Armed Forces Day 2019 Capability Demonstration

The South African National Defence Force showed off their muscles in the Sunset beach area after a successful parade moments before.
A capability demonstration was shown off to the public from land, sea and air. The bay was in good hands with a large presence of Navy Frigates, Lima Boats and a Submarine. Some of the vehicles we don’t see to often. A big treat for the Johannesburg based media!

A mock scene was set up of a hostage scenario on the beach,where the aggressive enemy took hostage of civilians.The task came out to take over the situation and restore peace.
A C130BZ from 28 Squadron flew into the tense area and delivered a boat and troops with parachutes into the area where most navy vessels were visible.

A recce run was than called in,this in the form of two Hawk Mk120s from 85 Combat Flying School and escorted by two 2 Squadron Gripens.
An Oryx helicopter then came in for some tropping,escorted by two 16 Squadron Rooivalks also providing top cover for troops.

The Lima boats then made their way towards the shoreline to bring much needed troops to obtain the beach area. The Fighters were then called in for a bombing run, yet again with two hawks and gripens. The fighters also released flares while they exited the bombing area.

One of the troops got injured while the bombing run was taking place, a Agusta A109LuH came to the rescue as well as an Oryx helicopter. A 22 Squadron Lynx also provided top cover for both the troops and the navy vessels out in the bay. The situation was now in the hand of the SANDF.

This capability demonstration was the best Aviation Central has witnessed with all different elements of the SANDF.A big well done to everyone who made this exercise a success.

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