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Do’s and Don’ts attending an Airshow

 Do’s and Don’ts Attending an Airshow

This is just a small article on attending airshows in South Africa, the normal do’s and don’ts. Please note this is a general guide and although most airshows apply these rules, some airshows can differ slightly and this is only a guide. For our Airshow calendar click here

Airshows in South Africa are governed by Airshow South Africa, Airshow South Africa is part of The Aero Club of South Africa. The public can also become members of AirShow South Africa, click to read more…

Airshows are enjoyed by people of all ages, both males and females and with most airshows also providing entertainment, kids are sure to be kept busy if they get bored.

Phone number on the kid’s arm

A phone number on the kid’s arm

If you do have kids, it is recommended to write your phone number on the kid’s arm as it’s not uncommon for kids to get disorientated among all the thousands of spectators. Lots of vendors roam around offering kids aviation-related toys on sale. For the youth, most airshows have an Aviation career day on the day preceding the airshow and this day is normally the day that most aircraft practice and do validation flights, thus giving the youth attending the career day a mini show.

On Show day, almost all airshows have many static displays and display stalls for your entertainment and interest, this is normally Aviation related and sometimes includes other motorsports. This is a good time to chat with one of the exhibiting flight schools if you are interested in doing your own pilot license. Most airshows will have hobby shops displaying radio-controlled aircraft and guys from a virtual aviation club giving you the opportunity to fly some simulator flying.

Airshow gates normally open between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m., depending on the show. The show starts about 9 am to 10 am on average and lasts anything from 3 pm to sunset set shows followed by a fireworks display ending the day, Once again not all Airshows are the same.

In 2017 the gate prices were anything from R80pp to R120pp, except for one show that was a bit more. South African airshow entry fees are by far on the lower end of the average entry fair, yet we complain! Most airshows sell tickets online before the show and we at Aviation Central do recommend buying prepaid airshow tickets as this allows quick access to the airshow grounds.

Botswana International Airshow

Most extreme airshow fans will be at the gates one or two hours before the gates open at the bigger shows as to get the perfect spot on the crowd line fence. We do recommend that you be at the gates before they open to get a good spot. If you are at the gate in a queue, please post a photo of the line on our Facebook page. Having a coffee ready on a colder day can be welcome.

Some airshows allow you to take along cooler boxes and some don’t. Please confirm this before getting to the gate. We do understand that the airshow organizers prefer you to spend a Rand or two at the vendors as they contribute to the funds needed to host an airshow. Vendors include a variety of foods, soft drinks, and novelties. Almost all airshows have a beer garden for those on the thirsty side and no alcohol is permitted through the gates.

Waste, We recommend taking along a bag for your waste. Although all airshows do have bin’s all-over, this will save you the trouble of going to the bin every time, Once your bag is full, go and dump your bag.

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Without sponsors, NO airshow in the world will be possible. Please take note of the airshow sponsors and visit their stands at the show. This will make the sponsors feel more positive about their investment and next year they will sponsor again and maybe even up their sponsor allowing the organizers to give you a better show. Airshows cost money and a lot of it. So, we appeal to you to take note of the sponsors and support them.

An airshow display is normally controlled by an Air boss, and the show and is closely monitored by a safety officer. Without Air Traffic Control (ATC), no airshow is possible. Not only do they control airshow traffic, but they also monitor the airshow box for traffic intruding on the airshow airspace. On the ground, we have a ramp master making sure all aircraft have a parking spot.

Airshows are fantastic photographic opportunities, so remember to take along those cameras. South Africa has aviation-related photographic clubs and groups; one of the most popular clubs is the SAAFMPC, based at Zwartzkops SAAF museum in Pretoria. When taking photos at an airshow, opportunities are not only in the air, but there are also static displays, vendor and sponsor exhibits and the crowd can also present that winning shot of the day. Also read Airshow Photography, the Canon way

Attending an airshow in sunny South Africa also has a challenge that is very important to be prepared for, The SUN! Please make sure you have sunblock, eye protection, and a hat. Drink lots of fluids, preferably water. One thing that is usually a no-go at most airshows worldwide is beach umbrellas and gazebos. These are obstacles and barriers for all those around and behind you. So please be considerate to others and do not take yours along. Do drink plenty of liquids and stay hydrated. Water and soft drinks will be available on the Show at a reasonable cost.

With airshows lasting almost a full day, you cannot stand on your legs all the time, so it’s recommended to take along camping chairs and/or a blanket. It’s also recommended to dress in layers that you can remove as the day warms up and once again put on again as the day cools down. Do not pack heavy as airshows are mostly long walks from parking to the crowd line. The bigger airshows have park-and-ride options and some Gauteng airshows also have the Gautrain as a partner to assist you in getting to and from the Show.v

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These are general airshow rules, but they differ slightly from show to show.

No-No’s at airshows:

  • Firearms
  • Braais of any kind.
  • Own Alcohol.
  • Don’t smoke on the Flightline: The entire ramp is a NO SMOKING AREA.
  • Don’t arrive at the airport late: Traffic and limited parking will require visitors to arrive early to see all the action.
  • Don’t bring dogs or other animals, bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, alcohol, fireworks, or weapons of any kind.
  • Don’t bring  Two-way radios or any similar device that can hinder ATC and aircraft communications.
  • Handheld Laser Pointers.
  • Drones.

No-No’s at some airshows, please check before going.

  • Cooler boxes
  • Own food
  • Umbrellas and Gazebos (We do not recommend taking one of these to any airshow)

What to take along to an airshow.

• Airshow Tickets if pre-bought
• Hats
• Sunblock
• Protective sunglasses
• Camping chairs and/or a blanked
• Cameras
• Fully charged phone and a power bank
• Earplugs for small ones and those with sensitive ears
• Cash (Most shows do have ATMs. However, at an airshow Cash is King)

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After an airshow, it’s the long walk back to your car and a day at the airshow can be tiring, so therefore you need to pack light. Traffic after an airshow can also be a nightmare, so please be patient, give gaps to others, and follow the guidance of traffic officials. It helps to go to the loo before heading to your car and having something cold to drink can also help if the wait is long to get out.

Please do not forget to share your photos, comments, and ratings on the show(s) that you attended on our Facebook page.

Best of 2017

Best of 2017

In early December 2017 we requested you, our followers to send us your best photos of 2017, we did receive some pretty good photos. Thank you to all that send photos 🙂
For 2018 Photo opportunities, view our 2018 calendar… 

Alan Stephens

North American P 51 D Mustang “Mustang Sally”
Menno Parsons

Alan Richert

Here’s two from my collection. Was really hard to select only 2, but these are a bit different to the normal images people see to give some variety.

Newcastle Airshow 2017.

SAAF Museum Airshow 2017

Charmaine Pypers – Charz Photography

Im an amateur photographer and love shooting sports, it was a very challenging day for photographers with the wind pumping, but I had a blast.  I love the Silver Falcons in the air and hope you find my images good enough for your “best of” publication.

Langebaanweg Airshow 2017

Langebaanweg Airshow 2017

Langebaanweg Airshow 2017

Langebaanweg Airshow 2017

Mark Payze

“Just a cheeky photo after a nice training flight”

Just a cheeky photo after a nice training flight

Pieter Cronje

Frikkie Swart

IMG6227 RV Fly-in. – “Pilot landing skills tested to the limit in a ridiculous strong and gusting crosswind at the RV Fly-in at Kitty Hawk Airfield.”

Airbus 380 – “Speedbird on final approach to FAOR.”

Renier Siebrits

“1) Mango Airlines, flown by Scully Levin, performing with Team 81 of the Silver Falcons at the Langebaanweg Airshow.

2) Photo of the Gripen C display at AFB Langebaanweg flown by Major Geoffrey ‘Spartan’ Cooper. The slight condensation above the cockpit and wing and the visible shockwaves in the afterburner makes it unique”

Great Dane

“MAO Boeing C-17A Globemaster III Qatar Emiri Air Force When departing Jo’burg on an airliner and luck is on your side. 

ZS-RNV Aerospatiale SA-316B Alouette III Helivate Before a fun filled flipping day at Krugersdorp in this beautiful classic.”

Charmaine Oliver

“This was the end of the annual spring fest in Secunda. The Pitts did an amazing sunset display over Lake Umuzi and I captured this photo as they arrived in Secunda.”
Please support Charmaine’s cause click here to read more

Pitts over Lake Umuzi

Dian Townsend

Theze photos were taken at the SAAF Museum Air Show at Zwartkops afb. I used a canon powershot sx530hs camera with a tripod.

de Havilland DH.115 Vampire

Silver Falcons PC7

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