Langebaanweg Airshow, what to expect!

Langebaanweg Airshow, what to expect!

Langebaanweg Airshow, what to expect!

With just over a week to go till what is to be the most awaited airshow of 2017.
It’s the last Airshow for the Year 2017, the 2nd SAAF hosted airshow for the year, the other being SAAF Museum airshow that was held in May earlier this year and then the 1st Airshow in the Western Cape since 2015 that was at Stellenbosch. The  last open day for the public at AFB Langebaanweg was in 1995 during the 75th anniversary of the South African Air force. The Silver Falcons have had the opportunity to dazzle crowds all over the country, but rarely the opportunity to showcase its Pride, Passion and Precision at their home base. Due to the unique location of this Air Show, it allows for certain unique displays that would not necessarily feature at other Air Shows around the country. This makes it one show not to miss.

This Air show would allow the SAAF to celebrate a significant milestone with Pride. An Air show planned and executed by the AFB Langebaanweg entirely to allow the greater public the experience the professionalism and pride that we have for the SAAF. It would allow the public to experience the Passion that we have for our Air Force and serving our Country, and through this Air show inspire confidence in our Air Force and provide a platform for the youth to commit to serving their Country as well. This Air show will provide a platform to showcase our Precision. Showcasing our Aircraft operated in a professional manner and in such ways as to highlight our exemplary training and professional members.

Ample Parking is available and Disabled parking with Golf Cart Shuttle available to the display area for those in need.
The Gates open at 07:00 and show starts at 09:00 and is expected to come to an end with the Gripen Breaking the Sound barrier at about 17:00. Read more…

What to bring along, Sunscreen and a Hat, camping chair or a blanket to sit on and Picnic baskets are welcome, however many Food and soft drink vendors will be onsite! A Beer garden will also be onsite for those a bit thirstier! ATM facilities will be available. We do recommend to bring cash, as at an Airshow cash is always King and to avoid long lines at the ATM’s.

Silver Falcons Team 81 for this 50th Anniversary show is:

Major Wendy ‘Electra’ Badenhorst
Major Corné ‘Stilbo’ van Deventer
Major Mark ‘Katana’ Gentles
Major Sivu ‘Sivuple’ Tangana
Major Omphile ‘Biggy’ Mutloane
Major Bheki ‘Swaziboy’ Shabangu

Read more on the Silver Falcons

View full Airshow Program here

The following is a list of the various aircraft that are confirmed to take part in this Air Show:
SAAF Aircraft:
3 X Oryx (Static, Flying and Backup)
1 X Lynx
4X Hawk (Static, Flying and Backup)
7X Gripen (Static, Flying and Backup)
2 X C208/1 X C212
2 X C47TP
1 X C130BZ
6 X Silver Falcons
18 X Astra’s (PC7’s)
2X Rooivalk(Static, Flying and Backup)

Civilian Aircraft:
Puma Flying Lions – 4 X Harvard
Raptors 4 X RV 7/8/9
Nashua Extra 300LP
Mango B737-800
Neville Ferreira Slick 540
Impala ZU-IMP Impala
Mother City Skydiving Jump Platform Required
AMSRCC 7 x RC Aircraft
Team Extreme 4 x Cirrus/Extra 300
Little Annie AN-2
Working on Fire AT802/C206/Huey
Robin Cross 6 X Static Display
CTFTC DV20 Static + Air
SFC (C152+C172) 2 X Static Display
AMScor EC145 Static + Air

Below is a photos of all the Aircraft to fly at this wonderful Langebaan Airshow 2017!

Photo’s from various photographers with the SAAFMPC group and Team Aviation Central members!



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  1. […] To the very special ground crew who keep the aircraft serviceable and fix snags before shows at the last minute. If it wasn’t for you guys we would have no aircraft flying but hopefully taxing lol. This year  the Silver Falcons are celebrating their 50th Anniversary with an airshow at AFB Langebaanweg on the Capes West Coast on December 9th. With some of the rumors going around its definitely a show to attend, with a major SAAF presence. We would like to wish the Silver Falcons all the best and many more safe sorties. To the past team members,once a falcon …always a falcon! Read more on Langebaanweg Airshow, what to expect! […]

  2. […] Did you get your tickets yet, if not then click here! Remember to bring along Camping Chairs, Hats, Sunblock and keep Hydrated! You are welcome to bring your own picnic basket, but no alcohol is allowed to be brought in, a Beer Garden is available at the show with reasonable prices! Wright your phone number on a card and hang it around your kids neck or as an armband, it’s not uncommon for kids to lose sense of direction at a big event like this. For more information on what to expect please go to this page. […]

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