent
  • Portable Showers for Camping on the Airfield
  • A Marquee Tent to host the various activities

Airport information

Armed Forces Day Kimberley 2018 Fan Park Launch.


The 21st of February each year, Armed forces day is observed to celebrate the lives of the native labour contingent who died when the troopship, SS Mendi sank off the English Coast in 1917.Today we saw most of Kimberley with most part mobilsed with Military contingent.

Kimberley is on a hive of activities from any form of Military platform the SANDF has to offer, This Morning marked the opening of the fan park at the A.R Abass stadium in Kimberley in the Northern Cape. The opening of the event was in form of a Guard of honor parade accompanied by Military bands and a fly past by Oryx Helicopters from various squadrons across South Africa.

The arena program was opened by a Para drop from a Oryx helicopter with various special forces and pathfinders member’s landing in front of a massive crowd as they’re cheered their brilliant landings they’re were executing. The public were treated to more procession  drills from both the SA Army and SA Navy, and the famous gun run which is often seen at the Rand Show in Johannesburg from previous years. Aircraft that flew over the Stadium during the course of the program such as the Oryx helicopter mentioned above,2 Rooivalk Attack helicopters and the Silver Falcons Aerobatic team to name a few.

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The SANDF also has to offer at the fan park the career center for those that are interested about the work life and serving their country in many different aspects they’re have to offer. Its also a opportunity for the public to interact with Military personal and their assets they have on display.

During the weeks and weekend celebrations, a number of events will be held at various venues:
The will also be career hosted and interested individuals can visit the center and enquire about careers in the Armed Forces – Ar Abass Sports Stadium
Music events at various schools between 12 – 15 Feb
Fan park at Ar Abass Sports Stadium 15 Feb
Sporting activities and Clinics at De Beers Galeshewe Stadium, formerly known as King George Sports Ground , between 16 – 20 Feb
Music events Mittah Seperepere Convention Centre 17th
Inter Faith Church services Mittah Seperepere Convention Centre 18th

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19 to 20 February 2018 the roads will be closed from 09:00 for the rehearsals.
Memorial Road at the Monument.
Carrington Road at Dalham Road.
Lennox Street. (Must confirm where the road is to be closed.)
Du Toitspan/Main Road between Hercules, Lennox and Regiment Way.
Pniel Road between Stokroos Street and Old Barkly Road. (15 to 21 February 2018.)
Todd and Harley Street.
All roads connecting to Du Toitspan and Main Road.
Please take note:
Access to the hospitals in the area of the parade to be advised by the Department of Health.
Military Police personnel will assist with all road closures.
Public is advised to avoid the area bordering on Lennox, DuToitspan from
Regiment Way down to Hercules Street, Park Road, Synagogue Street,
Dalham Road, Hercules Street, Fabricia Road, Pniel Road as mentioned above, Carrington Road between Dalham and Elsmere Road.

We will bring more reports from next week Tuesday when we attend the Weapons demo in Bloemfontein at De Brug firing range.

Happy Armed forces day!


Rand Fun Rally 10 February 2018

During the recent break in between the rains Gauteng has been having during the last couple of days, The South African Power Flying Association hosted a fun rally at Rand Airport just to the south of Johannesburg. The event saw a total of 30 participants including navigators taking part.


Rally Navigation Flying is a sport with a crew of two, a pilot and navigator.The objective is to fly a pre-determined course which is accurate to the second over turning points and recognize ground features from provided photographs and maps that are in a envelope the pilot receives on arrival to the event. This gives pilots great practice for navigational skills they can use.

Aircraft that took part varied from a little sports star LSA to a Cessna C172.Shane Britz and Karen Stroud took first place in the Jabiru ZU-FEP.Below show the results of all the competitors!


Poll – Sliver Falcons Formation 2018

Silver Falcons Formation Swartkop 2018

Falcon Formation 2018

In 2017 we ran a Poll for you to select what aircraft you would like to see the Silver Falcons Aerobatic Team format with.
The Gripen won the vote. we took the results to Air Boss for the 2017 show. They listened to your vote and agreed to the Formation. The Formation was practiced and flew on the last validation day before the show. What a formation that was to see !
On Show Day, 06 May 2017 the Gripen/Silver Falcon formation was the last Item on the program. Every one was looking forward to it, when a technical problem prevented the Formation that was flown just the day before was to be repeated. This was a big disappointed to the crowd, but one that could not be prevented and was excepted as such by all.

2017 Poll Results

2017 Poll

2017 Poll

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Now, It is Airshow Season 2018 and once again we are running the Poll on what you would like to see in the Formation with the Silver Falcons Aerobatic Team. The Air Boss for the SAAF Museum Airshow 2018 will again be monitoring this poll.
Please cast your vote and show the Air Boss what you want to see in formation with our Silver Falcons Aerobatic Team at the SAAF Museum 2018 Airshow to be held 05 May 2018

Cast your Vote below:


What will you like to see in Formation with the Silver Falcons

  • Gripen (40%, 123 Votes)
  • Rooivalk (21%, 66 Votes)
  • C130 (11%, 35 Votes)
  • Vampire (9%, 29 Votes)
  • Airliner (8%, 26 Votes)
  • Hawk (5%, 15 Votes)
  • Impala (4%, 11 Votes)
  • Albatross (1%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 309

Loading ... Loading ...

See Gripen and Silver Falcons in Formation

Photos form past Silver Falcons Formations

(Click to enlarge)

Updates to the SAAF Museum Airshow 2018

Updates to the SAAF Museum Airshow 2018

This page is dedicated to the SAAF Museum airshow 2018
Keeping you updated in what to expect and information.

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SAAF Museum Airshow Friday Final Validations 2018-05-04

Today was the last day for validations from both civilian and military aircraft.The crowd are in for a great show,we look forward to seeing alot of the Aviation Central fans.

Airforce Base Zwartkop Airshow Layout  2018-05-04


SAAF Museum Youth Developmewnt Program  to be Hosted on Friday 2018-05-03




SAAF Museum Airshow Thursday Validations 2018-05-03

Throughout the day the base welcomed a couple of arrivals from SAAF aircraft and helicopters,that being a 16 Squadron Rooivalk and three 85 Combat Flying School Hawk mk120s from AFB Makhado.The Museum validated theire display with a total of 16 aircraft all belonging to the SAAF Museum.Capital Sounds also arrived to set up the broadcast equipment for the day.2 Squadron Gripens are expected to arrive at AFB Zwartkop on Friday 2018-05-04,that will also many busy validations during ther course of the day!

SAAF Museum Airshow  Wednesday Validations 2018-05-02

Today we saw a couple of Museum Flying assets getting ready for the show on Saturday.There were also two Oryx Helicopters operating out of the base and the Museums Puma Helicopter.Tomorrow we will see and hear ‘NOISE FROM ABOVE ‘keep your eyes and ears on the lookout above Pretoria tomorrow!


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SAAF Museum Airshow 2018 Media Briefing 2018-05-02

The SAAF Museum media briefing was held at AFB Zwartkop West,a different venue compare to previous years.The theme for this year is “Our Indomitable Spirit”. The theme appreciates and recognizes the collective and individual sacrifices of the members in pursuit and realization of the SAAF’s mandate. As the aviation historical hub of the SAAF, SAAF Museum continues in its endeavors in collecting, restoring, preserving and exhibiting heritage and traditions of the SAAF and military aviation.

Above Lieutenant Colonel Melvin Bruintjies(OC SAAF Museum)addressing the media.

The SAAF Museum Airshow is designed to attract aviation enthusiasts, the general public as well as current and former members of the SAAF. Providing an opportunity to celebrate military aviation in both static and flying conditions.
Members of the public may expect to see the following aircraft on the day:


2 Squadron JAS39 Gripens,85 Combat Flying School Hawk MK120,16 Squadron Rooivalks,Agusta A109LUH,Oryx AS32,28 Squadron C130BZ,Pilatus PC7

Museum aircraft:
Allouette II, Allouette III, SA 330L Puma, Harvard, Atlas C4M Kudu, Aermacchi AM 3C Bosbok, Vampire, Cessna 185 and Patchen Explora

Tickets are available at Computickets at R80.00, children under 16 years free.
Public is encouraged to buy tickets before coming to the event.

Gates will open from 07:00 till 17:00. The Air Show starts at 09:00.

Parking for people with disabilities will be at North Gate (Corner Old Johannesburg road & Trichard Road). The general public will also park alongside Old Johannesburg Road & Trichard Road. There will be car guards however members of the public are informed that parking will be at own risk.

There will be traffic congestion and excessive aircraft noise.

The SAAF therefore appeals for tolerance and understanding from the public especially Residence of Valhalla, Centurion and other surrounding areas.

Bus Shuttle:
Gautrain buses will be available to shuttle people from Centurion and Pretoria Stations to the venue. Gautrain cards are required for the use of this service.


Own food and soft drink is permitted, strictly no coolerboxes and no Alcohol permitted to take in or out of beer garden.

Wednesday Gautrain Alouette II Race 2018-05-02

The early morning sunrise saw  two SAAF Museum Alouette Helicopters,the Alouette II flown by Dave Keijer which was used to race the Gautrain from Midrand Station to Centurion Station,while the other Alouette who Leanne Manas a South African TV presenter at the SABC especially known as the anchor of the flagship show, Morning Live.That Alouette was flown by Billy Port,one again the Alouette won the race!

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L-R Major Ntokozo Ntshangase,Leanne Manas and  Lieutenant Colonel Melvin Bruintjies(OC SAAF Museum)

L-R Dave Keijer and Leanne Manas

Tuesday Arrival and Validations 2018-05-01

Today we saw the first of the arrivals for the SAAF Museum Airshow,The Goodyear Eagles Pitts Specials and Aero L39 ‘ZUTEE’ did their validations.We will bring you more updates tomorrow from AFB Zwartkop,as the Museum Alouette is set to race the Gautrain.

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Press release from the SAAF museum

Page 1

Page 2

Corporate Hospitality
The airshow provide corporates with an opportunity to book a Hospitality Lounge where they can host clients and stakeholders to enjoy exciting aerobatic displays in a relaxed and secure environment. This investment will also allow an opportunity to network with captains of the aerospace and defence industry and also provide brand exposure to over 40 000 visitors expected to grace this year’s event.

For Corporate Hospitality Lounge booking please send email to

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Update 12 Apr 2018

Gautrain once again partnered up with the Team from the SAAF Museum and will be providing transport to and from the SAAF Museum Airshow.

How this works: You get on the Gautrain at any station and head to Centurion Station. Get off at Centurion and get on the Gautrain bus marked foe the Airshow. The Bus will then drop you off at the Main gate to Swartkop AFB, On Return just boarded the next departing bus as the main gate that will return you to centurion station, hop on your train that will take you back to your origination station. One simple hassle free way to attend the SAAF Museum Airshow 2018

Participating Aircraft list will be announced later part of Next week (+/- 20th April )

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Update 09 Apr 2018

Air Show Ticket

Air Show Tickets

Tickets now online at Computicket, click here to get your tickets, R80pp and Kids under 16 get in Free!

Tickets also available at Computicket stores or at any Shoprite, Checkers, Checkers Hyper, House and Home or at selected OK Furniture and Usave stores

Computicket – The Ticket you can Trust

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Update 15 Feb 2018

Airshow planning meeting was held today, 15 February at Swartkop Air Force Base. Many key members was not present due the fact that that they are attending Armed Forces Day in Kimberly.
The Ticket vendor for online sales has been finalized and we will be posting where you can get your Tickets in March. The 2018 Prices remain R80pp and kids under 16 Free. Pensioners pay full price.
We got a glimpse of the official 2018 Airshow poster and its looks GOOD! The theme for the 2018 SAAF Museum Airshow is “Our Indomitable spirit”
To find Swartkop Air Force Base where this Airshow will be hosted on google Maps click here…
Vendors Airshow

Vendor slots are filling up very quickly, so if you are interested, get your applications in ASAP!
Online Applications: 
Contact Peron: Capt M Kelbrick
Contact email:
Contact Phone: 0824137577

Lots of sponsorship opportunities available and a few VIP chalets are available. If you are interested, please contact the Airshow office: Maj Ntokozo Ntshangase, 012 351 2236

No Discussions was made towards the programme or visiting aircraft.  Please vote for your Silver Falcons Formation that you would like to see., Click here to vote

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Update 05 Feb 2018

Friday 4th May will be the Youth day with many aviation related career expo stand available to explore.
Saturday 5th May is the Big date, the one that many South Africans are eagerly waiting to arrive.
Ticket price for the 2018 show remains unchanged as it has been for the last few years at R80 PP and Kids under 16 get free entry.
Ticket sales will go online in March, pop back to this page regularly for updates on where you will be able to buy your prepaid tickets.
No Aircraft nor Flight program information is available yet and will only be slowly released towards the end of March.
Vendor contact information:
If you would like to become a vendor at this year’s Air Show please contact Captain Ntshangase or Corporal Nyosi on one of the following numbers:
Capt Mark Kelbrick , 0824137577  Office hours only!
Airshow Office:
Maj Ntokozo Ntshangase, 012 351 2236 Office hours only!

Poll – What will you like to see if Formation with the Silver Falcons?
Click here to cast your vote

See Gripen and Silver Falcons in Formation

02 Feb 2018 was SAAF’s 98th Birthday

**The 2018 Airshow is Not part of this birthday celebrations**
Read more…

SAAF 98 Birthday

SAAF 98 Birthday

SAAF Museum Flight Training Day Feb 2018

SAAF Museum Flight Training Day, Feb 2018

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03 January 2018 saw the 1st SAAF Museum Flight training day. All Pilots, Museum staff, Support & Ground crew as well as the public was out in full force after a two-month break. We attended the Pilots briefing and had a nice chat to the Officer Commanding and Media Liaison officer of the SAAF museum about the Upcoming SAAF museum Airshow and the Monthly flight training days.

Pilots, Museum staff, Support & Ground crew

Pilots, Museum staff, Support & Ground Crew

The day was highlighted with two passes from the Silver Falcons Aerobatic Team. The passes included the backup aircraft and making this a very rare 6 sip formation. The Falcons took from Waterkloof Air Force Base to fly back home to Langebaanweg after AF Day Parade flypast.

6 Ship Silver Falcons Aerobatic Team

6 Ship Silver Falcons Aerobatic Team

When is the Monthly flight training day normally held?
This is normally on the 1st Saturday of every month unless otherwise notified by the OC of the SAAF museum. The Next flight training day will be on 03 March.
This day is being used to keep the Pilots current on the Museum Aircraft and keeping the Aircraft in the air by doing the necessary flying hours needed to keep the airworthy.

Museum Aircraft

Today we had the Friends of the Museum out with their Boerewors rolls, Spitfire Restoration Project and more Museum affiliated stands and displays. The Windsock, an very popular restaurant at the museum was also busy with long queues. Airboss for the day was the very competed Lt. Col. Francois Hanekom (Hosepipe).

Museum Aircraft

Museum Aircraft

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The Museum hat almost all serviceable aircraft out flying today and Putting this all together the day after the Air Force Day Parade on the same base was an excellent achievement by the Museum staff.
We at Aviation Central has been given the official “OK” to promote the SAAF Museum Flight Training days and the SAAF Museum Airshow 2018 so be sure to pop back to our Website or Facebook site on Airshow updates.

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South African Airforce Prestige Day Parade 2018

Air Force Base Zwartkop in Pretoria hosted this years Prestige day parade  with the celebration of the South African Air force (SAAF) turning 98 years old, which was established on the 1 February 1920.Airforce Base Zwartkop is South Africa’s oldest Air force base and the second oldest operational Air force base in the world. The evening before the parade VIPs and SANDF members were treated to a fly-past from a 2 Squadron Gripen going into a vertical maneuver while dropping flares at the prestige gala dinner at Air force Base Waterkloof.

The parades proceedings started with a fly-past of a pair of Agusta A109LUH Helicopters carrying the South African and SAAF flag in front of many VIP and SANDF members.The chief of the SAAF Lieutenant General Fabian Zakes Msimang,honored the not forgotten South African air force fallen members and highlighted the Airforces achievements during the course of last year.

The most prestigious unit of 2017 was awarded to Air Force Base Langebaanweg,under the commanding officer Brigadier General Mac Mathanda.The base is home to the Central Flying school and the cockpit ambassadors of the South African Air force the Silver Falcons.

Some of the many highlights the SAAF assisted during 2017 Lt Gen Msimang mentioned was the opening of parliament in Cape Town, Armed forces day in Durban, Air Power Capability demonstration at Roodewal Bombing Range in Limpopo, Exercise Winter Solstice which is an annual SAAF force preparation exercise, which forms part of and SANDF exercise called ‘NDLOVU’.Joint collaboration with the South African Navy in the ant-piracy effort in the Mozambique channel on the East Coast of Africa.Firefighting,specifically the rampant and vicious fires in Knysna and the Port Elizabeth areas. Operation Mistral also saw the Air force giving much need continuous support to the SANDF deployment in the DRC.In August and September 2017,the SAAF participated in a joint SADC exercise in Namibia called exercise Blue Kunene. The exercise was aimed at employing Air force assets in a joint anti multi-national operation. During the same period Air force assets participated in SADC exercises held in Tanzania. A 35 Squadron C47TP participated in Exercise Oxide on the Reunion Island in November 2017 in support of The South African Navy.

Lt Gen Msimang presented as we go into the 10th instalment of the African showpiece AAD2018,we will look forward to an increase participation of our African brothers and sisters, both as exhibitors as well as in the air display program.The focus areas for 2018 include an ethics awareness campaign, which is currently being pulled out, continued chess workshops and tournaments, as this grooms leaders in decision-making, and the establishment of an Air Force Academy of Excellence where all graduates will be commissioned as officers.

The fly pasts of Air force assets included a mass helicopter formation of three Oryx Helicopters, Three Agusta A109LUH and a single 16 Squadron UN Rooivalk.Next up was a 44 Squadron Casa 212,folowed by a 41 squadron PC12.The Silver falcons were next as did the 28 squadron C130BZ formed behind the smoke trailed by the Pilatus PC7MK11s.The final fly-past was made up of two Hawks from 85 Combat flying school plus two 2 Squadron Gripens breaking away with a roar of thunder echoing amongst the base.

The Chief of the Air force concluded that the each recipient on parade today must be congratulated and to the others member’s who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make an enjoyable and safe day. We wish the SAAF a SAAF year of flying both in the air and on the ground.

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