Johannesburg and Cape Town Route becoming more popular by the day!

Johannesburg and Cape Town Route becoming more popular by the day!

South African air corridor between Johannesburg and Cape town is becoming more and more popular by the day. The route has a distance of 1271km.
In 2010, the route was 12th in the most popular airline route between any two cities, in 2013 the route slotted in at no 10 and now for 2017 the route slotted in at no 9 with 31914 flights.

When it came to international routes, Hong Kong to Taipei topped the list with 29,494 flights a year.
Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is the second busiest (29,383 flights), and Jakarta to Singapore at third, (26,872 flights).
Of the top ten, eight routes were Asian. The busiest route outside of Asia is New York to Toronto, the sixth busiest with 17,116 flights a year, followed by Dublin to London.


World’s 10 busiest air routes 2017 (Between any two Cities)

Jeju-Seoul, South Korea: 64,991
Melbourne-Sydney, Australia: 54,519
Mumbai-Delhi, India: 47,462
Fukuoka-Tokyo Haneda, Japan: 42,835
Rio de Janeiro-Sao Paulo Congonhas, Brazil: 39,325
Sapporo-Tokyo, Japan: 38,389
Los Angeles-San Francisco, USA: 34,897
Brisbane-Sydney, Australia: 33,765
Cape Town-Johannesburg, South Africa: 31,914 flights
Beijing-Shanghai, China: 30,029

World’s busiest international air routes


Hong Kong-Taipei: 29,494
Kuala Lumpur-Singapore: 29,383
Jakarta-Singapore: 26,872
Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur: 20,890
Hong Kong-Shanghai: 20,818
New York La Guardia-Toronto: 17,116
Hong Kong-Seoul Incheon: 16,366
Beijing-Hong Kong: 14,592
Dublin-London Heathrow: 14,556
Bangkok-Singapore: 14,455

Source: and wikipedia


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