Photo upload 2018

Upload your top photos from 2018 and we will share them for you for everyone to see!

Best of 2018

Before uploading your photos please have a look at the T&C’s

  1. Only two photos per person
  2. Max file size per photo is 1mb
  3. All photos must contain a short text describing where the photo was taken and what aircraft & pilot name (where its known)
  4. Photo must be uploaded with permission to share on our Website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.
  5. We cannot be held responsible for anyone downloading the photo from any of our online platforms.
  6. You can add a watermark to your photo before uploading, but it is not a requirement.
  7. You requested to share the page with your friends when your photo is online
  8. This is not Competition, but an opportunity to showcase your top tow photos of 2018
  9. Once uploaded we will receive your submission, review and then share

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