Swartkop Warbirds fly-in

Swartkop Warbirds fly-in

25 and 26 November saw the Military Radio Control club annual Warbirds fly-in at Swartkop Air Force base. Warbirds was to be on Saturday and Civilian Aircraft on Sunday, However the much needed rain prevented any flying on the Saturday. Sunday was a perfect weather day for any sort of flying, including Radio Control. Not many aircraft turnout for the fly in, most likely due to pilots thinking the entire event was cancelled due to Saturday’s heavy rain. The show organized by Lieutenant Colonel Gert de Klerk and the Military Radio Control flying club

First in the air was Wesie with Lockheed P-38 Lightning twin, what an amazing aircraft this is.

Lockheed P-38 Lightning

Next was Local boy Pierre Le Roux with his Bell JetRanger III, Pierre put this Jetranger thru its paces with almost perfect flying.

Bell JetRanger III


Pierre was followed by Arno Janz in his Red Bull Yak 55, Not his is an powerful Airplane, powered by a 210cc four stroke engine!

Red Bull Yak 55

This was followed by Arno with his RV4 and Wesie with P38, spoiling us with two aircraft in the sky!

This was followed by the ‘Red Baron’ a Super Stearman powered by a Laser 360 build and flown by Humphrey Le Grice, Now she is a Beaut!

Red Baron

Next up, BAE hawk flown by Dirk Visser.

BAE Hawk

Direct after the BAE Hawk it was once a gain Dirk Visser with a Playboy F14 Tomcat, Twin turbine and sweepback wings! After struggling to get the right-hand engine going all systems was go for this amazing Radio Control airplane to fly.

Playboy F14 Tomcat

Next up was the Star of the day with young, 8 year old Ger-Drie de Beer with his Extra 330LP powered by a 60cc Twin Engine, Can this youngster fly! Take-off was immediately followed by a 1/4 Rolling circle, some stunning aerobatics and low-level flying. Die Seun mag maar vlieg!


Young Ger-Drie was followed by with his American levy Yak 55, once again some excellent flying routine.

American levy Yak 55

Lastly we saw Dirk Visser in is Airwolf like chopper, what a lovely Chopper this is!

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