The FAW Ermelo Airshow 2018 – What to expect

The FAW Ermelo Airshow 2018

The 1st airshow for 2018.

This is the 1st Airshow for 2018 and it’s all happening on 07 April at Ermelo Airport.
We Aviation Central just love the Small-Town Airshows and will be at the Ermelo Airshow.
Adults R100 and scholars R50 and gates open at 8am
Sound and commentary by the professional Brian Emmenis and his CAPITAL SOUNDS Team.

Please read our Guide Do’s and Don’ts attending an Airshow

(Aircraft list below)

What to expect:

The following Aircraft and teams has been approved and confirmed. (Please note this can change at any time)

Antonov AN-2 – Little Annie Hill
4x Harvards Puma Energy Flying Lions Aerobatic Team
4x Pitts Specials The Cows Aerobatic Team
1941 Boeing Stearman – Ivan Van Der Schaar
L39 Albatros Pierre Gouws
Impala ZU-IMP
VANS RV “Raptors”
Extra 300 LP – Blackwood- Murray
Extra 330 Nigel Hopkins Aerobatics
4x Pitts Specials Goodyear Eagles – Aerobatics Unlimited
Slick 540 Neville Ferreira Airshows
Team Extreme (2 Extra, xa41 , mx2)
Gazelle Helicopter
Magni M16 Gyrocopter
SAAF Gripen (Operating from remote Base to Ermelo for Flying Display)
SAAF Agusta A109 (Static only)

* More Aircraft / Teams awaiting confirmation.
** Please note the Aircraft list can change at any time. 

Click here to view our fill our Airshow calendar 

We Hope to see you at the Ermelo Airshow 2018. Going to be a good one!

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