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Airshow 2022 Program Final

The Airboss for #AAD2022 released the Final Air display program to us.
Saturday and Sunday program is almost similar for the two days.
Note although this is labeled as the final program, this can still change due to Aircraft or Pilot availability.


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USAF Tanking

See USAF Tanking HC130/HH60 Demo at 15:15

Airshow 2022 Program

Slot TimeSlot EndAir Display Item (SATURDAY)Air Display Item (SUNDAY)Aircraft Type
Show OpeningShow Opening
09:0009:10Hawk Display (SAAF)Hawk Display (SAAF)BAE Hawk 120 (SAAF)
09:1009:20Museum Harvard (SAAFM)Museum Harvard (SAAFM)Harvard (SAAFM)
09:2009:30Pointer FormationPointer FormationC208s (SAAF)
09:3009:40Extra Advanced AerobaticsExtra Advanced AerobaticsExtra 300LP (Nashua)
09:4009:50GyrocopoterGyrocopoterMagni Gyro
09:5010:00RaptorsRaptors4 x RV7/8s
10:0010:10Golden Eagles Paradrop (SAAFM)Golden Eagles Paradrop (SAAFM)Kudu (all SAAFM Aircraft)
10:1010:20Chopper Display (SAAFM)Chopper Display (SAAFM)Puma, Alo-III, Alo-II
10:2010:30Fixed Wing Formo (SAAFM)Fixed Wing Formo (SAAFM)Bosbok/Kudu/C185
10:3010:40L-29 DisplayL-29 DisplayL-29 (Hangar 51)
10:4010:45Hawk Scramble/InterceptHawk Scramble/InterceptSovereign (SAPS)/Hawks (SAAF)
10:4511:00Silver Falcons (SAAF)Hired Gun Pitts TeamFalcons (SAAF)/4 x Pitts 2B
11:0011:40SAPS HijackingSAPS HijackingCessna Sovereign (SAPS)
Hawks Intercept (SAAF)
H125 (SAPS)
BK117s (SAAF)
11:4011:50Zimbabwe (AFZ)Zimbabwe (AFZ)Karakorum K-8 (AFZ)
11:5012:00BK117 Display (SAAF)BK117 Display (SAAF)BK-117 (SAAF)
12:0012:10SAFAIR B737/C130SAFAIR B737/C130C-130/B737 (SAFAIR)
12:1012:20SAFAIR C130Silver Falcons (SAAF)4 x PC-7 MkII (SAAF)
12:2012:30SANDF ParadropSANDF ParadropCasa 212/C208s (SAAF)
12:3012:40Good Year TeamGood Year Team4 x Pitts Specials (Good Year)
12:4012:50CFS Solo Display (SAAF)CFS Solo Display (SAAF)PC-7 MkII (SAAF)
12:5013:00Alo-II Helicopter DisplayAlo-II Helicopter DisplayAlo II (Pvt)
13:0013:15Puma Flying LionsPuma Flying Lions4 x Harvards (PUMA)
13:1513:30IVECO ExtrasIVECO Extras2 x Extra 330SC (IVECO)
13:3014:00Lunch BreakLunch Break
Mini War - Aircraft AirborneMini War - Aircraft AirborneGripen/Hawk
14:0014:45Mini War - C130/Casa 212 (SAAF)Mini War - C130/Casa 212 (SAAF)C130/Casa212
Mini War Fighters (SAAF)Gripen/Hawk (SAAF)Gripen/Hawk
Mini War - Choppers (SAAF)Mini War - Choppers (SAAF)Oryx/A109s/BK117s
14:4515:00L-39L-39L-39 (Pvt)
15:0015:15Silver Falcons (SAAF)Silver Falcons (SAAF)4 x PC-7 MkII (SAAF)
15:1515:30USAF TankingBK117 Display (SAAF)HC130 & HH60 (USAF)
15:3015:45USAF Pave HawkStearman/RC (Sunday)Boeing Stearman/RC
15:4516:00Hawk Display (SAAF)Hawk Display (SAAF)BAE Hawk Mk120
16:0016:15Mustang SallyMustang SallyP51D Mustang
16:1516:25Henley/Rocket HEMS Bell 222Henley/Rocket HEMS Bell 222Bell 222/Rescue
16:2516:40Henley Air 222Henley Air 222Bell 222
16:4016:50Extra Advanced AerobaticsExtra Advanced AerobaticsExtra 300LP (Nashua)
16:5017:00Mass Para Drop C130 (SAAF)Mass Para Drop C130 (SAAF)C130 (Flares)
17:0017:15Attack Helicopter Duo (SAAF)Attack Helicopter Duo (SAAF)Rooivalk/BK117 (Flares)
17:1517:20Fighter Flypast (SAAF)Fighter Flypast (SAAF)4 x Hawks
17:2017:30Gripen Sunset (SAAF)Gripen Sunset (SAAF)SAAB Gripen (Flares)
17:3017:45Puma Lions Flat DisplayPuma Lions Flat Display4 x Harvards

Ladysmith Aviation Career Expo & Airshow 2019

Kwa-Zulu Natal got to see their second airshow in the province this year after Newcastle Airshow during the early period of the South African Airshow calendar . Ladysmith was the chosen airport to host the Aviation Career expo and airshow on the 25th and 26th October 2019,with the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) supporting the whole event.

The Ladysmith Airfield goes back many years and with the Ladysmith Hotel in close proximity, the actual hotel was the airfields old terminal building which was opened by Brigadier C.G Ross,C.BE.,D.F.C on the 26th October 1950. The airfield is home to a small flight school and hangers other small aircraft for private use.

Friday 25th October youth from surrounding school in Ladysmith and the Kwa-Zulu Natal Province got to know more about the aviation industry through the help of Civil Aviation Authority providing an Awareness drive to the children with talks by pilots, engineers and getting to network with display pilots in preparation for the following days airshow.

Free to the public was this years Ladysmith airshow, with the South African Airforce Silver Falcons Aerobatic team 83 in formation with Major Geoffrey “Spartan” Cooper in a JAS39D Gripen. Major Omphile Matloane possibly completing his last airshow display as Falcon one as he will be moving on to instruct on helicopters at 87 Helicopter Flying School in Bloemfontein next year.

The Silver Falcons completed their display with two training livery aircraft from, Central Flying School at Airforce Base Langebaanweg in the Western Cape.Falcon 8 Capital Sounds Brian Emmenis produced the commentary for their show and all other display acts of the day.

The three jet display were part of the exciting program with the roar of the might 2 Squadron Gripen in which we saw two different gripens during the course of the day. In the morning we had ‘3905’ JAS39D dual seater and in the afternoon the solo display with ‘3916’ which was again put through its paces by Geoffrey “Spartan” Cooper. The Gripen operated out of Airforce Base Waterkloof in Pretoria as made it to Ladysmith within 20 minutes of flight time!

Glen Warden flew the L29 Delphin, an ex eastern block jet trainer and Airlink displayed one of their Embraer E190s which made brilliant photo opportunities as one doesn’t see a airliner fly in Ladysmith everyday .

The Goodyear Eagles Pitts display team flew their four ship display, Team Extreme was present with 3 aircraft and once again showed off their famous knife edge passes before heading back to Rand Airport as large thunder storms closed the show off.

The South African Airforce also had a 17 Squadron Agusta A109LUH on static display. A 44 Squadron Casa 212 flew some of the lucky youth on Saturday morning before the show by Major Nick Green, Major Ashley Naxhe and Flight Saregent Jaques De Kock.

“Little Annie” an Antonov An2 flown by Jon-Marc Hill and Ryan Smith were the jump ship for this show and dropped some of the Adventure Skydiving members, with Ralph Ridge flying South Africa’s biggest flag.

André van Zyl flew his Magni Gyrocopter display and most probably the best Gyrocopter display. André has now displayed both in South Africa,Botswana and recently Mozambique!

Flying Display Director from Airshow South Africa “ASSA” Rickus Erasmus,Safety director Colonel Francois “Hose” Hanekom, Ramp Controller Cliff Lotter and Louise Hofmeyr as airshow programme director.

Well done to Ms Poppy Khoza and her team at the South African Civil Aviation Authority on providing a great variety of aircraft for a CAA Airshow. We look forward to the last show of the year at Polokwane as part of International Civil Aviation Day ‘ICAD’,which will also form part of an airshow.

Ladysmith Airshow 2019 What to expect

2nd last Airshow for South African Airshow season for 2019

The Ladysmith Airshow is set to take place this Saturday 26th October at the Ladysmith airfield in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

This year KZN only saw one Airshow in the province in Newcastle. Some Airshow favorites are to take to the skies including the mighty 2 Squadron Gripen, Silver Falcons Team 83, Little Annie and the Puma Flying Lions Harvard’s and many more!

This will be the Silver Falcons and Gripen second appearance at a airshow in KZN this year. Ladysmith visitors be prepared for a good rumble which will echo far into the Drakensberg mountains.

Team Extreme Extra 330s

The Airshow is free to the public and a youth awareness day will be held on 25th October.

Some of the action for this weekend’s Department of Transport (South Africa) celebrating Transport month, to be hosted at Ladysmith Airport.

Ladysmith Flying Club

Silver Falcons Aerobatic Team and Gripen Flypast

Gyro flat Display

L29 Jet

Team Xtreme Airshows


The Flying Lions

Big Flag Jump, From Little Annie

Gyro Disply

Goodyear Eagles Aerobatic Team

190 Fly AirlinkAirlink

Extra 300 Solo

Little Annie

Flying Lions flypast and depart

Goodyear eagles Flypast and depart

Silver Falcons Aerobatic Team

Puma Flying Lions Harvards

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