Flippie van Emmenis – #AAD2022

#AAD2022, Africa Aerospace and Defence 2022, After a 4-year absence and the SAAF100 celebrations being missed in 2020, all South Africans were hungry for a good Airshow. With tight finances, Fuel costs, COVID, and war in Ukraine everyone, including myself was skeptical if AAD2022 was going to happen, but even with all these major negative impacts AAD2022 did take place, and what a good show it was. The crowd was just amazing, the most cheerful and cheering crowd I ever witnessed at an Airshow, The Airboss did a fantastic job putting together and flight program like that we saw, Was just wow.  The Static display and exhibition halls could have been fuller, but again, no one has the budget for that now! From end to end I will give 7/10 (9/10 Airshow and 5/10 exhibition side)

Woza #AAD2024 and we at Aviation Central will once again be sharing you all with information regarding the buildup to Africa Aerospace and Defence 2024. Our next focus will be the SAAF Museum 50th Birthday celebrations at Swartkop Air Force base in 2023.  

Photos by Flippie van Emmenis, Click to enlarge photos

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