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Road closures for AFD

Road closures for 18, 19, 20 & 21 February 2019 for armed
Forces day (AFD) night shooting capability demonstration at
Sunrise Beach, Muizenberg and the main AFD presidential para

On Monday 18 February 2019 at about 4am until Wednesday 20 February 2019 at 10am, Sunrise Beach will be closed off to the public and no public will be allowed into the beach area, as an assortment of heavy military fighting vehicles and platforms will be positioned in an extended line on the beach in preparation for the night shoot that will employ live ammunition on 19 February 2019. The beach area will be re-opened on Wednesday morning after the vehicles have cleared the range.
Preparations on 18, 19 February 2019 will take place as follows:
From 4am to 3pm, heavy military vehicles will move into Muizenberg with heavily impacted roads being: Royal, PG Drive, Boyes Drive and Baden Powell.
Rehearsals for the Night Shoot takes place at 5pm to 10pm.
Night Shoot Demonstration on Tuesday 19 February 2019 is scheduled for 5pm until 10pm.
Military demobilisation and clearing of Sunrise Beach by military vehicles will take place from 4am to 10am with vehicles withdrawing to their respective bases.
Road Closures for the Night Shoot from 7pm to 9pm on 18 and 19 February 2019
Royal Road/Axminster Road and Sunrise Circle.
Royal and Axminster parking will be closed. This parking will be for military vehicles.
Bath and Margate Road closed towards Royal Road.
Bath and Recreation closed towards Royal Road.
No vehicles allowed during road closures.
Residents to make use of alternative routes.
Emergency vehicles and other authorised vehicles will be allowed access.

The following road closures will be effected for the Rehearsal of the Main Parade by the mechanised column of military vehicles on 20 and 21 February 2019 as from 4am
Blaauwberg/Popham Residents in this area to enter or exit at
this point Businesses to use Arum Road.
Blaauwberg/Marine Circle No traffic into Marine Circle.
Marine Drive/Athens No traffic onto Marine.
Athens/Claim No traffic towards KFC.
Claim/Visagie No traffic towards Marine.
Otto du Plessis/Marine No traffic onto Marine.
Otto du Plessis/Dolphin Beach No traffic onto Marine.

Residents use Dolphin Beach only.
Marine Circle/Arum No traffic towards Blaauwberg Road. Beach Blvd/Porterfield No traffic along Beach Blvd.
Exit on Arum Road.
Marine Circle/Coral Rd No traffic towards Beach Blvd.
No traffic into Coral Road.

Coral/Foam No traffic onto Foam.
Beach Blvd/Seal No traffic onto Beach Blvd towards Foam.
Exit down Beach Blvd at Shell Rd or Watsonia.
Beach Blvd/Shell No traffic towards Foam.

All traffic to exit Shell onto Marine Drive and towards
Big Bay Blvd or onto Watsonia.
Coral/Watsonia No traffic towards Foam.
Otto du Plessis/Perlemoen No traffic towards Blaauwberg Circle.
Exit towards Big Bay Circle.
Otto du Plessis/ Sir David Baird No traffic towards Blaauwberg Circle.
Exit towards Big Bay Circle.
Otto du PLessis Ocean/Tides Exit only toward Big Bay Circle.
Otto du Plessis /Waves Edge Exit only towards Big Bay Circle.
Otto du Plessis/Big Bay Blvd No traffic towards Blaauwberg Road.

Armed Forces Day Celebration 2019 Dates

Armed Forces Day 2019

Armed Forces Day Celebration 2019 Dates

The purpose of the Armed Forces Day is to commemorate the sinking of the SS MENDI, where on 21 February 1917,

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614 South African men, of which 607 were from the South African Native Labour Corps and 33 crew members perished in the icy waters of the English Channel. The event also commemorates those patriots who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to the country. The Armed Forces Day celebration is therefore the largest celebratory event on the SANDF calendar. The event affords the public an opportunity to engage with and have a first-hand experience with the men and women in uniform and their military equipment. The Armed Forces Day 2019 will be celebrated in Cape Town from 16-21 February 2019.

Military parade and handing over of medals to our serving soldiers at Table View Beach at 10:30 for 11:00 to be followed by a military capability demonstration.

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Attend these spectacular events in support of Armed Forces Day:


Band performance: 16 – 17 Feb at 16:00 and sea cadets marching through Waterfront.

STATIC DISPLAY OF MILITARY VEHICLES & LIFE ARENA DEMONSTRATIONS: 16 -19 Feb, at the Mandela Park Sports Stadium (Khayelitsha). Daily live military demonstrations, exhibtions & sport village.

CSANDF/CISM FUN RUN 5km and 10km: 16 Feb, 08:00 for 08:30 at the Sea Point Promenade. SPORTS CLINICS: 18 – 19 Feb, for primary schools, Grades 6 and 7 at the Pama Road, Khayelitsha Stadium. INTER-FAITH SERVICE: 18 – 19 Feb, 10:30 – 12:00 at the Cape Town City Hall.

NIGHT SHOOT, Rehearsal: 18 Feb, 19:30 at Muizenberg (Sunrise Beach). Public welcome to attend. NIGHT SHOOT: 19 Feb, 19:30 at Muizenberg (Sunrise Beach). MILITARY PARADE AND CAPABILITY DEMONSTRATION: 21 Feb, 10:30 for 11:00 to be followed by military capability demonstration at Table View Beach.

ALL WELCOME AND FREE ENTRY Low flying aircraft & excessive noise will be experienced from time to time.

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