Maiden flight of The High Flying Maverick

Maiden flight of The High Flying Maverick

From the 1st Phone call we got from Devashini Govender to d-day on the 17th March 2018 was a busy time from for all. The Team building an assembling the Maverick pushed to get the job done in time and still insuring maximum safety for all aboard the Maverick. They exceeded expectations and did an excellent job.  Devashini and her team planning the launch event with help from M Cubed Media’s Mark Mansfield on the Aviation side was a huge success and not even some bad weather could put a stop to the what they have put together for the launch, well done to all!

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Launch day:
Several media houses, Aviation and Non-Aviation,  Radio stations and TV crews attended the launch.
Welcomed by our Captain and Airhostess we felt comfortable and at ease ready for take-off.
Before boarding we surprised by a guest appearance of The Cows Aerobatic Team.
They were limited to a flat show due to a low cloud base, yet they gave an excellent display and we were reminded as to why they are the top display team in South Africa.

After The Cows, it was the turn of the Maverick Test pilots to do their part. Aviation Central had Rickus Briers an Airline Pilot himself and with some aerobatic flights behind him on the test flight crew.

Had a fantastic experience on the launch of The High Flying Maverick. As a Pilot myself I would in courage the public and all adrenaline junkies to head to Gold Reef City for an awesome thrill ride in order to have glimpse of what it would be like to pull some G’s in Aerobatic Aircraft. After three rounds on the Maverick I could honestly say that I would go back for more. A big thank you to all that made it a special day. “ – Rickus Briers

Aviation Centrals Test Flight crew
Captain: Rickus Briers, Co-Pilot Jessica van der Merwe and Crew members, Jacky van der Merwe and Lettie van Emmenis

Test Flight Video

Later the day, after the Drive from Rand Airport to Gold Reef City Theme park, we were joined by Ellis Levin, soloist with The Cows Aerobatic Team. Ellis and his son then took on The High Flying Maverick with Ellis in the captain’s seat and his Son as co-pilot.

Ellis Levin and his son

About Ellis

Ellis started his aerobatic career at the tender age of 17 in a Pitts Special. Coached by his father Scully, he has some 15000 flying hours to his name and has flown for SAA for the past 14 years. He currently flies the Airbus A340 on international routes and has continued the Levin family legacy of skill, precision and professionalism.  Ellis is a member of The Cows Aerobatic Team and the Puma Energy Harvard’s Aerobatic Team.

African Pilot’s Athol and Christine taking “The High Flying Maverick” for a test flight at Gold Reef City

To read all the Tech’s specs on the Flying Maverick or to book your seat go to

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