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Johannesburg, February 2018: Excitement is, quite literally, in the air at SA’s top-rated theme park* as Gold Reef City’s first-of-its-kind aeronautical ride – The High Flying Maverick – opens.

Combining thrilling motion and spectacular visual effects, The High Flying Maverick takes riders on an amazing journey which replicates the experiences and sensations of an acrobatic aeroplane flight, with banks, loops, dives and weightlessness that will test even the most experienced thrill seekers.

The New High Flying Maverick Thrill Ride Experience

As soon as the throttle is opened the plane wastes no time climbing to altitude. While ascending, passengers immediately start to pull a hard right, chasing the craft seen in front. Behind them is another aeroplane bearing down on their ‘six’ (otherwise known as your tail) and tailing the plane hard. This only means one thing, the pilot must take evasive manoeuvres. The aircraft swings into a series of awesome barrel rolls, pushing everyone on-board to the extreme, with G-forces anywhere between +4g to -1,8g. Numerous outlandish moves are seamlessly executed in a sequence that would put pilots of the famous Red Arrow Aerobatic Team to shame.

TECHNICAL DATA SPECIFICS Lenght dimension 23,1 m (75’ 9’’) Width dimension 23,1 m (75’ 9’’) Height dimension 12,3 m (40’ 3’’) Number of seats 24 adults
TECHNICAL DATA SPECIFICS Number of arms 6 Theoretical hourly capacity 480 pph Minimum passenger height 120 cm (48’’) Drive power 109 kW Version Park model
If you’re brave enough to take a seat in the cockpit, get down to Gold Reef City from Wednesday 7 March and experience the sheer thrill of The High Flying Maverick for yourself.
The High Flying Maverick is exclusive to Thrill Rider ticket holders – R210 per person for full access to all rides and attractions in the park, and all riders must be 1.3m or taller. For more information and ticket bookings, please visit

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