Indian Airforce Museum ,Palam

Hidden away on the far side of Delhi’s International Airport is a significant collection of historic aircraft,The Indian Air force Museum is an excellent and is one of the lesser known museums in the world today.

The Indian Air force Museum located at the  Palam Air force Station in Delhi, India.This particular Museum was the only one of its kind in India until the opening of the Naval Aviation Museum in Goa in 1998 and HAL Aerospace Museum in Bangalore.

Above TS-11 Iskra

The museum entrance is free to the public,and the entrance features an indoor display gallery that contains historic photographs and other sorts of memorabilia of the Indian Air force from its inception in 1932.The Gallery leads to a hanger exhibiting small aircraft and Air force inventory including anti-aircraft guns,vehicles and etc.

Helicopters are also a welcome sight at the museum on the outside exhibits area including a Russian MIL Mi-4 and a Sikorsky S55.The S55C had a 600hp(472) R-1340 engine.

Above Mil Mi-4

Above a Sikorsky S55C

Larger aircraft are exhibited outside of the hanger due to space needed for the bigger are the larger aircraft take up.The outdoor gallery contains aircraft that also display several war trophies,radar equipment and captured enemy vehicles.

Above C-119 Flying Boxcar

The vintage Aircraft Flight services that have some rare aircraft that are maintained in a airworthy condition,these aircraft are off limits to the public to view.Large aircraft are also  stored on the apron of the airbase due to the lack of space.These aircraft are only displayed on the annual Air Force Day.

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Above Westland Lysander

Above HAOP-27 Krishak

Above Supermarine Spitfire

The jet age is also on display at the Museum from the early Mig models to the super Mig-25R of number 102 Squadron IAF on display.

Above Mig 21

Above Mig 25R

Its an awesome sight to see the rest of the world looking after their aviation history.Some of the rarest aircraft can be seen at this museum,when in India make a stop at the museum to see some real Indian Air force Hardware from years gone by.

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